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Best Financial Consulting Firms in Denver, CO 2021

Managing finances is already a complex thing. Imagine planning it so that there would be enough resources for an individual, a family or a business in the future. The complexity of this topic is enough to leave it on the side and pick it up again when its dangers are getting imminent. 

A survey revealed that long-term financial planning is only considered essential by 30% of American households. Additionally, a study sent out an alarming discovery. It found that 43% of Americans who spent their childhood at the bottom of economic quintile remained there when they reached adulthood. Things do not look optimistic either when looking at the financial status of millennials. It was found that only 24% of them are financially literate.

The hard-to-understand nature of financial planning is enough reason to have a financial consultant on the dial to help manage through a complex finance-related problem. Here are some of the best financial consulting firms in Denver, Colorado.

Best Financial Consulting Firms in Denver, CO 2021

SS&C Technologies

SS&C is a global provider of investment and financial services and software for the financial services and healthcare industries.

Since 1986, SS&C Technologies has been at the forefront of providing financial consulting and other related services. William C. Stone formed the company and continues to be its head. The company has been using a disciplined and highly focused strategy to continuously develop the products and services it offers. 

The employee benefits administration service offered by SS&C is one of the leading financial solutions in the country. At the same time, the company is behind the BRIX Benefits Administration program, a technology designed to easily coordinate with leading health, group and voluntary carriers to provide a consumer-centric user experience. The technology can be deployed for use in HCM or payroll providers, benefits administrators and insurance marketplaces.

Services also offered by the company include portfolio management, risk & compliance and performance measurement & attribution. These solutions are offered by SS&C to businesses regardless of industry. SS&C has been working with individuals and organizations engaged in insurance, property management, banking, healthcare and asset management.

Trilogy Financial

At Trilogy Financial, its goal is to improve the financial decision-making process of its clients. Its work, mission and vision, is about its ability to support and empower the success of its clients.

Jeff Motske and Kevin Mackintosh founded Trilogy Financial in 1999 wanting to be leaders in creating a new and improved service within the industry. The two are veterans in the field. Motske saw that the industry is being tangled into transactional sales techniques and short-term thinking. This observation is what made Trilogy focus on the elements that made up the successes of the two’s Main Street clients. 

The company offers a wide range of financial services including 401(k) & retirement planning, wealth & asset management, estate planning strategies, insurance services, college & education planning and investment strategies.

Trilogy Financial sets itself apart from the competition with its Life Planning Tool. This tool provides individuals and organizations a stepping stone to having financial freedom. The financial consulting firm developed the tool with the aim of helping its existing and potential clients identify common approaches to financial, budget, retirement and investment planning. 

IWP Family Office

IWP Family Office supports a distinct group of individuals and families from across the country and from varied backgrounds, including entrepreneurs, technology pioneers, real estate and financial professionals, athletes and industry leaders.

Supporting entrepreneurs, real estate professionals, technology pioneers, industry leaders and athletes as they work to achieve success is the mission of IWP Family Office. In 2005, the company was founded to address the scarcity of financial consulting firms that lack the personalized experience. Since then, the company has gathered the necessary knowledge and skills essential in helping multiple complex family offices. 

IWP Family Office’s services are geared towards simplifying tricky financial situations. The company is at its client’s side from planning, coordination to the execution of the financial plan. This has been the company’s strategy when handling its clients, whose combined net worth is equal to over $1.5 billion. This Denver-based financial consultant offers solutions including strategy, guidance & day-to-day management, accounting & impact assessment, asset preservation & growth, tax & estate planning and wealth transfer. 

Its tax planning service lays down the most efficient tax solutions available for its clients. The company helps its clients achieve this by continuous tax planning for current income and investments, availing of asset transfer strategies that will minimize the impact of estate taxes and life insurance analysis.

Simon Davis Brokerage Services Inc.

Simon Davis Brokerage Services offers full support to meet diverse client demands for multiple lines of Life, Annuity, Long Term Care and Disability financial products with unmatched service, digital case tracking and processing support across multiple carriers.

Simon Davis has been providing its services to financial professionals since 1963. The company helps financial advisors, brokerage firms, insurance agents, banks and other insurance agencies to continue to support their clients that need help with life, long-term care, annuity and disability products. 

It is composed of people who have long dedicated their life in the financial services sector. The team is made up of President David A. Simon, Head of Policy Service, Commissions & Licensing Sue Brown, New Business & Underwriting Support Head Jenny Ausman and Administrator Diana Turk.

The company is a go-to firm because of its wide range of services. Simon Davis offers solutions including back-office support, medical underwriting support, advance case design and support, point of sale assistance, policy owner services and impaired risk underwriting. 

Simon Davis also offers financial products like term life, permanent products, annuity and long-term care. 

Brown and Co.

Brown and Company is a nationally renowned wealth management firm in Denver providing comprehensive financial planning & independent investment advice.

This Denver financial planning firm continues to provide its client with a more reliable, insightful, easily understood and successful financial plans. A nationally recognized financial product and solutions provider, Brown and Co. was started by its founder Mark R. Brown. He founded the company with the mission of helping his clients achieve long-term financial independence. He understood that starting his practice can help transform the landscape. He approached financial planning with a combination of traditional business and personalized financial plans.

The company made its mark with its wealth management services. Since its inception, Brown and his team have been helping refine the financial goals of its clients. It takes into account the needs and the impact of elements of the family, its aspirations, dynamics and concerns. 

Brown and Co. offers a wide range of wealth management services for its clients. For those seeking retirement plan services, the company takes into consideration factors like rate of withdrawal, risk profile, time horizon and portfolio allocation.

On the other hand, clients seeking estate planning should expect the company to assist them with coordinating with planners and attorneys, managing estate taxes and implementing wealth transfer. The company also offers solutions for education planning, risk management and philanthropic planning.

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