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Best Call Center Companies in Charlotte, NC 2021

Customer experience is the new battlefield for businesses. A survey revealed that 88% of companies have placed consumer experience a priority on their agenda. Another statistics disclosed that there was a 36% increase in the number of businesses prioritizing customer experience. 

Multi-channel is the way to go for businesses and call center companies. With technology expanding, consumers are demanding for customer service to be available on multiple channels. Adobe revealed that now is the right time to invest in such a decision. They surveyed companies who employed such investment and recorded a 10% year-on-year growth and a 10% jump in average order value.

To know more which call center company businesses can partner with, here are some of the best call center companies in Charlotte. 

Best Call Center Companies in Charlotte, NC 2021

Suite 1000

Suite 1000 provides telephone answering services that specialize in legal intake, telephone lead capture and call center solutions.

Suite 1000 delivers customer support by treating it as if any call is the final piece towards closing a deal. The company is a national telephone answering service that has been handling sales leads, appointment scheduling and customer service in the last 30 years. 

Based in Charlotte, Suite 1000 is made up of friendly and highly talented customer service representatives all based in the U.S. and are ready to handle calls all year round.

The company is known for its well-trained people as it provides continuous training to improve its services. On top of ongoing professional training, the company also believes that caring for the welfare of its people helps in achieving its goal of providing a great customer experience.

This call center company caters to businesses of all kinds and sizes. It knows that each industry has its own unique set of challenges, so it customizes its services depending on the needs of its client. Services offered by Suite 1000 caters to businesses in the insurance, medical, technology and manufacturing sectors.


iQor is a global provider of customer care and interactions and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solutions.

iQor is a global company with 45,000 customer service representatives all ready to support its clients and help them rise above the competition. The company knows that the landscape is ever-changing. It is the reason behind its move to always fully understand its client’s business, build a global network of agents and invest in a wide range of technology.

It offers product support services, data solutions & analytics and customer interaction solutions. iQor’s customer experience solution observes a simple approach in delivering quality customer support. The company invests in taking care of its people, building high-tech facilities and prioritizing the needs of the client. It operates on a multi-channel platform so consumers can have the flexibility they wish for. It can provide its services through inbound & outbound calls, chats, email and text messaging.

The company’s presence reaches eight countries where it has 60 facilities. Its call center facilities can be found in the Philippines, India, China and the U.S. These locations have provided a combined 96 million interactions per year and 20.2 million repairs per year. 


Concentrix is a technology-enabled services company specializing in customer engagement and improving business performance.

Concentrix knows that businesses can now cater to the whole world. With this in mind, the company currently positions itself as a leader in taking businesses globally without sacrificing its customer service initiatives.

It specializes in customer experience and enhancing business performance. The company puts focus on harnessing the customers’ sentiments and building an emotional connection that keeps them loyal to the brand and contributes to the long term goals of its clients. 

Concentrix takes its customer engagement services a notch higher compared to its competitors. With the use of  technology, innovation and optimization, all its efforts go a long way - and this is on top of providing quality customer experience every single time.

It is through the company’s investment in technology that allows its customer service representatives to deliver the expected customer care in a timely and efficient manner.

This Charlotte-based call center company also offers services including analytics & consulting, finance & accounting, gig services, marketing solutions and technology & systems integration.

Concentrix serves the call center needs of the majority of the Fortune 500 list in over 70 languages with its 225,000 people located across the globe.


Cybertary works when any client needs assistance. The team takes time to understand its needs to consistently deliver quality work.

Cybertary aims to bring its expertise in customer service to help its clients improve the state of their business. The company offers administrative support and custom services to businesses, professionals and organizations.

The company carries out all outsourced call center needs by treating it like it is its own business. Each project comes with a professional that serves as the project lead who knows the needs of the client and works to support it. Additionally, people working for the client will be provided with the latest and cutting edge technology to realize efficient work and expedite completion. 

Cybertary offers a long list of call center solutions and specialized services including executive & personal assistance, graphic, social & web services, accounting & bookkeeping and office support.

Call Experts

Call Experts have provided excellent customer service to those who call the College of Charleston’s information. Their experienced Client Account Enthusiasts have a dedicated point of contact taking care of any questions and business needs 24/7.

Founded in 1982, Call Experts has been a pioneering call center company that provides conversion-driven electronic communications solutions to companies and nonprofit organizations. Their specialties lie in call management, help desk, answering services and order taking. 

They provide a complete corporate customization on their client’s branding and lead generation campaigns by utilizing engaging strategies that ensure on-point conversion. They also offer appointment handling, paging and dispatching, call forwarding and customer hotline services mostly to retail, business services, tech, finance and medical companies. 

The College of Charleston, Nebraska Game Parks, Charleston Water System and Amielco are a few of their biggest clients.  

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