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Best Financial Consulting Firms in Los Angeles, CA 2021

In today's highly volatile financial and economic climate, businesses and organizations are compelled to partner with financial consulting organizations to provide their companies with better and more efficient services while reducing costs.

To finance officers and executives, highly experienced and expert advice from a third-party finance consulting firm can be the life-support of companies as they don’t only help in terms of providing guidance and necessary aid, but their objectivity can also be the key to solving a company’s issues.  

According to a study, the financial advisory industry is worth $67 billion. This is expected to double or even triple in the next decade due to the ever-growing reliance of companies for professional financial consultation services. 

While the sector continually grows to become a much bigger and competitive landscape, companies are also finding it difficult to find a firm that best caters to their specific needs.  

Here is a list of the best financial consulting firms in Los Angeles, CA.  

Best Financial Consulting Firms in Los Angeles, CA 2021

8020 Consulting

8020 Consulting offers expert finance consulting services in Los Angeles for a range of analytical and reporting projects under the CFO office. They also have deep experience in media, entertainment, emerging growth and technology, real estate and consumer products.

8020 Consulting applies the technical expertise, intellectual capital, and team dynamics of their pool of experts in addressing a wide range of financial projects for clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to venture-backed and middle-market firms. 

A company of, by, and for finance people, their thoroughness in research and data gathering around projects and precision in processes allow them to provide the best financial outcomes for their clients. 

Their suite of financial solutions includes product and customer analytics, e-marketing, financial integration, financial systems, transactional due diligence support, project management, financial reporting, restructuring and financial planning. 

Clients trust 8020 Consulting’s expertise due to their combination of experience, credentials and intelligence that their experts bring to each project.  

L.A. Financial Management

L.A. Financial Management provides accounting and financial services to support business operations and performance. Their passion is supporting small businesses and their owners’ successes by fully utilizing their financial data so their operational decisions are grounded in financial data and designed for growth.

As a firm that focuses on business operations, L.A. Financial Management provides accounting and financial services to support business performance and operations. Their company aims to have a grasp of what makes their clients’ businesses tick. They do this by their financial data to help them have highly-strategic and informed operational decisions. 

L.A. Financial Management offers services such as accounting and bookkeeping, account reconciliation, AP processing, application review and evaluation, budget planning and management, business planning, financial statement preparation and other financial management services.  

With accountants who have experience in working with Fortune 500 companies, L.A. Financial Management also has a background in working in a non-profit sector, performing business operations and fiscal practices for over 200 small business owners in Los Angeles. Their company is also a certified ProAdvisor from QuickBooks.  

Cornerstone Research

Cornerstone Research is an economic consulting firm providing financial analysis and expert testimony in all phases of commercial litigation and regulatory proceedings.

For over 30 years, Cornerstone Research has provided financial and economic analysis in all parts of regulatory proceedings and commercial litigation. With a broad network of professionals and experts, as well as high-level faculty and industry individuals who collaborate with each other, their company is able to yield expert solutions in accounting, finance, economics, marketing and litigation processes. 

Cornerstone Research’s services include helping clients identify key business, economic and financial issues to address, and guiding them to determine the kinds of data collection, witnesses, analyses and research needed. 

They also help examine every client’s case to identify the best and most effective expert witnesses that help companies in depositions and court trials. Their team of consultants and experts aid attorneys for objective assessments that arise in situations involving corporate failure, misconduct or regulatory non-compliance.  

Financial International

Financial International has been responsible for providing outstanding client service. Their regular clients particularly value the individual, "one on one" attention as well as the thoroughness in addressing their particular issue.

Established in 1992, Financial International has been providing client services, especially in areas of financial services, real estate representations, insurance, mortgage financing, federal and state income tax preparation.  

Their services include insurance services, risk management & mitigation, needs analysis, wealth management, consolidating debt, life insurance, disability insurance, health insurance, retirement preparation, individual tax filing, business organization tax filings, financial analysis, and other solutions concerning real estate, insurance, accounting, credit and finance. 

Financial International is committed to helping its clients find the best services and informed decisions when it comes to solving financial conundrums and banking problems. Their company acknowledges every client’s unique needs; thus, they have a hands-on approach to best design a solution that accommodates individual needs. 

FTI Consulting

FTI Consulting's services are designed to help clients get the most out of their efforts, so their information governance investments can do more than secure data.

Dedicated to helping organizations manage change, resolve disputes, and mitigate risks, FTI Consulting is an independent global business advisory firm that solves problems concerning financial, operational, legal, political, reputational and transactional issues. 

With professionals located and spread throughout the globe, FTI works closely with clients in helping them anticipate and solve complex business challenges. FTI Consulting’s services include corporate finance & restructuring, business transformation, turnaround, data and analytics, strategic communications and e-discovery consulting. 

They serve industries such as aerospace and defense, agriculture, aviation, automotive, construction, energy, retail and telecommunications. FTI Consulting is also included in the 2018f Consulting Magazine’sBest Firms to Work For.  

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