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Best Call Center Companies in Seattle, WA 2021

Call center integration is slowly becoming the norm for many businesses as this reduces operational costs, improves customer relationship and speeds up market expansion. Hiring a call center also makes a company more flexible as this frees up laborious operations such as tending to customer inquiries and complaints about the offered products and services. 

Instead of spending exhaustive amounts of time and energy on these, corporate employees can focus on other tasks that directly impact the overall welfare of companies at a higher level such as research and development, financial planning and skills training and seminars.

This integrated organization setup results in higher work efficiency and productivity not only to the company, but to employees and clients as well. Entrusting client communications services to profession experts creates a good impression for the company and gives customers a better user experience. 

This is made possible thanks to the faster response time and clear and concise answering of queries that eventually leads to conversion, thus higher profits. This is backed up by a study which states that 90% of consumers agree that businesses should provide clear and professional-grade feedback. 

Companies should hire a call center agency to achieve all these benefits. Here are the best cell center companies in Seattle, Washington that business owners can turn to.  

Best Call Center Companies in Seattle, WA 2021

Pro Call Center

Pro Call Center was established in 1988 and has since provided quality answering services in the healthcare, trade, public services and hospitality industries. They already have world-class call center technology and infrastructure in place and their professional phone operators are trained to deliver the best service possible.

A call center services company that was founded in 1988, Pro Call Center has been serving the local business community for more than 30 years. This makes them one of the most trusted call centers in the Washington area. 

They focus on delivering diverse communication services to multiple demographics across the country. They do this by scheduling appointments, taking messaging, processing orders and dispatching skilled trade professionals like doctors, plumbers, couriers and security officers. 

They use the latest technologies in communications and information processing to provide accurate and concise answering services to their clients’ customers.  

Answering Service Care

Answering Service Care has a highly trained live answering service operator team that is strategically located throughout the U.S. Their nationwide professional answering service operates 24/7, 365 days a week, to seamlessly service businesses in every state.

Answering Service Care is a live answering service provider that offers a range of customizable communications features and tool options to clients wanting to improve customer service. The company’s most popular service is the live 24/7 answering service which enables customers direct access through call forwarding with their live operators. 

Accuracy and a straightforward approach along with their friendly communications tone are a few of the things which makes them stand out. They also have their own ASC mobile app which integrates the latest customer tracking and communications answering service in a handy user-friendly app. 

Aside from their answering services, they also provide call recording, email marketing, appointment setting and bilingual support.  

Sound Telecom

Sound Telecom provides answering, call center and business voicemail services since 1986. They set a standard for excellence that is seldom achieved in the United States.

Sound Telecom is a customer service company that develops customized telecom solutions, specifically on phone branding and improved communications services. The company was founded in 1986, and since then have expanded their services from initially just telephone answering and inbound and outbound call center programs to the latest cloud-based phone systems and advanced communications platforms 24/7. 

They offer a wide range of voice services alongside their professional transcription service mostly to healthcare, tech, hospitality and leisure and business services companies. Microsoft, Starbucks and Boeing are some of Sound Telecom’s biggest clients.  

Direct Interactions

Direct Interactions have been in business since 2007, and they’re committed to long-term relationships with their employees, their clients and their customers. Oustanding customer experiences for their clients is what makes their business tick.

Direct Interactions is a call center solutions provider that has become a one-stop shop for businesses in and around Seattle. They focus in helping their clients improve client retention rates, build market trust and strengthen branding through a cost-efficient communications customer service. 

The firm supports social media content curation, software users and mobile and online customers with their professional team of communications experts who are adept in answering client inquiries either through call or chat. 

Their usual clients are from the tech, business services, and food and retail sectors, specifically startups and SMEs.  

Bluechip Call Center

Bluechip helps to get call center outsourcing services. Their main aim is to provide the best quality services and help to increase the ROI for businesses.

BlueChip Call Center is a call center company that provides the latest offshore outsourcing solutions using value-based communications and monitoring tools. They employ a team of professional communication experts who are educated in the fields of mass comm, IT and digital marketing to provide maximum results. 

The main services they offer are email support and chat support. However, they also provide inbound messaging, outbound communications, back office management and lead generation solutions that help companies speed up ROI through an upgraded profitable network that spans across multiple industries. 

Bluechip Call Centers has clients from multiple industries. However, their usual projects are for companies belonging to the telecommunications, finance and multichannel retail sectors.  

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