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Best Events Marketing Companies in Denver, CO 2024

Valuable experiential marketing events are specifically developed to build interactive engagement and brand awareness, both intended to lift and elevate organizations and companies in the global market. 

Considering today’s social and business climate where the physical presence of product and service experience is tantamount to digital promotionals, companies and organizations find it crucial to develop and implement highly effective event marketing plans to further engage with their target audience. 

In fact, research reveals that 95% of marketers agree event marketing creates a valuable opportunity for businesses to develop profitable connections with clients. This means that event marketing is the key to having a humanized and personal connection for the target market so that the company offerings will be more salable. 

Hence, it is crucial for businesses to work with an events marketing company to achieve higher lead generation figures and boost revenue through a well-built regular stream of loyal customers. 

Here are some of the best events marketing companies in Denver, Colorado.  

Best Events Marketing Companies in Denver, CO 2024


9thWonder is a full service, independent marketing agency. Their specialties range from research and brand strategy to digital marketing, media and creative services.

9thWonder is a global strategic marketing and media company with branches and operations across seven cities in different countries. With principles in co-creation and sandboxing, their media strategist teams exercise a bottom-up approach to targeting. This enables them to produce data-informed strategies and ROI-driven outcomes for clients. 

9thWonder offers solutions such as media planning, branding development, advertising, lead generation, market automation, public relations services and social media marketing. However, their most common services are content strategy, creative strategy planning, interactive development, paid media and SEO. 

9thWonder has worked with big companies including Nestle, Coleman Natural, Riviana, Dole, Valvoline, Panasonic, Honda, Samsung, Woodside Homes and the American Heart Association.  

Cinepro Studios

Cinepro Studios is a Colorado creative agency who specializes in video production and brand development with an emphasis on digital content creation.

With more than 10 years of experience, Cinepro Studios develops content from countless personalities and brands while crafting sound marketing strategies aimed to acquire more leads. The firm employs a team of artists, storytellers and marketers to create engaging content and digital advertising strategies. 

Cinepro Studios offers a variety of digital marketing solutions such as copywriting, graphic design, photography, videography, aerial photography, virtual tours and full video productions. Their main clients come from the healthcare, social media, education and live events industries. 

Comcast, CBS, Recoup Fitness, Komatsu, Cibo, Hyatt, Swatch and Tesla are a few of their most distinguished clients.  

FiG Advertising + Marketing

FiG Advertising + Marketing is a leading digital advertising agency in Denver. They are recognized for excellence in web design and branding, taking home one Platinum, one Gold MarCom Awards and one honorable mention.

Committed to helping their clients improve their pursuits through quality marketing activities, FiG Advertising + Marketing allows clients to attain an entire marketing department that will help them plan and execute their marketing activities within a specific budget range, making their business able to compete with big companies.  

As a one-stop shop for marketing, brand, content and advertising needs, FiG offers solutions including graphic design, corporate logo and branding design, website design, web development and CMS development to companies and non-profit organizations. They also provide search engine marketing, event marketing, market automation, digital marketing, traditional marketing and market research. 

Founded in 2009, FiG Advertising + Marketing has led businesses to grow through inbound lead generation and brand awareness which is made possible by both traditional and digital marketing strategies.  

Air Fresh Marketing

Air Fresh Marketing strategize what's best for meeting goals and then come together to crush them as a single unit. Their end-of-project success reports are packed with actionable data to guide future marketing efforts.

Considered as a premier experiential marketing agency, Air Fresh Marketing focuses on strengthening connections between clients and companies by forging strategies with brands to further attract target audiences through personalized experiences and events. They build data capture capabilities to help clients gather valuable information about their customers. 

The company offers marketing and promotional services including campaign data ROI, analytics, lead capture, on-site event execution, brand contact, event reporting and data capture, marketing strategy,  creative planning, brand development, event staffing and digital marketing solutions. 

Air Fresh marketing has worked with big companies like Google, Microsoft, Lyft, Adidas, Facebook, Pepsico and the National Football League, for their marketing and advertising needs.   

Gorilla Group

Gorilla Group is a commerce experience agency. They propel digital commerce growth by offering strategy, creative, technology, customer experience, managed services, and hosting services to drive client results.

Founded in 1994, the Gorilla Group is a commerce experience agency that provides clients end-to-end experience-driven commerce solutions. The company has a deep history in experience design, strategy, technology enablement, managed services and digital marketing. They also enable B2B and direct-to-consumer clients to compete effectively with the bigger brands in the industry.  

Gorilla’s suite of services includes strategy and intelligence solutions such as business opportunities and innovation, qualitative and quantitative research and capability identification. They also offer e-commerce strategy, front-end and back-end website development, content strategy, digital marketing, managed services and omnichannel commerce.  

The Gorilla Group has partnered with massive companies including Hydro Flask, Plexus, Kimberly Clark, Scosche, St. John Knits, Briggs & Riley and Saltworks.  

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