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Best Custom Software Development Companies in Columbus, OH 2021

Growth is now dependent on integrating new technologies into the internal operation and structure of any business or organization. One of the best ways to boost growth and market expansion is by investing in software development. It might seem like an additional expense, but it’s totally worth it in the long run as it improves branding, speeds up customer acquisition and ultimately boosts profitability. Companies need sleek, engaging and functional mobile apps and online platforms to bring their offerings closer to consumers. 

Aside from boosting profitability and productivity, software development can also increase a company’s value and put them at a competitive advantage over industry rivals. Software development also makes organizations easily accessible anywhere and anytime, thus improving brand reputation without spending too much on traditional marketing campaigns. 

Businesses can even save money because of the now-automated processes brought by their exclusive custom software. According to statistics, 57% of companies have invested in software development to elevate their brand. This figure is continuously rising. 

Here are the best custom software development companies in Columbus, Ohio.  

Best Custom Software Development Companies in Columbus, OH 2021


Chepri works with agencies, marketing departments, IT or project teams to provide their customer's company with the best customer-facing applications and other solutions that help their business take control of how their brand interacts with others.

Chepri is an app development company that uses the latest technologies to create conversion-based software and apps for businesses needing immediate market success that can last for years. 

The company specializes in helping companies improve operations with the help of automated solutions such as an exclusive software and integrated app systems network. This way, employees become more productive thanks to the faster-turnaround times and more accurate work. 

The firm also offers UX and UI design services alongside web and mobile app development. The Girl Scouts of America, Piada and Red Roof Inn are some of their biggest clients.  

The Sunflower Lab

The Sunflower Lab is leading Software Development Agency in Columbus, Ohio. They have been really good at not only helping automate and streamline our current processes, but they have also been really good at affecting the processes and giving the ideas as to how they could work better.

The Sunflower Lab was founded in 2010 with the purpose of helping companies grow through an extensive digital marketing campaign that uses the latest emerging technologies such as AI for automation’s improved efficiency. 

They are a fast-growing digital innovations and product development firm that creates high-converting apps and software for companies and organizations. 

The company is made up of more than 75 engineers, designers, and marketers from around the globe, who have passed all necessary education, training and certifications for custom technology solutions. 

Their most sought-out services are custom software development and mobile app development. They have also worked with Nationwide Insurance, AM Best, Vishay, Accurate NeuroMonitoring and Nationwide Insurance.  

Software Verde

Software Verde is a full-stack custom software development company specializing in business applications, blockchain technology and rapid prototypes. They provide consultation, planning and development services to assist their partners in creating effective solutions with their software.

Software Verde is a full-service software development company that uses innovative technology to create software and apps aimed at helping business expand further. The firm is made up of computer engineers and app designers who are focused on their software development service. 

They also have an in-house digital marketing crew ensuring their developed apps answer to the needs of their target audience. The company guides their clients throughout the entire product development process from designing, development and eventual deployment. 

Software Verde has been the go-to agency for businesses needing mobile app, custom software, and Blockchain-centered ads. They have worked with Scotts Miracle Gro, Ohio State University, Automotive Insurance Provider and Automotive Manufacturer.  


AWH is one of the best custom software development company in Columbus that create innovative & disruptive products for the web, mobile and IoT.

AWH is a custom software development company that has been serving the local business community since 1995. They are one of the pioneering digital solutions firms in Ohio, providing digital advertising, web development and organizational upgrade services to companies and non-profit organizations. 

Through the years, AWH expanded their services by using the latest emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and Blockchain for better accuracy and cost-efficiency. The firm are experts in industrial product design, custom software development and cloud consulting. 

The Columbus Foundation, IncludeHealth and Nationwide Children’s Hospital are a few of their most distinguished clients.  

Big Kitty Labs

Big Kitty Labs is a full-service software development company that also povides mobile development, web app development and digital marketing services. Their clients appreciate the convenience that comes with their intuitive software and solutions.

Big Kitty Labs is a Columbus-based custom software development company specializing in creating digital solutions for companies using innovative technologies on automation and software application. 

The team employs a diverse workforce skilled in programming, digital marketing, product development and market analysis. This enables the firm to cater to companies and organizations belonging to different industries without compromising quality and audience accuracy. 

Their most popular services include enterprise app modernization, custom software development and mobile app development. Lextant, Ohio State University, TNT Services, Otterbein University and Gift Pocket are some of their most notable clients.  

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