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Best Custom Software Development Companies in Los Angeles, CA 2021

Technology is making it easier to do business. The Internet is one of the biggest contributions given by technology to businesses. It broke down the traditional walls that kept businesses confined within their area, budget, and manpower. 

According to statistics, custom software is focused on streamlining business processes. In fact, 84.70% of respondents in a survey revealed that they are working on enterprise solution software to address corporate needs. Software developers were also found to be busy expanding the reach of businesses. Numbers point that 38.50% of developers are producing front-end and back-end software and web-based platforms for eCommerce players. 

As technology continues to evolve, there are more opportunities opening up for businesses. It is a good time to work with a custom software developer to harness the advantages offered by this breakthrough. This list contains the most awarded and trusted custom software developers in the Los Angeles, California area.

Best Custom Software Development Companies in Los Angeles, CA 2021


Endertech has been delivering the best web and software solutions to clients since 2000.

Endertech has been serving the custom software needs of businesses in the Los Angeles area since 2000. This custom software development firm specializes in web and software development and design. As an all-around company, it offers services needed by businesses that have shifted to digital. It extends a helping hand in branding, user experience and user interface, eCommerce development and cloud hosting among others.

Endertech worked with United Oil in consolidating its data sources. The custom software developer produced a web-based custom software for the company that allowed it to have a one-stop-shop for all the data needed for communications and other aspects of its operations. This project decided to use a web-based approach to ensure that United Oil remained within its budget.

The company is also certified as a Google Partner and recognized as a Professional Frontend Developer by Magento 2. Additionally, its work is praised by industry veterans and award-giving bodies and was listed as one of the top agencies & developers in the Los Angeles area in 2017.

Expedition Company

Expedition Company guides startups and established organizations alike, turning fledgling ideas into reality.

A Los Angeles-based digital product studio, the Expedition Company has been working with startups and established businesses to turn their ideas into reality. This company offers a long list of services including brand experience, product management, front-end & back-end development and mobile application development.

Founded by Jesse Davis and Isaac Swiderski, the Expedition Company is behind the eCommerce platform of online dental supply store Matix Dental. Davis, Swiderski and the whole Expedition Company team has been with Matix since the eCommerce brand started its operations in 2014. The custom software developer is behind the overhaul of the brand’s eCommerce platform. It delivered a more efficient and transparent system that allowed the delegation of work while giving dentists complete control over the research and ordering process. 

Aside from its work on Matix Dental, it also maintains Hyundai, Staples Center, Redspace and the Kind Traveler as its clients.


Rootstrap helps companies scale people, processes, and products; powered by the desire to do what is best for its clients.

Being results-oriented is what keeps Rootstrap apart from the competition. In the sea of hundreds of companies offering custom software development, this company knows that a deeper understanding of its client’s business and equipping itself with highly-skilled and experienced team members makes sure that things are done.

The company serves businesses with its services like user interface design, web & mobile development, augmented reality, virtual reality and machine learning.

Karl House, founder/chief executive officer at Fanbread, approached Rootstrap when he wanted to create his influencer platform. The idea came to House after his work on the Kin Community. Intending to monetize the platform, Rootstrap helped developed a platform that allows influencers to manage all their social media accounts in one site. The idea was a great success that it immediately caught the attention of and acquired by video ad serving network RockYou. 

Rootstrap also worked on the custom software needs of educational platform MasterClass, financial services provider Wallet Joy, tech product Epson Moverio and fitness coach Tony Robbins.


Sidebench is an award-winning mobile, web application and software development company that helps innovative enterprise companies and top new ventures to achieve their business goals.

Sidebench is a user experience, mobile and web application development company making use of the power of technology for the greater good. The firm is composed of people who are digital strategists, thought leaders and technologists who as one sit, create and deliver unique, world-class solutions to address their client’s dilemma. This is driven by the company’s mission of transforming the manner humans interact with technology by discovering untapped potentials.

Sidebench’s commitment to its mission is best seen in its photo booth app for an energy drink brand. The company worked with Red Bull when it wanted to come up with its photo booth software. Red Bull hosts over a thousand events a year and works with different vendors for its photo booth experience. 

The aim of the project was for the solution to be internationally scalable, cost-effective and flexible. Sidebench came up with a solution by developing an iOS app for the iPad. The mobile application can be easily deployed by Red Bull team members during an event. The solution has since traveled to more than 100 events, taken more than 10,000 photos, and shared thousands of photos across social media platforms.

Aside from Red Bull, Sidebench has also deployed a mobile application for mental health services app nOCD, the NICU navigation application for the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles and a scheduling & monitoring platform for Los Angeles’ Department of Child Services.


STRV is a firm composed of highly skilled designers and engineers that specializes in web & mobile development, AR & VR and are always ready to unlock any client's potential.

This award-winning custom software development company is all about bringing to life one-of-a-kind digital experiences. On top of that, the company’s concentration on coming up with human-centered products is what keeps clients coming back. Since its formation in 2004, the company has worked on over 400 applications for startups and Fortune 500 companies.

STRV offers most of the digital experience solutions needed by all kinds of businesses. It can help in product strategy, market research, user experience design, iOS & Android application development, machine learning, target consumer insights and analytics & metrics tracking.

Legal services platform LegalZoom sought the help of STRV when it wanted to come up with a mobile application to serve its clients. STRV developed an iOS and Android app that provided LegalZoom’s existing clients with a smoother customer experience.

The works of STRV continues to be recognized by industry insiders, publications, and organizations. It was named among the top 20 companies in the FT 1000 list and was included in the Technology Fast 50 list of Deloitte.

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