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Best Custom Software Development Companies in San Diego, CA 2021

Companies need to invest in custom software development to maximize market reach and achieve ROI at a faster rate. A good way to do this is by developing mobile apps that promote the brand. According to a statistic, there are over 180 billion apps downloaded yearly. Business owners need to utilize that opportunity to boost sales and improve industry competitiveness. 

Another report also states that 355 of consumers are more likely to purchase once they engage with an app connected to the product or service they’re interested in. This means that having an exclusive company software or app is synonymous to better profitability and brand recognition.

Custom software can also help improve a company's business processes as employees can use an upgraded platform or network, thus improving speeds, efficiency and data security. Investing on software development might be costly at first, but it’s worth it in the long run as businesses can easily break even the costs and triple profitability.

Here are the best custom software development companies in San Diego, California.  

Best Custom Software Development Companies in San Diego, CA 2021

BitCot Development

BitCot is an Award-Winning Android, iOS Application Development and Web Design Company. They pride theirselves on delivering custom solutions for both startups and leading brands.

BitCot is an app development company that creates engaging and functional apps and software aimed at improving company branding and customer appeal. The company has an in-house staff of over 40 designers, programmers and engineers well-versed in app development and website design. 

Bringing value to their clients is their main goal and they ensure this through a systematic development process featuring QA testing and target analysis. Aside from app development, the firm also specializes in digital prototyping and UX design using emerging technologies such as AI and Blockchain. 

They have worked with tech, finance and retail businesses such as Alpine Electronics,, My Proxy Fox and Say It Save It. The company also won the Plantronics #1 App and San Diego’s Most Innovative Product Awards.  


Simform is a new age software development company. Build innovative custom software applications by hiring remote engineering teams that extend their team.

A custom software development company based in San Diego, Simform has been serving the local business community for over 10 years since their inception in 2010. They are made up of over 280 professionals composed of engineers, programmers, artists and digital marketers. 

Elevating their client’s brands is one of their main expertise, which they do using their web development, app creation and cloud consulting services. They offer unique services to each client based on the prefered company architecture such as C++ and Javascript. 

The firm builds enterprise-wide processes combined with a secure testing and deployment protocol to ensure utmost efficiency. The company has worked with numerous global corporations like Redbull, Sony Music, Marriott, Intralinks, Accent, FreeWire and Nxt ID.  


BL3NDlabs builds products, platforms, and brands for funded startups and Fortune 1000 companies that invest in the digital future.

BL3NDlabs is a design and technology company that mainly serves Fortune 1000 companies needing high-converting apps and software. The firm designs performance-based software that are engaging, interactive and practical for daily use through the implementation of emerging technologies like AI and Blockchain. 

Since their founding in 2015, the firm expanded their custom software development services to product designing and web design and development to cater to the growing needs of startups and organizations. 

Agentlogy, Chanje, IES and Cagix are some of their most notable clients. BL3NDlabs has won numerous awards such as the 2018 and 2018 Best Place to Work in San Diego Awards. The company is also recognized as DesignRush’s Top California Web Design Company.  

Barefoot Solutions

Barefoot Solutions is a digital agency in San Diego specializing in the design and development of custom Web, Mobile and IoT applications.

Founded in 2006, Barefoot Solutions is a web and mobile development company that specializes in creating sleek and practical applications that businesses can use to improve branding and sustainability. 

The firm’s main markets are medium to large-sized enterprises. However, they’re slowly expanding their services to startups and non-profit organizations. The company has a full-house team of professional graphic designers, app developers, website designers and digital marketers. 

Aside from custom software creation, they also offer system architecture and market research services to ensure long-term sustainability. Barefoot Solutions has worked with NASA, SHARP, Zodiac Pool Systems, Sennheiser, International Delight and Stanford Healthcare.  


HyperTrends is a SaaS/Software/Digital Innovation Agency based out of San Diego with the sole emphasis of helping small businesses grow their revenues using high quality product and software strategies

HyperTrends is an award-winning software development company based in San Diego. Their services are conversion-centered, which ensures their developed apps and digital solutions are specifically designed for maximum conversion. 

The company combines digital marketing with software development to create an effective branding campaign that speeds up market domination using low-key advertising means in the form of apps. 

HyperTrends use different programming platforms and languages such as Javascript, C++ and Azure to provide their mobile app, custom software, and web development services. They have served enterprises and startups at first, but later expanded to medium to large-scale enterprises to fully utilize their growing technical resources. Oceanhouse, CarPorts, Ticket Socket and Entice Us are some of HyperTrend’s key clients.  

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