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Best Call Center Companies in Columbus, OH 2021

Customer service is a part of the business that does not usually get enough attention. According to Microsoft’s State of Global Customer Service Report, 58% of the respondents name customer service as an important factor when choosing a brand. The report additionally revealed that 70% of customers around the world have a favorable view of a business that provides proactive customer service notifications.

These numbers show that businesses need to review their stand on customer service. With people no longer settling with mediocre treatment, there is a need for businesses, whether big or small, to partner with a call center company that knows what it does when answering customer queries or concerns.

For businesses looking for a partner to take care of the customer relation side of things, here are some of the best call center companies in Columbus, Ohio area.

Best Call Center Companies in Columbus, OH 2021

Continental Message Solution

Continental Message Solution is an award-winning provider of live answering services and 24/7 call center solutions. They are recognized for customer service excellence and renowned for technological innovation.

Continental Message Solution (CMS) started its operations initially as an answering and secretarial services provider in 1967. From its humble beginnings, CMS grew to provide fully customizable services to businesses located all around the world.

The company takes pride in its people and technology. Strategically located near colleges and universities in the city of Columbus, the company harnesses this opportunity to employ promising and highly-talented young individuals. These young professionals have the flexibility to contribute to the company within CMS’ premises or work remotely while pursuing their studies.

CMS also understands that investing in technology is vital for a company in the industry it is in. It continues to channel funds to developing proprietary software and makes use of the latest technology capable of working with its client’s existing work ticket system, ordering website or customer relations management platform.

As a call center services provider, CMS has shown its excellence in delivering topnotch service. The company makes use of 100% customized scripting that ensures all its agents deliver the same messages in every call.

CMS offers call center services including 24-hour answering service, after-hours answering service, emergency answering service, overflow answering service and small business answering service.


Perceptionist ensures client's sales opportunities never end up in voicemail by providing back up scheduling support during the days, evenings and even weekends.

Serving the call center needs of small businesses across the U.S. and Canada has been the priority for Perceptionist. Formed 19 years ago, this call center company’s mission has always been to extend a helping hand for small businesses to realize their potential to capture 100% of their sales opportunities by offering great customer service. It provides services including inbound and outbound sales support, software integration solutions, chat service & messenger sales and Internet lead sales. 

The company’s call center service takes pride in being its client’s growth partner by providing great customer service. The company makes this possible by providing a live agent to a customer call that’s supposed to be redirected to a voicemail after business hours or when the business is closed for the day. Perceptionist provides backup scheduling support using the script, scheduling system and pricing structure provided by its clients.

Throughout its almost two decades in call center operations, the company continues to bring quality customer service solutions by creating lasting impressions, being resourceful, personalizing each interaction and ensuring that each call brings all the information needed by the customer.

ContactUS Communications

ContactUS Communications is a U.S. based contact center services organization supporting global brands across a variety of industries.

ContactUS believes that exceptional customer service is possible by integrating the best agents with the latest call center solutions technology. The company understands that each customer call is a chance to build lasting relationships and brand loyalty. It is the reason behind the company’s personalized approach in providing the call center needs of its clients. 

It knows that having the right people helps in delivering great customer service. It employs highly qualified customer service professionals who are physically located in the country and speaks English as their primary language. Its operations are based in Columbus and Mount Vernon in Ohio, Grindstone in Pennsylvania and Jacksonville, North Carolina. 

ContactUS also takes pride in the fact that its people are brand enthusiasts. The company makes it a point that its agents learn everything there is to know about its clients. Each agent is expected to know about their brand, story and the role they will play as part of their growth.

ContactUS continues to be committed to the privacy of its clients and the safety of its people. It is the reason it underwent certifications for the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Certification and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Compliance. 


Fortuity provides on-shore, inbound, outbound and back-office customer service and sales support.

Fortuity is focused on helping its clients with their customer service needs as well as helping low-income neighborhoods grow and achieve their dreams. This Franklinton-based call center company believes that great customer service can only be delivered if its people are in a positive work environment. For this, the company heavily invests in its employees’ welfare and technologies that can make work a more uplifting experience. 

The company is conveniently located near transportation hubs, making it a top choice for professionals to work in. It also invests in the most intelligent contact center systems and has a robust training and a multitude of career advancement opportunities. 

Fortuity provides omnichannel customer experience and back-office support. The former covers customer service, technical & sales support, loyalty management, digital content management and billing. Its technology and people can provide such services through in-app solutions, voice, chat, social media, text messaging and email. 

The quality of the company’s work is seen in the awards and recognitions it received. It was named one of Ohio’s Top 50 Startups to Watch by VentureOhio, a finalist in the 2019 Social Enterprise of the Year Awards and a Columbus Business First Corporate Citizenship finalist.

Call Management Resources

Call Management Resources offers U.S.-based answering service & call center solutions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Call Management Resources is all about helping businesses reach their greatest potential. It provides a variety of services -- from simple virtual front desk services to complicated call center services. With over 60 years of experience in the industry, it helps businesses save time, money and other resources by providing them with a unique call center solution that fits their needs. 

Throughout its history, the company has been known to invest heavily in future technologies. The company’s history goes back to 1959 when its founder C. Malcolm Riggle Sr. started a company catering to businesses that need help in answering customers’ calls. Less than a decade later, Riggle invested on a switchboard and concentrator identifier to streamline call handling. It was this investment that placed Call Management Resources as one of the leaders of the industry. 

Call Management Resources understands that every call is a building block to a business’ success. It is the driving force behind the quality and incredible value offered by Call Management’s solutions. This call center provider makes sure that every call is an opportunity to drive customers down the client’s sales funnel. It has proven the quality of its service and the viability of its promise with its years of operation.

It offers businesses answering services, call center solutions and custom solutions. Its call center services package includes interactive voice response, live agents, tier 1 & 2 helpdesk & technical support and scheduling/inbound appointment setting.

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