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Best Custom Software Development Companies in New York, NY 2021

Business software requires a certain level of customization to fit the needs of operations. Given that there are different sizes, industries and a number of other factors to consider, business owners should learn to invest well on customized software so that they can get the results they want.

The demand for such is growing and expected to further increase in the coming years. It is not surprising due to the fact the new technologies make life easier for businesses. According to GoodFirms, 53.90% of software development companies receive requests for business process automation projects while 38.50% are working on the front-end and backend of eCommerce websites. These software developers also receive some orders from the education sector. It was revealed that 7.70% of work from the sector is geared towards helping clients build, manage, and maintain educational software.

With all these benefits offered by custom software, the time will come when the majority of businesses are employing such tools. The good thing is that there are hundreds of custom software development firms across the country that can help businesses get one foot into the door. These companies offer services like mobile application development, building an eCommerce platform, and web design and development among others.

Businesses in the New York City area can take a look at this list for some commendable custom software developers.

Best Custom Software Development Companies in New York, NY 2021


DOOR3 is a digital design, development and strategy company that solves problems by combining the in-depth knowledge of its clients with its award-winning skills.

With over 17 years of experience, DOOR3 continues its commitment to serve for the benefit of its clients. The company is an independent technology consultancy firm that specializes in providing expert guidance and development of vital software needed by its clients. It distinguishes itself from other custom software companies with its peerless capacity to de-risk complex software projects. 

Since 2002, DOOR3 has been offering services like custom software development, mobile software development, application security, CMS development and project management among others. 

DOOR3 was approached by online grocery brand FreshDirect when it wanted to explore opportunities presented by the iPad in creating a new online shopping experience. The software developer went to work by providing a convenient mobile application to make grocery shopping easier. Additionally, it provided FreshDirect with engineering services and documentation to support their expansion plans. 

This New York-based custom software developer also worked its magic on improving the user experience and streamlining processes on heating and air conditioning manufacturer Stillwell-Hansen’s software and telecommunications solutions provider IDT Corporation’s mobile application for iOS and Android devices.


iTechArt is a top-tier custom software development company that helps startups and tech companies build successful products that users love.

Venture capital-backed firms and fast-growing tech companies should turn to iTechArt for their custom software needs. This software development firm opened in 2002 and has since continued to serve its 250 active clients. The reason its clients remained with the company through the years is because of its rockstar roster of experienced and highly-skilled engineers. All of these engineers are dedicated to achieving the goals of their clients and whose talents are sure to translate to results.

iTechArt and membership program ClassPass has worked together for five years. The custom software development company helped ClassPass have its dedicated team of software engineers who works on streamlining and accelerating the development of the membership program’s web solutions as well as its iOS and Android mobile applications.

In its years of operation, iTechArt’s works have received several awards from various organizations including those from Inc. 5000 and GoodFirm.


Mobikasa is an award-winning web, mobile and tablet app development company that's geared towards helping its clients succeed.

Mobikasa specializes in web, tablet and mobile application development. Composed of brainy and software engineering obsessed individuals, the company is known for delivering the right solutions without crossing the line of the allocated budget. Small businesses should not be intimidated to approach this software developer. It caters to all businesses regardless of size and industry. Mobikasa also offers a wide selection of services including digital marketing, eCommerce and web development. 

The company was behind the mobile application launched by IV therapy business solutions provider Hydrate You. It developed an iOS and Android device compatible app that allows users to control their health by a few simple taps. The mobile app was born after extensive research and development that integrated all new and existing mobile IV therapy businesses in an application.

Mobikasa also developed the backend for free alumni management system, the iOS app of photo-sharing platform RateMe and the revamp of the website of BeautyRX by Dr. Schultz.


As one of the best software development companies, Fingent's solutions bring process transformation into their client's business.

This software developer is all about helping businesses embrace all the opportunities offered by technology. Fingent welcomed this mission after it saw how technology is changing every sector. Formed in 2003, the company has since delivered over 700 projects and served companies in more than 14 countries. It continues to offer existing and potential customers a wide range of services including software development, business technology consulting, artificial intelligence and application security.

In its nearly two decades of existence, Fingent has caught the attention of several award-giving bodies. It was named as one of the Top Rated Software Development Companies by Softwareworld and among the Top App Development Companies in 2019 by Business of Apps.

Fingent continues to serve businesses like The Christian Broadcasting Network, MJH Life Sciences, TaxSlayer and North Texas Property Tax Services.


Saritasa is a custom technology solutions company developing complex software systems for its client's success.

With over a decade of existence and more than 1,000 projects delivered, Saritasa definitely knows what it is doing. This software development company offers services like mobile development, AR/VR development, Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, web development and custom software development. 

Mobile app ComChat was conceived by Jonathan Sharma and developed by Saritasa. This Android mobile application aims to reduce the crime rate in a neighborhood and increase the quality of communication between law enforcers and the community they are serving. The app includes functions like the ability to report crimes, drop pins in specific locations and alert police of suspicious activities.

Its work has been recognized by different organizations and publications. Saritasa received the Top Mobile App Developer in the US from Mobile App Daily in 2018 and the Top Mobile App Development Company from GoodFirms.

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