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Best Call Center Companies in Philadelphia, PA 2021

Reaching out to customers in an effective and non-invasive way is critical to getting new patrons and securing higher revenue and margins over the course of a business activity. All customer, whether they are businesses themselves or retail customers nowadays expect companies to cater to their needs and answer any queries that may arise..

This has led businesses to consider using the services of agencies specialized in customer relations. Such agencies, whether through direct phone calls, emails or text services, keep the customers satisfied after purchases are made by ensuring any query that customers have is quickly answered, helping businesses keep existing customers and build a potential new base too. 

The flip side of not having good customer service to businesses is that surveys show over 80% buyers may even switch to other companies or brands if they do not get sufficient customer service. This could be a potential death blow to budding businesses and a serious harm to the reputation of established ones, besides making a dent to their revenue streams. 

Call centers are here to fulfill the need for continuous engagement between businesses and customers. We have picked some of the best companies in Philadelphia for companies there to consider.  

Best Call Center Companies in Philadelphia, PA 2021


InspiriTec is an award-winning Contact call center and communications firm that uses customized technology.

InspiriTec has over thirty years of expertise in technology services and caters to providing customer support for people with disabilities and veterans. It aims to provide IT services support and offer contact center services for businesses and organizations.

The firm caters to various contact center services starting from planning and strategy to specializing in offering services for various business-oriented challenges, such as handling large volumes of calls for customers, providing training for employees and integrating complex legacy systems.

The firm's call center operators all get trained for over a month and a half in processing carefully targeted information and in providing services to customers over the phone to help them overcome any challenge they may face in a high-pressure call center environment.

InspiriTec has bagged many awards for its work over the years and is a member of various standards and certifications organizations such as the Center for Development of Security Excellence and HIPAA.

Superhuman Prospecting

Superhuman Prospecting is a lead generation firm that works with sales prospecting, cold calling and appointment setting services for B2B clients.

Superhuman Prospecting is a full-service call center firm that offers services for business-to-business firms. The firm's aim is to work with clients to raise their revenues through campaigns that focus on calling potential customers and converting them into sources of revenue.

The firm's main areas of service are in approaching potential customers through cold calls, generating leads for businesses, setting up appointments and making potential sales for their clients. It also works towards creating customized campaigns to generate leads that help boost sales among its B2B clients. It has an experienced team to lead such campaigns who have many years of experience in the field.

The company has expertise using research tools, including manually sourcing data and using technology such as list generators to create lists for target clients that end in cold calls and lead generation.

PRWT Services Inc

PRWT provides business process solutions, facilities management and infrastructure support services to government and commercial markets.

PRWT Services offers various personalized solutions for corporations and small businesses to meet their needs. It has worked with clients in the health care, government and transportation industries and has helped them make their operations more efficient and significantly cut down on costs.

The firm has a specialized capacity to work towards businesses' efficiency in terms of their operations allowing them to work on focused goals in their core operations. It has capabilities to work on managing both the back-office operations for companies such as parking programs, surcharge collections and public transit programs.

One of its top clients is a large public transport authority in the United States where the firm is catering to modernize its operations and reduce expenses. The firm also manages parking operations for some of the largest metropolitan authorities and provides back office and warehouse support as well.

Keystone Answering Service

Keystone Answering Services provides telephone answering services and other business services in the customer relations space.

Keystone Answering Services provides telephone answering services and other business services in the customer relations space. It caters to clients in various industries and gives them services spanning 24-hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. 

The firm caters to obliging business requests when calling customers, to help ensure that none of the client's needs go unfulfilled. It also helps store vital customer data such as the name, contact information and the reason for calls. It also allows for customized messages so that any details the customer gives out such as caller account number, address is stored for later use. Once the messages are gathered and all the client's conditions are fulfilled, the messages are sent for review.

Keystone also ensures all of its messages to clients reach customers instantly through its Secure Messaging app, a preferred service for instant messages, which is available on iPhone and Android. However, it also uses other conventional ways of messaging including SMS/text message, e-mail and direct phone calls

Specialty Answering Service

SAS is a live telephone answering service that combines all of business communications with awesome virtual receptionists so customers can be wowed 24 hours a day. Their agents are trained twice as long as the industry standard and their quality control measures ensure that every caller receives nothing less than superior care.

Specialty Answering Service is a call center company that helps startups and established companies from delivering superior live customer support 24/7. They employ a SAS-friendly team of professional receptionists who are well-versed in handling huge load of calls and queries daily. 

Answering consumers in a simple, minimalistic and engaging way are a few of their biggest strengths, which they are able to naturally implement thanks to their focus on conversion. The main services they offer are voice services and BPO and back office management. 

Their main clients come from the financia, business and healthcare sectors, with Fujitec, Bausch Lomb and Coldwell Banker being a few of the most notable ones.  


Ansercomm provides quick and automated calling service for business clients.

Ansercomm offer quick phone responses through access to computerized client information and data files. It has a modern video screen to ensure clients' personalized answering format reaches a phone operating secretary quickly and efficiently so that customer satisfaction is achieved.

The firm has automated its answering system that helps it achieve quick answers on all customer calls. It has also automated some messages such asoffice hours, emergency numbers and can add any fact clients may require on their automated answering systems.

All of its calls are transcribed and stored so that clients can access the data for training and quality assurance purposes. It also has systems to provide reports detailing the performance of call operators and secretaries to check how calls were operated and clients can also re-check calls through recordings.

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