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Best Call Center Companies in New York, NY 2021

The ultimate goal of businesses is to provide customers the best possible service. But as companies grow, it becomes harder to manage multiple departments while maintaining a high quality service for their valued clients without incurring more costs. 

Numerous trends are currently disrupting the business landscape, which makes adoption crucial. Competition and cost management issues are few of the drivers that push companies to improve their processes. 

A report states that nearly half of consumers purchase from a company once they acquire needed information such as product details and benefits. This can only be done by a full-service call center department that solely attends to the queries of such customers. This figure is constantly increasing, and it’s expected that more consumers are going to prefer companies which have personal call centers when purchasing products or services. 

As such, more companies are now outsourcing some of their processes to different BPOs and call center agents. Here are some of the best call center companies in New York, New York.  

Best Call Center Companies in New York, NY 2021

Answering Legal, Inc.

Answering Legal, Inc. ensures that callers, prospects and clients never experience the indifference that a voicemail exerts.

Since their inception in 2013, Answering Legal has been providing legal answering services and was one of the first companies to do so. Unlike other companies that outsource answering agents to answer the calls of their clients, the company employs their own teams which enables them to charge a lower price for customers.  

Their calling services have customized greetings and callers are categorized accordingly. They also offer lead capturing which captures potential new customer calls. They help advertise and market the client’s products and services as well. 

The company accepts appointment scheduling for attorneys and overflow call handling that enables firms to cater to multiple calls, thus avoiding missed calls. Other features include bilingual translations and 24/7 live answering.  

Go Answer

Go Answer was founded by a family of entrepreneurs. They proudly serving companies of all shapes and sizes. Whether a small business or Fortune 500 company, they've got the outsourced solution to help grow the business.

With over 5,000 customers in North America, Go Answer is one of the leading outsourcing solutions companies in the call center industry. The firm specializes in helping small businesses compete against big companies through superior customer service and product query answering. 

They offer Alwayson mobile application which allows clients to view their daily activity and keep track of their average ring times. Their answering services and outbound calls are available 24/7 alongside their legal intake and contact center services which are catered to advanced clients. Go Answers has worked with SMEs and large enterprises such as Aetna, Bizfi, Vengo Labs, and Daily News.  

ARDEM Incorporated

ARDEM Incorporated have the business process outsourcing solutions by combining the best people, processes and technologies to deliver successful results to their clients. They employ the perfect combination of qualified experts, robust processes and advanced technology to help their partners work smarter.

ARDEM Incorporated is a BPO company that incorporates human innovation and advanced automation in their services. Aside from providing call center services, the firm also offers numerous digital solutions such as back office support which includes data management, document processing services and bill and invoice handling. 

They offer government and data outsourcing solutions for clients mostly coming from the tech, finance and educational sectors. ARDEM helps eliminate laborious processes off their clients’ supply chain and reduce operational costs by handling freight bills and order fulfillment. H&M, Billboard, ABB, MRC Media and CNN are some of their most notable clients.  


Virtusa helps clients change, disrupt and unlock new value that surpasses their wildest expectations not just to reach their best, but to redefine others. They increase efficiencies and opportunities using their data and analytics roadmaps that monetize critical data assets to drive growth.

Virtusa specializes in infusing digital engineering with communications services to deliver higher conversion for their clients. They are currently working with more than 40 fintech startups and employ more than 100 certified engineers and Saas consultants trained in cloud solutions.  

The company offers data analytics, cybersecurity, infrastructure management and business consulting. They also offer emerging technology services such as artificial intelligence which provides end-to-end technology solutions and improves automation and customer service. Other services offered by Virtusa are Blockchain, robotic process automation and Internet of Things. 

They have been working with a number of big companies such as Azure, Google Cloud, Adobe, PEGA, SAP and SAP Hybris.  


DialAmerica offers domestic call center services for a variety of industries that align with business needs for customer acquisition and retention. They also offer a full-service range of B2B and B2C customer engagement services across many industries.

DialAmerica has been in the teleservices industry for over 50 years. They provide assistance to over 200 million clients annually, with an average weekly phone hour calls of 100,000. The firm is composed of professional receptionists that cater to specific customer queries and purchases through an efficient portfolio handling process. They are flexible and work with companies from different industry sectors including medical, software, marketing, government and energy. 

They offer call center solutions that assists clients in developing an enhanced market presence. Through their expert campaign management service, they design and perform campaigns that are tailored to their clients’ goals. They also provide healthcare call center solutions for wellness organizations, hospitals and health insurance companies.  

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