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Best Call Center Companies in Jacksonville, FL 2021

The number of companies that are outsourcing communications solutions and human resource support services is growing. Call centers are becoming better-equipped to perform inbound and outbound tasks due to the many technological advancements that the BPO industry has received.

Not only do they help reduce the cost of human resource operations and the procurement of tools and technology, but call centers also boost corporate productivity as they enable employees to focus on more technical and specialized tasks which are crucial to company management and operations. 

This means that customer service activities such as attending to inquiries, complaints and requests are outsourced directly to call centers who are experts in these processes. In fact, a study finds that 80% of all businesses consider customer feedback a vital factor to achieving success. 

Thus, there should be a dedicated platform that will channel customer feedback directly into the company. Call centers provide better value to customers because of the superior user experience they get, especially that these are mostly available 24/7. 

Overall conversion is increased because the chances of customers availing the business’ offerings are higher as they acquire better knowledge through the information given to them by call center agents. This is crucial for businesses to stay competitive and relevant in their respective industries. 

Here are a few of the best call center companies in Jacksonville, Florida.  

Best Call Center Companies in Jacksonville, FL 2021

Bernard BPO

Bernard BPO's focus is to help their employees and their customers realize their full potential. They do this by improving the customer experience and reducing costs. They have open and honest dialogue with push back as necessary.

BernardBPO has been offering professional customer services to SMEs and large enterprises since 1989. With over 30 years of experience, Bernard has since been supported by 6,000 employees with C-Level attention standards for utmost client satisfaction.  

The firm helps clients improve customer satisfaction while reducing operational costs. The company has 11 office locations around the globe, and over 100 employees who can handle more than 100,000 live calls per day. 

The services they offer range from back-office support, contact center support, technical support, billing systems support, admin services and customer retention management support.  

America’s Call Center

American's Call Center is a 24/7 customer service call center in Jacksonville, FL. They measure their success by their clients’ referrals. Rest assured, They do more than answer the phone –- each call is handled with care and purpose in accordance with their instructions.

America’s Call Center offers flexible customer support and assistance solutions that are customized to meet specific company and industry needs with the help of their employees who have years of experience in BPO. 

ACC delivers accurate and humanized interactions with clients through their agent regular ACC customer training and state-of-the-art communications software and equipment. They also have their exclusive ACC call monitoring system and verification for PCI (Payment Card Industry) standards that ensures standard and quality compliance in all of their processes. 

The company’s most sought out services are marketing solutions, technical support, billing systems support and customer services.  

Enhanced Resource Center

Enhanced Resource Center deliver excellent experiences on behalf of their clients, by connecting customers at the speed of their data to the most unrivaled talent and technology. They also focuses on tech solutions and innovation to generate more positive customer experiences.

ERC is a BPO company that provides customer service solutions that positively impact customer lifecycles. The firm offers companies and organizations professional HR resources, consultation and training services which provide development solutions and customized learning that further enhances the skills of corporate employees. 

They also offer human resource content and tools, compensations and benefits benchmarking data, access to exclusive partner networks and assistance from experienced human resource advisors to their partners and clients. Some of their other services they offer are customer experience, recovery and collections, tech solutions and back-office support. 

The company serves mostly companies belonging to the health and wellness, retail, eCommerce, transportation, technology and financial sectors.  


With more than 40 years of experience administering programs, MAXIMUS is able to align the inner workings of government, the needs of people and the goals of public policy for breakthrough results.

MAXIMUS is a BPO company that specializes in providing call center services to healthcare organizations and companies. They develop, design and deliver innovative and relevant human and health service programs for over 40 years. The company has successfully partnered with local, state and federal governments in providing support services.  

With more than 30,000 employees, seven million calls support in contact centers and performance of more than 1.6 million assessments annually across the globe, MAXIMUS continues to be the lead administrator of Medicaid enrollment broker services in the United States. 

MAXIMUS has gained multiple recognitions such as the Benchmark Portal Certified Center of Excellence, URAC Certified, ClearMark Award of Distinction, FedRAMP Authorized and numerous ISO certifications.  

Absent Answer

Absent Answer promises personalized service that handles every call with a smile in their voice. Absent Answer is an accurate and reliable personal assistant who knows their clients and their business. They are virtual assistants who never miss a call, take a day off or call in sick.

Absent Answer is a customer service and call center company that specializes in personalized support services. They also offer reliable and accurate personal assistance to its clients since their founding in 1985. 

Absent Answer’s professional communications and customer services solutions reduce internal staffing conflicts, improve sales performance and make small businesses compete effectively with large-sized companies through 24/7 availability. 

Absent Answer provides customer service outsourcing, call center services, live virtual receptionist services, call dispatching and appointment scheduling. The company mostly caters to companies belonging to the real estate, medical, legal and IT industries.  


PATLive has a team of over 150 virtual receptionists that provides the perfect blend of professionalism, friendliness and business savvy to impress callers and make their business look its best.

PATLive is a call center company based in Houston, Texas that provides 24/7 answering services for businesses, non-profit organizations and individual entrepreneurs requiring a bigger market share. 

The company’s aim is to help their clients free up valuable time so that they can focus on other more important business matters other than tending to their market’s queries and calls. The company answers an average of two million calls annually, with the figure increasing due to their continuously expanding client base. 

PATLive also offers a free 14-day trial for their appointment scheduling, order processing, call transfers, lead collection and event registrations services.  

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