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Best Custom Software Development Companies in Philadelphia, PA 2021

Software development is crucial to business success as this maximizes market reach and utilizes every available resource to boost sales and ensure long-term profitability. This also advertises the brand without the target consumer knowing as what they see is the exact look and feel of the company they are interacting with through the use of their app.

According to a report, 85% of businesses implement an extensive software development campaign to improve brand popularity and boost sales in the long run. This figure is constantly increasing as more people now prefer to use apps instead of browsers because of their simplicity, better accessibility features, and smoother operation compared to browsers. 

According to another report, consumers have downloaded 178 billion apps in 2017, and is expected to go beyond the 200 billion-mark by the end of 2020. It’s imperative for companies to invest in app and software development to ensure success. 

Here are the best custom software development companies in Philadelphia.  

Best Custom Software Development Companies in Philadelphia, PA 2021

Chop Dawg

Chop Dawg have helped create over 300+ web and mobile apps for startups, Fortune 500s, growing businesses and non-profits from around the globe.

Chop Dawg is one of the leading customer software development agencies in the Philadelphia area after developing over 300 next-gen apps for startups, freelancers and SMEs. The firm has expanded their operations since 2009 after diversifying their staff’s skill set and using the latest software creation equipment, which led to them serving Fortune 500 companies as well. 

The firm offers a 90-day and 45-day warranty and maintenance period to ensure their services continue to function at maximum efficiency. They offer UX and UI design, mobile app development, web design and web development services. 

Chop Dawg has worked with some of the biggest brands in the tech, finance and retail industries such as Hilton, Siemens, Citizen’s Cafe, Knovi, Greenskeeper, Hire.Bid and Dissolve.  

Prompt Works

PromptWorks is custom software done right from mobile apps to web applications. With deeply skilled software developers and designers and a proven agile approach, the agency transforms ideas into brilliant digital products.

PromptWorks is a software development firm that specializes in creating apps using Python, Ruby and JavaScript for companies based in Philadelphia, Austin and New York. They have a highly-technical in-house staff well-versed in solving market demand using interactive and engaging UI/UX designs. 

They create mobile and web apps using a proven agile approach to speed up implementation and ROI in a cost-efficient way. Software development is a big investment and code quality is vital to not having to rewrite the application in just a few years. 

The services they offer are custom software development, mobile app development and IoT development. They have also worked mostly with large enterprises such as Sony, Cisco, The University of Pennsylvania, Twitter, Comcast and Thrive TRM.  

Alliance Tek

AllianceTek is a project-based, end-to-end software development company, with extensive experience in building mobile, cloud, and web solutions.

With over 15 years of experience in developing custom apps and software for companies seeking better customer engagement, AllianceTek has become one of the pioneers in mobile, web and cloud solutions around the Philadelphia area. 

The company patterns its services to the immediate needs and demands of their client to ensure maximum efficiency in targeting the intended market. Creating cost-effective and ever-green business solutions ensure long-term success regardless of varying market trends. 

The main services they provide as a business solutions provider are custom software development, CRM consulting and ECM consulting. 

AllianceTek has worked with Pacific Life Global, the Royal Bank of Canada, SaladWords, Expert Solutions Inc. and Reliance Standard Life Insurance.  

The Miles Technologies

Miles Technologies offers nationwide managed IT services as well as business technology consulting services from software development to digital marketing & websites.

Miles Technologies is a software development company specializing in app development, web design and digital marketing. They combine their technical expertise in coding and programming with advanced market analysis to implement a high-converting digital marketing campaign aimed at boosting sales and profitability.  

Operating since 1997, the firm has expanded their services beyond software development to a more diverse advertising approach using the latest digital marketing trends such as SEO and content campaigns. Miles Technologies serves mostly financial, commercial and healthcare companies and organizations.  


Stuzo is a provider of Open Commerce, delivers mobile commerce solutions for retailers. Their Open Commerce Platform is a cloud-based, PCI-DSS Level 1 Compliant retail commerce platform, built on an enterprise architecture with Conexxus standards at the core.

Stuzo is a software development agency that focuses on providing predictive commerce solutions for companies wanting to tap onto the latest client acquisition methods. 

The firm features an exclusive custom app development approach using their Market Insights and Convenience Insights platforms to create highly-specialized software for companies and organizations. 

The company provides a wide array of custom software development services encompassing mobile app solutions and web development mostly for agencies, startups and large enterprises. Stuzo is a Top Workplace Honor awardee.  

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