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Best Financial Consulting Firms in Indianapolis, IN 2021

Financial consulting firms provide companies with professional guidance and advice to help achieve highly-efficient financial strategies, revenue maximization and overall business success. 

Professionals in the consulting industry have deep knowledge of the financial world which gives them reliable and objective insights that may not be seen in the internal workforce of the company. This helps patch gaps and shortcomings that may be present in any business, especially with regards to their forecast planning and wealth assessment procedures. 

For CFOs and other financial officers, having an outsider perspective can be the most important and crucial resource to have especially if long-term success is prioritized. 

This is backed up by a study which states that the industry’s value in the U.S. alone has reached $248 billion, and is expected to increase further due to the growing need of companies to work closely with a consulting firm. Thus, it makes sense for businesses and individual clients to hire a professional consulting agency to secure funds and maximize wealth. 

Here are a few of the best financial consulting firms in Indianapolis, Indiana.  

Best Financial Consulting Firms in Indianapolis, IN 2021

Bedel Financial

Bedel Financial Consulting is a comprehensive, fee-only wealth management firm for all generations. Using a score of either positive, negative or neutral, they assign a value to each of these and are able to combine the results and reflect the overall measure that we see today.

Founded in 1989, Bedel Financial Consulting is a comprehensive wealth management firm that is dedicated to guiding and helping clients attain financial security and clarity. Bedel Financial and its fee-only and client-first approach has put them at the forefront. This enabled them to manage nearly $1 billion in assets. 

They employ experienced professional certified financial planners and chartered financial analysts. The company provides financial management services including retirement planning, wealth management, financial planning, college funding, charitable gifting, tax planning, insurance planning, estate planning, retirement plan consulting, institutional services, multi-generational planning and financial education and literacy.  

The firm is included in’s Top 25 Women-Owned Registered Investment Advisors in the country.   

Somerset CPAs and Advisors

Somerset CPAs and Advisors are an Indianapolis-based accounting, tax and advisory team of forward-thinking, proactive experts with over 55 years in the business. They believe that the key to helping others in achieving goals doesn’t come from just their experience and knowledge -- but through their continued focus on developing strong client relationships.

Somerset CPAs and Advisors is an accounting firm that serves clients with the necessary services, resources and technical knowledge in order to attain a stable and secure financial status. 

Since their founding in 1960, the firm has been providing financial services such as audit, business succession planning, consulting, employee benefits and financial planning. Their most popular services are forensic accounting, incentives management, litigation support, restructuring and turnaround, technology solutions and valuations. 

The company specializes in offering personalized financial solutions to companies belonging to the construction, dealerships, private business, healthcare, manufacturing, non-profit and real estate sectors.  

National Financial Group

National Financial Group is committed to helping clients pursue their personal, business, financial goals and objectives. Their process is comprehensive and straightforward. They begin by assessing and analyzing your current situation and listening closely to future goals, desires and objectives.

Committed to helping its clients pursue their financial, personal and business goals, the National Financial Group offers a comprehensive and straightforward process in developing strategies that help clients obtain sound financial guidance and strategies supporting.  

National Financial Group’s suite of services includes insurance solutions, investment management, pension planning, capital accumulation strategies, investment strategy implementation and monitoring and business planning. Meanwhile, startups and non-profit organizations usually seek out their buy-sell agreements, business succession plans and business continuity plan solutions. 

Since 1991, National Financial Groups has been providing financial strategies to its wide clientele, including various business owners in large companies, small businesses, professional practitioners, schools and private individuals. Their pool of experts is equipped with CFP designations, CLU designations, and degrees in marketing, finance and business.   

Creative Financial Group

Creative Financial Group helps create retirement income strategies for people in or nearing retirement so their retirement income lasts as long as they do. They are an independent financial services firm helping individuals create retirement strategies using a variety of investment and insurance products to custom suit their needs and objectives.

Creative Financial Group is a financial services firm that helps individuals develop retirement strategies through the use of a wide variety of insurance and investment products that cater to unique financial objectives and needs. 

Creative Financial Group employs financial professionals who are dedicated to providing the best financial solutions such as retirement income strategies, investments, asset protection strategies and life insurance. 

Their most sought-put services are tax management, long-term care strategies, IRA legacy planning, probates, charitable giving strategies, estate planning and tax planning. The company is a BBB-accredited business and has a rating of A+. 

Creative Financial Group is featured in Fox, Kiplinger and 6 News HD.  

Legacy Consultants Group

Legacy Consultants Group believes that legacy isn’t just about the money we leave behind. It’s about the values we leave behind. They partner with families to help them uncover the “why” behind the decisions they make about money.

Legacy Consultants Group is a financial consulting firm that specializes in helping clients have a better grasp of their financial situations for them to effectively manage wealth and resources. 

The Indianapolis-based agency employs experienced legal, tax planning and business professionals who have expertise in wealth management, retirement planning, family protection, educational funding and estate planning strategies. Through this, they are able to help businesses and individual clients achieve financial freedom without the need of availing additional loans. 

Their main offered services are business succession planning, long-term care insurance, disability income insurance, financial analysis and financial consulting. Legacy Consultants group is licensed to sell insurance and securities products in Maryland, Pennsylvania and Indiana.  

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