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Best Custom Software Development Companies in Seattle, WA 2021

Having a well-integrated software can work wonders for any business as this improves sales, branding and financial sustainability. According to a report, consumers spend 70% of their mobile phone time using apps, while the remaining is spent on browsing, listening to music, gaming and other mobile activities. 

Businesses can leverage on this opportunity by investing heavily on custom software development. Not only does this boost a company’s marketing efforts, but it also improves internal operations. Having an exclusive software that’s integrated with the different company sectors such as HR, operations, marketing and tech support, can improve efficiency and performance. Custom software also helps promote products and ensure maximum stability despite varying market trends at a cost-efficient way. 

Hence, businesses should hire a custom software development agency to maximize sales, promote better branding, and secure market domination in their respective industries. Here are some of the best custom software development companies in Seattle, Washington.  

Best Custom Software Development Companies in Seattle, WA 2021

Projekt 202

Projekt 202 is a custom software development company that have over 6 services offered. Their designers and developers fully leverage their experience by taking the best from different projects and verticals, and bringing them to their customers.

Projekt202 is one of the pioneering software design and development firms around the Seattle area. The company specializes in developing software solutions for companies seeking better conversion and improved productivity with the help of systematic automation. 

They have been operating since 2003 and have served countless local business and organizations as well as large-enterprises across the tech, finance, and healthcare sectors. However, they are slowly expanding their services to SMEs and freelance professionals wanting to effectively compete with the bigger brands in the industry. 

Developing innovative and cost-efficient UX and UI and combining them with a smart digital strategy approach are some of the company’s highlights alongside their web development services.  

Bonsai Media Group

Bonsai Media Group is one of the best custom software development company in Seattle. Their team is comprised of strategists, innovators, creators, problem solvers, entrepreneurs, dev wizards, collaborators, producers, doers and their cute four-legged creators "Barklee and Finn."

Bonsai Media Group is a digital marketing company that focuses on custom software development and web design. They are considered as one of the forerunners of modern digital advertising thanks to their use of the latest marketing techniques such as SEO and UI/UX integration on their web design, digital strategy and mobile app development services. 

Companies wanting to improve marketability and internal operations are their most common clients, with the majority coming from the IT, real estate and business services sectors. The firm has also worked with many multinational companies such as Amazon, Taco Time and Seagull Scientific. 

Meanwhile, their smaller key clients are the University of Washington, Cascade Environmental and United Gospel Mission. Bonsai Media Group has been awarded the Clutch Top Creative and Design Company.  


MobCoder a reliable name in the application development industry, they focussed on providing customer-centric services to its clients.

Mobcoder is a digital solutions development agency that specializes in developing web software and mobile apps aimed at companies and organizations wanting better market reach and conversion. 

The company uses the latest technologies in implementing their custom software development offerings since their founding in 2014, which has helped numerous businesses achieve ROI in a fast and cost-efficiency way. 

Aside from custom software development, the company also offers graphic designs, IoT, iOS, Android, Flutter and Wearable app development. They also started to expand their services to augmented reality. Their key clients are Proctor Lane, Transcend, Drawbridge Solutions, Loopie, OYA, FidGrit and Fondly.  

Smashing Ideas

Smashing Ideas offers UX design, UX research, mobile apps, websites and CRMs that enhance the customer experience. Their unified team stays with their customers from the kick-off meeting to post-launch product refinement, which maintains value proposition continuity and minimizes risk.

Founded in 1996, Smashing Ideas has been a one-stop-shop for entrepreneurs and startups seeking better market appeal and operational expansion. The company partners with Global 500 in creating intuitive and highly-functional websites, apps, smart products and content management systems aimed at boosting user engagement. 

The main services offered by the firm are IT strategy consulting, mobile app development and UX and UI design. Smashing Ideas’ biggest clients are Sony Pictures Television, ReachNow, Mirosoft, GE, Panasonic and American Greetings. 

They have also served numerous startups and freelance entrepreneurs from the tech, entertainment and local business services sectors.  


Tyemill is a custom software development company that have a platform that includes advanced analytics, risk modeling, backtesting, and reports using industry-standard metrics, visuals, and benchmarks.

Tyemill is a custom software development company based in Seattle that works with businesses and entrepreneurs on creating high-converting digital opportunities through smart product development. 

The firm focuses on developing custom software that analyzes market trends designed at boosting company profitability. Examples of these are advanced analytics, risk modeling, industry metrics and software visual benchmarking. 

The company is made up of engineers, programmers, and marketing experts who prioritize innovation and maximum functionality for businesses through a minimalist yet performance-driven approach. Tyemill’s most popular services are developing web applications, patentable technologies and scalable digital solutions  

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