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Best Call Center Companies in Chicago, IL 2021

Businesses strive to ensure that their customers are completely satisfied with the products and services they offer. As businesses expand and reach out to more people, the need to manage the huge numbers of their patrons, while at the same time gaining new customers becomes a monumental challenge that businesses must overcome. 

While it is possible for an enterprise to offer customer services in-house, the costs associated with it are huge and it would also mean the company must constantly manage this service besides making excellent products and ensuring sales.

Research shows consumers are more inclined to shop on online or offline stores if they trust both the brands and the retailers. This means businesses must actively engage with their patrons to ensure that they are aware of their products and services and there is a demand for such products and services as well. To avoid the high costs associated with conducting such research in-house, businesses can employ the services of call centers, who specialize in such services and come at a much lower cost for companies.

The growing number of these companies suggests the increasing adoption by large and small enterprises of their services. Chicago’s businesses may consider these firms to achieve their customer service goals.

Best Call Center Companies in Chicago, IL 2021


LiveVoice is a full-service call center company that offers 24/7 answering services and receptionist services to business clients

LiveVoice is a call center service provider that has been in business for more than 25 years. It offers customer care services and caters to outbound sales of major companies, including Fortune 500 firms.

The firm mainly offers a boutique answering service with a group of seasoned customer service executives. It also carefully monitors the entire phone call and receptionist operations of clients and has the ability to inform them of developments through messages.

It offers a unique receptionist service for small businesses, where enterprises get round the clock service with a live receptionist who takes all calls. This allows clients to never let go of a client who has reached out to the company and helps build reputation.

LiveVoice serves a variety of industries such as healthcare, real estate, financial services and legal. The firm is also HIPAA compliant and PCI DSS Level 1 Certified.

QCSS Smartcenter

QCSS Smartcenter is a full-service call center operator that offers services for businesses, especially in their marketing and sales divisions.

QCSS Smartcenter is a full-service call center operator that offers services for businesses, especially in their marketing and sales divisions. The firm was founded in 1991 and has worked in the telesales of various Fortune 1000 companies from different sectors.

The firm offers round-the-clock inbound services to help businesses address customer queries and has a professional answering service as well. It also offers voice broadcasting so that messages can be sent to a large group of customers through voice calls.

The company also offers outbound telemarketing services for business to business operators and additional services such as data entry, market research and lead generation.

The firm is PCI certified and has also various partnerships with other quality standards organizations.

Crook and Associates

Crook and Associates, founded in 1993, has over half a century of experience in business-to-business lead generation.

Crook and Associates, founded in 1993, has over half a century of experience in business-to-business lead generation. The firm owns 30 stations to conduct its business and employs agents with many years of experience to handle its operations.

The company mainly works in the lead generation business that cater to the sales teams of businesses. Lead generation helps clients focus on their core sales operation and cuts time and resources spent on generating new customers in-house. The company works in various fields ranging from technical solutions and products to more detailed services.

The firm has a track record of providing services for various industries, such as hardware, software and B2B enterprises as well. It also has expertise in the manufacturing space.

The company works with a unique, trademarked process called PIC to help manufacturers acquire new customers proactively.

Cloud5 Communications

Cloud5 is a provider of communications services and has over 4,000 clients.

Cloud5 Communications caters to cloud-based telephone services for the hospitality sector and works on other emerging trends such as guest Internet service, contact locations and communication operations for its clients.

The firm has partnered with many famous brands and organizations and provides solutions to help increase their flexibility and scalability. This has helped companies, especially in the hospitality industry, generate more optimal guest interactions and increase revenue. 

The company has its own technology for networking purposes and uses its years of experience to help hotels achieve lower costs and it helps them deliver on their communication goals with their guests.

Cloud5 also has a unique approach to communication that helps hotel operators make their technology infrastructure and operations more efficient. This ensures hotels are able to provide the best possible service to guests that results to establishing great reputation.

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