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Best Financial Consulting Firms in Charlotte, NC 2021

Financial planning should be the norm for all individuals and organizations. However, this task can be daunting for people unfamiliar with this process. Given that different factors are taken into consideration to arrive at the right kind of investment, partnering with the right firm is the best way to go.

But there are a number of financial consulting firms available in the market in the U.S. alone. The industry saw a 1.4% hike in market size in 2020. This growth comes from the fact that it has continually expanded by 2.4% per year on average from 2015 to 2020. Numbers also predict that the industry is expected to be a 57.8 billion U.S. dollars sector by the end of 2020.

Read on to find out about companies that offer their own set of unique services that cater to the different needs and issues faced by individuals and organizations looking to jump-start their financial planning.

Best Financial Consulting Firms in Charlotte, NC 2021

Alight Financial Advisors

Alight Financial Advisors provides investment advisory, financial planning, benefits counseling and financial education services to employees and retirees.

Helping people and organizations strive for more has been the commitment of Alight Financial Advisors from the beginning. The financial consulting company is a Security Exchange Commission (SEC)-registered firm that offers investment advisory, financial planning and financial education services. These solutions aim to empower people and organizations to make better financial choices.

As an independent, fee-based financial consulting firm, Alight Financial Advisors understands that clients must learn to look at the bigger picture when investing. It asks its clients to know and understand their needs and goals so that it can be incorporated into their financial plan. This stems from the fact that most of its clients are in a savings plan that may not meet their needs when they reach retirement. It is the reason behind the firm’s dedication to helping people in assessing their needs and pointing them to the right investments. 

Alight Financial Advisors has four main categories of services. It offers clients advisory services, financial planning, financial education and on-site education. Together with Financial Engines, the first category caters to participants in employer-sponsored retirement plans. It includes services like printed retirement evaluation, a professional management program and an optional income solution designed to provide steady payment during retirement called Income. 

McShane Partners Wealth & Investment Advisory

McShane Partners Wealth & Investment Advisory is an exclusive wealth advisory boutique offering a unique concierge experience to high net worth individuals.

McShane Partners offers a unique service to high net worth individuals. An exclusive wealth advisory boutique, this financial consulting firm started its operations in 1985. Founder Mary Rineheart started the company after realizing that many wealth advisory firms are limited to people selling financial products with negligible unbiased research or information. The company has since grown to be an independent, employee-owned firm that believes its ownership structure is its advantage as it allows them to offer superior client service and firm continuity.

In 2020, the leadership team of McShane Partners is composed of chief investment officer Daniele M. Donahoe, director of research Elliott Van Ness and president Sandy Carlson. 

Services offered by this firm include enhanced wealth advisory and a unique approach to investment management & advisory. The company takes a different path to financial consulting to reduce risks, achieve a perfect balance in portfolios and make goals more achievable. This unique strategy is planned and managed by the firm’s diverse set of people who are equipped and knowledgeable in financial planning so that each of the firm’s clients are getting the appropriate solution.

The company is affiliated with several planning and investment organizations including the Financial Planning Association, Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts, the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards and the CFA Institute.

Epic Capital

Epic Capital is a Charlotte-based wealth management and financial planning firm with a focus on impact investing and sustainable and responsible investment strategies.

This company is for those who want to make more of what they have. That’s how Epic Capital Managing Director Edward R. Doughty described their approach to financial consultation. Founded in 2009, the company wanted from the start to cater to people who wanted to realize the power of their wealth and what it can do for themselves, their families and the world. 

Epic Capital wants its services to deliver results that are above what its clients expect and what its competitors deliver. The financial consulting firm takes pride in the experience it provides. Each client that comes asking for its help is presented with a solution customized to their needs. The company knows that this approach will make the client feel empowered that they play an important role in building their financial stability.

The firm also differentiates itself from the rest by knowing more about the people they serve. It provides them an avenue to give a comprehensive and personalized service. These things allow Epic Capital to succeed in what they do. 

It offers services including impact investing, estate planning, investment planning, tax planning, income planning and retirement planning. The company also offers risk management services to its clients. This service includes managing broad market, investment selection, economic, credit and country-specific risks. 

Southeast Consulting Inc.

Through the corporation’s financial and technology divisions, SCI provides consulting services to a wide cross-section of financial and industrial organizations throughout key cities worldwide.

Southeast Consulting’s mission is to help its clients deal with complex financial problems with the use of technology, electronic media and Internet-based applications. The services it offers are all geared towards realizing profitable growth and return of investment for its stockholders and providing customized financial advice to its roster of clients. 

Based in Charlotte, the financial consulting firm’s services reaches all corners of the globe. It caters to all financial and industrial organizations in Central America, Europe, the Pacific Rim and the U.S. 

The company is also known for its wide use of cutting-edge technology in the field of financial planning. Southeast Consulting is composed of highly skilled individuals in hardware and software selection, strategic systems planning, data mining and automated data center operations. 

It offers services including financial consulting, project management and security & fraud prevention. On financial consulting, the company specializes in strategic and financial asset/liability management and funds management. It takes pride in its work on the implementation of automated financial and funds management systems, together with other key partners and organizations.


Raftelis primarily focuses on the areas of finance, organization and technology –- from water and wastewater rate studies, cost of service analysis, financial planning and affordability assessments to strategic planning, performance measurement, stakeholder engagement and data analytics.

Like most financial consulting firms, Raftelis is committed to helping its clients come out of financial, organizational and technological challenges. However, it sets itself apart by focusing its services to those in the utility and public sector. The decision to focus on these sectors comes from decades of experience that contributed to its knowledge by working with businesses in said industries.

George Raftelis founded the company in 1993 after his stint at Ernst & Young. The company became well-known in the industry with the release of its Water & Wastewater Rate Survey. This biennial survey allows those in the industry to be updated with the state of the water & wastewater sector. It was in 2020 when the company expanded to offer management consulting to the utility & public sector. 

The company has helped companies like the Philadelphia Water Department, Pittsburg Water & Sewer Authority and the Montgomery County Environmental Services with their financial planning needs. 

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