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Best Financial Consulting Firms in Jacksonville, FL 2021

For individuals and organizations managing large sums of money, keeping a routine track on their wealth while managing their spending and taxes efficiently becomes a challenge because of the high amounts and various assets involved.

Such organizations would have an easier time with a financial consultant, who provides a neutral perspective on their wealth and a strategy on how to manage it. Surveys have shown the niche role the consultants play and the high amounts involved. It is also important for businesses to choose the right consultant who will ably manage their financial goals according to their preferences. 

The survey also indicated that financial uncertainties push more and more people into opting for financial consultants, whose experience can offer solutions that help soften the damage arising from irregularities in financial markets, through various measures such as insuring high-value assets and diversification.

Jacksonville has a host of such firms, here are some of the best of them.

Best Financial Consulting Firms in Jacksonville, FL 2021


Primerica offers various financial services including the key Financial Needs Analysis (FNA), which is complimentary, confidential and customized for every client.

Primerica is a multinational marketing and financial services firm that spun off from the global banking giant Citigroup in 2010. It offers services that help clients have a better understanding of their financial position.

One of the firm's key services is the Financial Needs Analysis (FNA), which can be customized to understand the way clients can manage their money and spend it efficiently to maximize returns. FNA also gives a broad overview of current fiscal positions and implements strategies for spending security. 

Besides financial strategies, the firm also covers insurance and has many such products for clients, including term insurances that are priced at varying levels based on needs and affordability. It aims to help clients invest for better and consistent gains for both short-term and long-term goals.

Heritage Financial and Fiduciary Services

Heritage Financial & Fiduciary Services provides a wide variety of services to help organize and manage day-to-day and future financial responsibilities.

Heritage Financial & Fiduciary Services caters to financial services personalized for individual clients, which are confidential and help its clients organize and strategize their financial positions efficiently and manage fiscal spending effectively. It also looks after clients' assets and has services to protect and insure them.

The firm specializes in acting as an advisor trusted with the services of managing the finances for affluent individuals and other and high net worth clients.It has expertise in estate planning, organizing, tax planning, bookkeeping, preparing accounting and guardianship services and works with individuals who have over 150 years of collective experience financial services

The firm has acted as a financial advisor for over 250 clients, taking care of responsibilities such as investing finances in the right places and ensuring spending is done efficiently. It also handles payment of bills and protection of legal documents. It also offers standalone advisory services such as recommending the right places to spend or invest and recommending them to clients.

Paragon Wealth Strategies

Paragon Wealth Advisors is a certified financial advisor that has partnered with various institutional custodians to protect and invest in client assets.

Paragon Wealth Advisors was established in 2004 and is a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and fiduciary firm. The firm has a registration with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission and has also partnered with financial services giant Fidelity for custody services of client assets. 

All of its advisors have the Certified Financial Planner certification with many even possession additional professional certifications. All of its clients' funds are kept with institutional partners for safety and also for better investment choices. The institutional partnership also provides the highest level of protection compliant with the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC).

Clients also get statements every month and can view their accounts with Paragon around the clock and are kept abreast of the most effective financial actions to take is for fiscal stability. Clients also get financial planning services on a proactive and continuous basis aligned with their goals. Progress of these planning services are constantly monitored and changed according to situations.

First Coast Financial Group

First Coast Financial Group offers advisory services and insurance and investment plans to generate a cohesive strategy to help address clients' financial needs.

First Coast Financial Group is financial services firm that works towards building strategies for financial savings with various products in insurance and investments customized for clients' fiscal goals. The firm offers advisory services in investments via Brookstone Capital Management, though it works independently to make them compatible with individual client objectives.

Its annual guarantee programs are secured by the size and strength of the partnerships it has formed with the issuing companies. It has a team of professionals who help generate a cohesive strategy to help address clients' financial needs and concerns.

The firm works on helping making assets generate incomes through strategies for wealth management and its insurance services protect assets with plans for tax efficiencies. It also offers estate planning services and has reference plans for clients who want expertise on specific financial management programs.

The Inman Company

The Inman Company offers M&A consulting services with deal sizes ranging from tens of millions to a billion dollars in value.

The Inman Company and its world-wide team of consultants come with hundreds of years of experience in mergers and acquisitions in both domestic and foreign markets, besides serving as members of many Boards in large companies. 

The firm has advised and closed various deals between companies that range from tens of millions to a billion dollars in value since its inception in 1979 across various sectors in the North American market. 

It manages the deal process throughout all stages of completion in a responsible and patient manner through a combination of experience, expertise and personal service. This helps the firm solve the complex problems involved in deal making and helps clients get win-win solutions.

Since the firm is not affiliated to any other organization or has a stake in any of them, it can advice clients in an unbiased manner and avoid all conflicts of interest. Besides M&A advising, the firm also assists clients in financing both debt and equity assets and offers strategic consulting too.

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