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Best Custom Software Development Companies in Denver, CO 2021

Custom software can be the most efficient tool for businesses since they provide solutions to fulfill specific needs, which might not be the case with off-the-shelf products. These tools can enhance production efficiency and help achieve better customer engagement too.

Modern approaches to software development such as the Dynamic Systems Development Method and the Agile Framework have made it possible for well-defined and targeted production of such tools for businesses. This has allowed various verticals to work independently, but with constant communication with each other. 

Businesses can train office and factory staff training to use custom software in-house, and vendors also have adequate training services to offer. Usually, it is easier to train staff on custom software than to do so on branded tools since the user experience is designed to cater to specific business needs that staff already understand. Regular feedback and updating of the software tools are also possible with custom software, unlike their enterprise cousins.

Denver, Colorado has over a hundred such firms to choose from and here are some of the best firms in the area.

Best Custom Software Development Companies in Denver, CO 2021

Spire Digital

Spire Digital exists to create innovative user experience design and push the boundaries of custom software development.

Spire Digital is a product development firm that aims to transform businesses through design and technology. The company gears its services toward the product and innovation needs of clients and caters to business-critical applications that help increase revenues, operational efficiencies, market share and customer satisfaction.

For over 20 years, the firm has provided strategic consulting, user experience design, software development services, DevOps and staff augmentation to both large and small companies. It helps startups and enterprises in a variety of industries through innovation in web, mobile, Internet of Things, wearables, Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence or blockchain.

Spire has expertise in a broad range of industries such as automotive, aerospace, education, financial services and healthcare. Its clients include Volkswagen, Berkshire Hathaway and Unilever. One of its recent projects for Unilever was to build a digital platform for the company’s Take Action unit. The company created a hub to display content that users could engage with and helped build its client’s reputation further.

Gorilla Logic

Gorilla Logics experts develop the most game-changing web and mobile apps for their clients.

Gorilla Logic is a custom software development company that provides engineers who are Agile certified and work from different time zones to help solve problems and uncover opportunities for clients. The company has developers assigned to purpose-built teams to work with clients. It helps clients achieve results that wow customers and unnerve competitors.

The company’s clients include both Fortune 500 and SMB companies. Its key areas of expertise are in web and mobile application development, backend services, user experience design and development, DevOps, quality testing, Agile, computer security, big data and the Internet of Things.

The company’s clients include the media corporations NBC and Time Warner, technology companies Oracle and Netapp, carmaker Ford and medical technology firm Medtronic. 

One of its projects involved working with Footwear retailer Finish Line, who approached the company to develop an app and provide support services. The company built a mobile app that incorporated feedback from Finish Line’s technology and customer care teams, and from over 15,000 digital users. The new app earned five stars on the current IOS platform and 4.5 stars on Android.

The company also has offices in Costa Rica and Colombia. It is a certified silver Agile partner.


For over 15 years, Fusionbox has been building successful software for clients. They provide secure Python and Django application development services.

Fusionbox is a software development agency founded in 2002 that works to develop secure software. The company operates a team of Python engineers and UX designers who have worked with both large and small organizations. 

The company provides highly specialized services such as web and mobile application development, API integration or API development, Python and Django training and team augmentation services. It also has teams providing user research, user experience planning and strategy, user interface design and frontend development specializing in React applications. Clients include the Colorado Lottery, FirstBank, Delta Dental, Boston Mutual Insurance and Citywide Banks.

Recently, the company became the software development agency of record for the Colorado Lottery. It created all of Colorado Lottery’s digital properties, including their website, mobile applications and their vendor interface software. Fusionbox also worked to overcome the technical challenges in developing the complex backend of the site.


The software development team at Devetry uses technical know-how and creative instinct to identify your needs and build custom software solutions.

Devetry is a custom software development company with expertise in many programming languages, frameworks and technologies. The company has developers, designers and business analysts that cater to a range of business needs such as product management and user experience to technology consulting.

The company offers services in product management, user experience and user interface design and research, software development, DevOps, cloud services and consulting. It has a custom DevOps program that helps clients integrate development and operations capabilities into a cohesive unit that cuts time to market and increase user satisfaction. It also has capabilities in creating custom cloud solutions to increase automation and deployments while decreasing incident responses and unnecessary communication.

One of its most recent projects was with the travel services company ITA. The company led the development of ITA’s Automated Group Travel Booking application. It finished the project in six months. To help ITA further increase their revenue after launch, Devetry delivered trainings, blog posts, videos, slideshares and capabilities decks for the sales team to show success stories to prospective partners.

Devetry is listed among the fastest-growing companies in Denver by the Denver Journal.

Volare Systems Inc.

Volare Systems Inc. specializes in modernizing their client's enterprise with web and mobile apps that run fast, scale to thousands of users, and look sharp on phones, tablets and computers.

We are a custom software development company based in Denver, Colorado. We build high quality web and mobile apps that run fast and look great on every device.

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