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Best Financial Consulting Firms in Houston, TX 2021

Financial consulting firms give businesses professional financial advice to help improve procedures, financial strategies and revenue maximization. Financial consultants have in-depth understanding of the fiscal world which enables them to offer insight that may not be apparent to those inside the organization.

According to a study, the financial consultation industry is constantly growing at an average of 6% annually. This shows that businesses are growing more reliant on professional financial consulting as a means to improve asset utilization and secure revenue cash flows in the long run. 

Aside from helping businesses achieve higher sales, consulting firms also improve corporate structure as employees can focus on their respective tasks aside from accounting and bookkeeping. These also ensure proper taxation protocols are followed due to the systematic management of tax assets. 

With this being said, and along with the economy’s volatility being a given, organizations are compelled to rely on highly-efficient and professional financial consultants to ensure overall success. 

Below are some of the top financial consulting firms in Houston, Texas.  

Best Financial Consulting Firms in Houston, TX 2021

Cerboni Consulting and Financial Services

Cerboni Consulting and Financial Services wants every business to be successful just as much as they do. They offer a wide array of services that can help to achieve goals.

Cerboni Consulting and Financial Services is a financial consulting firm that business owners in the hospitality and restaurant industry could rely on in terms of securing financial assets and devising ways to reduce operational costs. 

Cerboni’s services include consultations, bookkeeping, payroll solutions, taxation management, IRS auditing and resolution and business start-up and incorporation. Through these, their clients achieve a 6% reduction in labor costs. 

The mission of Cerboni is to provide professional financial advice to improve business operations. The firm employs a full-house team of certified public accountants and bookkeeping professionals who have vast experience and in-depth knowledge about tax preparations and IRS resolutions.  

Lummis Consulting Services, LLC

Lummis Consulting Services, LLC is a top-rated forensics firm. They specialize in economic damage measurement, business appraisal and financial due diligence for M&A.

Lummis Consulting Services’ specializes in providing clients with sufficient and valuable financial advice information they need in order to make informed and strategic decisions. 

They employ a group of knowledgeable and tech-savvy  taxation experts and certified accountants who can rapidly utilize their clients’ network and affiliate partners to expand during major engagements and operations. 

As a public accounting firm, LCS provides forensic accounting, business valuation, catastrophe loss accounting, financial modeling, strategic implementations, economic damage measurement, quality of earnings analysis and litigation support services to individual professionals and SMEs. 

The firm is also a trusted advisor to mid-sized businesses, stock investors and attorneys. Furthermore, the company helps their clients identify effective solutions to complex financial issues such as market volatility and rising industry competition. LCS is a certified valuation analyst and a partner of ACFE and AICPA.   

Global Taxes & Financial Consulting

Global Taxes & Financial Consulting provide a wide variety of financial and tax management services personalized to meet the needs of their clients.

A full-service accounting and tax firm, Global Taxes & Financial Accounting has been providing financial solutions since 2005, ranging from personal finance management to tax auditing. Most of their clients are SMEs and large global enterprises. But they also cater to a few startups and nonprofits. 

Global Taxes & Financial Consulting’s services include financial budgeting, financial planning, financial advising, fund savings, tax preparations, income management, bookkeeping, audit preparations and store financial management. Aside from those, they also offer business expansion consultation, streamline accounting and automated accounting. 

Serving as a strategic partner to professionals, GTFC helps businesses advance themselves by providing integrated, innovative and customer-focused solutions that enhance productivity and profitability simultaneously.  

Wasim Consulting

Wasim Consulting helps with keeping track of purchases, sales, receipt and payments made by any business. They can also prepare and file all business and/or personal reports required by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and any state or local tax collection agency including income and sales tax returns.

Wasim Consulting is a Houston-based financial consulting firm that offers financial consultation solutions to help clients utilize current financial assets. The areas they focus on are financial management, tax consultation and accounting bookkeeping services. 

These are administered by their employed certified public accountants who have vast experience in dealing with taxation issues and market forecasting. The company’s services include ERP system setup and implementation, business consulting, financial planning, tax preparation, and IRS filing. 

Wasim Consulting integrates their database with their wide network, which enables them to continue supporting their clients’ investment opportunities. Wasim Consulting is featured on Financial Advisor IQ, The Wall Street Journal and Investment News.  

Avalon Investment & Advisory

Avalon Advisors is a Houston-based independent Registered Investment Advisor offering proprietary investment management and financial advice. They offer a diverse mix of global internally managed investment strategies across the risk/return spectrum, allowing them to construct client portfolios with an emphasis on risk management.

Founded in 2001, Avalon Investment & Advisory is a financial consulting firm that offers investment and wealth asset management and financial advice to companies and individual clients. They also offer a full suite of internally managed strategies, as well as both domestic and international fixed income and equities and access to selected alternative strategies.

Avalon operates as an investment advisory firm that yields portfolio management and investment advisory services. For nearly two decades in the asset management industry, the company has been serving a wide range of clients across the country, most of which being retail companies, IT firms and banks.  

With a team composed of experts and professionals with decades of experience in tax services, internal financial audits and asset consulting projects, as well as a deep background in accountancy, trust, wealth management, and financial management, Avalon Investment & Advisory is able to meet their clients’ current and multi-generational demands and needs.  

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