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Best Call Center Companies in Indianapolis, IN 2021

As consumers expect better quality customer service, businesses should take this as an indication to improve their brand’s customer experience. A Microsoft survey found that 59% of customers are expecting a far more improved customer service experience compared to the one they had a year ago. Gone are the days when businesses only thought merely of making a sale. The idea of one-size-fits-all customer service is also a thing of the past. With these challenges, how and where can businesses improve customer service satisfaction?

Businesses can start taking a good look at their operations and review where they can improve. According to a survey, 71% of companies are focused on improving customer experience. It is slowly being seen as a vital part of their growth factor in the coming years. 

Businesses who are looking to outsource their call center needs should read on to expand their options. Here are the most recommended Indianapolis-based call center companies.

Best Call Center Companies in Indianapolis, IN 2021


Conduent's technology-led approach to mission-critical services and solutions help organizations improve interactions with citizens, patients, customers and employees.

Creating exceptional results is the endgame for Conduent, a call center solutions provider for companies in the Fortune 500 list and over 500 governments all around the world. The company is capable of delivering results by standing firm with its values on customer service. It continues to be customer-centric, committed to excellence, upholds trust, openness & inclusivity.

Conduent offers businesses, organizations and government agencies with services like business operation solutions, commercial healthcare solutions, human resources services, legal & compliance solutions and customer experience management. 

To have an excellent customer experience management service, Conduent provides a human-centric approach that helps businesses grow, scale their operations and reduce costs. Additionally, Conduent’s 25 years of experience in providing call center solutions means that it has a global reach, a variety of tested solutions, support of 20 languages and any-shore delivery models that operate 24/7.

The company caters to industries like automotive, aerospace, healthcare and energy among others. Being one of the trailblazers in the industry, Conduent also offers customized solutions to clients who need it.

TSD Global

TSD Global is here to improve its clients' quality of sales and customer experience.

TSD Global has 30 years of experience in customer service, sales, technology and dependability. The company continues to be committed to help brands improve sales and customer experience and exceed expectations. 

It offers services like communications, product and tech support, healthcare back-office and financial services customer support. 

TSD Global distinguishes itself from the competition by taking good care of its agents, maintaining the quality of its service and keeping itself updated with security protocols to safekeep its clients’ data.

It has helped various companies meet its business objectives. It was behind the 16% jump in order size increase after a major fast-food chain partnered with the company. It also helped one financial institution improve its customer service satisfaction rating while helping another financial firm kick off its credit card acquisition program.

This Indianapolis-based call center solutions provider has served businesses like DirecTV, AT&T, TGI Fridays and Citi.

CallNet Call Center Services

CallNet Call Center Services specializes in order entry and message delivery for businesses, medical facilities, utilities, and educational institutions.

CallNet was formerly the call center division of Hirons Inc. It initially provided call center solutions to clients in the advertising industry. It then evolved after being acquired by Charles Webb in May 2001. Since then, it has been a private company offering call center solutions to businesses across the globe. 

With 35 years of experience, this Indianapolis-based call center company provides inbound call center services specializing in order entry and message delivery for healthcare institutions and educational institutions. 

CallNet’s order taking solution covers most needs of its clients. The call center can handle catalog sales, lead generation, single product sales and even web interface. Its services also provide medical facilities an online appointment setting while those in the education sector can utilize them to handle enrollment, information request and trade schools.

To gauge the quality of work delivered by CallNet, the recognitions it received through the years are its best testaments. It was a recipient of the Award of Excellence by ATSI and CAM-X.

Level 365

Level365 provides seamless integration of voice communications among desk, computer and mobile devices to provide solutions for its clients diverse teams.

Level 365 is all about simplifying daily communication problems faced by its clients. The company branded its services as a complete Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) solution. It is capable of delivering customer and technical support via phone calls, chat messaging and text messaging among other means. 

Flexibility and mobility are two characteristics that Level 365 are proud to have. It knows that customers are demanding greater quality of support from businesses. So, Level 365 offers its clients a wide range of services they can choose from.

It is also capable of connecting its in-house system with customer relations management software used by businesses. The technology used by Level 365 can integrate with over 40 CRM, ERP and Help Desk applications - making it easy for them to integrate and onboard with their client’s system.

The Indianapolis Indians asked Level 365 for help when it wanted to improve its customer experience. The baseball team wanted an efficient call center company and a partner who is aligned with the team’s goals and aspirations. 

Engaging Solutions

Engaging Solutions can handle a business' entire customer experience from recruitment and training to data collection.

Engaging Solutions elevates the capabilities of any business to another level - that’s the promise it intends to keep for all its clients. Formed in 2005 by the firm’s four managing principals, the company first offered management consultancy. It has since expanded into other areas to offer solutions provided by its over 100 expert accountants, project analysts, outreach specialists and customer service representatives. 

As a call center solutions provider, Engaging Solutions offers award-winning solutions including program compliance monitoring, fiscal management & accountability, diversity services and call support. 

It takes this solution they offer seriously as it is seen as their client’s effective voice. It includes inbound and outbound calls, payment reminders, appointment scheduling & reminders, help desk & technical support and lifestyle management coaching.

The company provided customer service support for Managed Health Services (MHS), a government healthcare program provider based in Indiana. The relationship started with the call center company making outbound preventative calls to members. It has expanded into Engaging Solutions providing the client 30 full-time staff representing MHS, welcoming new members, answering inbound calls and contacting members for health screenings.

The company has also taken home several awards along the way. It received the Mayor’s Business Award of Excellence - City of Indianapolis in 2015, the 2012 Indiana Minority Supplier Development Council Supplier of the Year Award and the William G. Mays Excellence in Entrepreneurship award in 2016.


Inktel is an award-winning firm that works mainly with retailers to help build brand awareness.

Inktel is a technology firm that offers various solutions in fields such as ecommerce, retail, software analytics and healthcare. The company was formed over twenty years ago and has worked with some of the most well-known brands, in various capacities.

The firm has a software analytics division to help make communication with consumers more localized, personal and data-driven. The company offers high-quality information on brands to consumers through a vast database that contains all the product information required and also view the history of consumer requests on that particular brand. 

It also helps businesses in the ecommerce space answer questions from consumers about purchases and payments. it has a thorough understanding of seasonal products and has enough expertise to leverage information to increase a company's customer base.

The company's services have helped it win numerous awards over the years.

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