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Best Financial Consulting Firms in Dallas, TX 2021

The massive growth in the need of financial consulting firms coincides with business owners and executives discovering the direct benefits professional financial guidance has on revenue, marketability and overall corporate success.

A report which states that the global financial consulting industry is worth $160 billion is solid proof of how vital this sector is to businesses. 

The financial stability and wealth of organizations do not only rely on their own staff and executives, but on their external partners that offer them expert objective insights and consultation that they can use in implementing highly-informed financial decisions. 

For finance officers, having a professional and reliable financial consulting firm as a partner could directly translate into a firm assurance that their company is equipped with the necessary support with it comes to solving financial issues and conflict.  

With this, it makes perfect sense for companies to seek the professional help of financial consulting firms to streamline operations and ensure strategies and assets are kept well in place. 

Here are some of the best financial consulting firms in Dallas, Texas that business owners can hire.  

Best Financial Consulting Firms in Dallas, TX 2021

AMB Credit Consultants

AMB Credit Consultants has an AMB Credit Empowerment Program which is a lifetime investment that will allow the opportunity to gain credit leverage, teaching on how to sustain it and give limitless credit advantages that will transform their customer's life.

AMB Credit Consultants has been in the financial industry for more than 11 years as a credit repair company. The firm focuses on credit reports and yields solutions that engage with financial resources in order to make sure that clients are able to attain financial stability and success.  

Aside from providing credit repair solutions, AMB Credit Consultants also offers professional financial consultancy to influence sound credit decisions. The main services they provide are credit consultations, credit report audits, personalized plan of action reports and dispute resolution services. 

The company’s team of certified accounts have deep legal knowledge about credit and in dealing with various credit issues. The firm’s mission is to give hardworking consumers the credit that they earned and deserve.   

LP Analyst

LP Analyst's firm sits at the intersection of private asset analytics and consulting which means they take both a highly quantitative and qualitative approach to tackling big challenges and developing cloud analytics and advisory solutions for their clients.

Considered as the leading source of independent private asset monitoring, diligence, and active management solutions, LP Analyst serves a global clientele of over 100 institutional limited partners who invest across a wide array of private asset strategies. 

For more than 15 years, LP Analyst has advised on more than $100 billion in private assets concerning secondaries, consulting and investment banking. LP Analyst’s suite of services includes data collection, reporting & analytics monitoring platforms and reference and operational diligence platform. 

They also provide GP analyser performance, active management, program forecasting, expense verification, ESG tracking, fund restructuring, tax and estate transfers and consulting services. 

Their firm serves a variety of clients from various sectors such as private pensions, government agencies, financial institutions, family offices and foundations.  

Service Loan South

Service Loan South has loan offices located across the south in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and Texas. Their branch offices are certified e-filers with the IRS. Each preparer completes annual training and certification in tax preparation and compliance.

Service Loan South is a financial consulting firm that assists and guides families with their financial needs since 1974. They offer loans to individuals and households to help them overcome the loss of income, unforeseen expenses and emergencies. 

 Believing in the principle of giving back, Service Loan South also provides financial counseling to everyone regardless of age and background. They also provide services such as personal loans, tax preparation services, audit assistance, financial education and literacy solutions. 

South Loan South also has been in charitable pursuits, including joining organizations such as the American Cancer Society Relay for Life, Lions Club and Boys and Girls Clubs. They are also members of the Georgia Industrial Loan Association, Tennessee Independent Lenders Association, Alabama Consumer Finance Association and the Texas Consumer Finance Association.  

Munn & Morris Financial Advisors

Munn & Morris Financial Advisors are a highly skilled team of financial professionals with more than 75 years of collective experience in helping individuals plan for the day they can finally retire. Their ultimate goal is to help their customers enjoy the retirement they've envisioned.

Munn & Morris Financial Advisors has over 75 years of collective experience in providing individuals with retirement plans and strategies. The company is composed of financial professionals who help clients achieve their goal in being fulfilled and happy in their retired life.  

The firm offers a full spectrum of financial services that help retirees earn money and plan the retired life to make wealth last as long as possible throughout retirement. The services they offer are life event planning, retirement planning, planning for business owners, general planning, investment management, advanced planning and relationship management. 

Munn & Morris Financial Advisors was recognized by the executive council of Raymond James Financial Services as one of the top financial consulting firms. They have also been listed among Forbes 100 America’s Most Trustworthy Companies.  

Chessman Wealth Strategies

Chessman Wealth Strategies provides remarkable, personalized wealth management. Their mission is to help their customers make smart choices about their money, helping them to worry less, enjoy life more and ultimately become better stewards with the resources God has entrusted to them.

Founded in 2004, Chessman Wealth Strategies is a Dallas-based wealth management firm that provides clients with professional financial service, wealth transparency and efficient asset accountability. They do this by providing a personalized and hands-on application of solutions. Chessman Wealth Strategies aims to help clients make smart financial choices for better financial stability.  

The company features a comprehensive plan to help clients pursue financial objectives and goals in the most cost-efficient way possible. Chessman Wealth Strategies provides services such as wealth management, financial planning, risk management, estate planning and management, tax planning, retirement planning and business planning. 

Chessman Wealth Strategies has more than 15 years of experience in the industry. They have also been featured multiple times in Forbes, Kiplinger, CNBC, The Fiscal Times, Investment News and The Dallas News.  

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