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Best Financial Consulting Firms in Phoenix, AZ 2021

What most business owners do is handle their own finances to save costs and avoid spilling sensitive information to others. That is true in some sense, but not entirely. Working with a financial consulting firm might be an additional expense, but it’s a worthy investment knowing that the spent money is earned back in the long run. 

First off, is the reduction of long-term expenses because of the more efficient management of financial assets. Consultants help businesses find new ways of acquiring leads and cutting down costs in the best way possible. They help companies keep track of taxation, secure funding and deal with bad credit in order to boost revenues. Aside from that, financial consultants also help businesses save time as they take care of the entire financial-related aspects of the company. 

According to a study, the financial consultancy industry manages around $10 trillion worth of financial assets around the globe. This shows that businesses are highly-dependent on professional consultants to ensure that all revenue streams are well taken care of. 

To ensure utmost corporate success by handling finances in the most proper of ways, business owners need to hire a reliable financial consulting company. 

Here are a few of the best-performing financial consulting firms in Phoenix, Arizona.  

Best Financial Consulting Firms in Phoenix, AZ 2021

TFO Phoenix

TFO Phoenix's wealth and purpose approach suits families that have a long-term vision and are looking for holistic, independent advice to help them create a path to use their wealth in a way that is meaningful to them.

TFO Phoenix is a financial consulting firm that specializes in dealing with traditional wealth planning. The agency analyzes the current financial situation of their clients and uses obtained data to create measures that ensure long-term success. 

They do this by discussing with their clients effective strategies to reduce costs and safeguard assets. Their target market are families and small businesses that require professional help in dealing with wealth management. 

These are done with the help of their accountants, bookkeepers and financial analysts who work closely with their clients to achieve customized results. They offer wealth planning, tax consulting and compliance, estate fighting and philanthropic services. 

The company is included in the 2019 Financial Times Top 300 Registered Investment Advisers and 2018 Financial Times Best Places to Work. TFO Phoenix is also featured in Phoenix Business Journal’s Wealth Management Table of Experts.  


APFC Inc finance all types of insurance policies, from personal auto policies to most commercial policies. Their customers pay by the month for their insurance with their financing.

APFC is a financial management firm that helps businesses and individual families to ensure proper wealth assessment. They have been in the industry since 1984, and since then have catered to supporting the financial needs of companies and residential households. 

Additionally, we provide complete servicing of Vehicle Service Contracts (VSC) and Vehicle Warranty Programs.  We will tailor a payment plan for your VSC or Warranty Policy program. Their main focus is on helping clients pay insurance premium through financing. 

The services they offer are assigned risk management, financial contracting and commercial premium solutions. They also service vehicle contracts and vehicle warranty programs with the help of their certified public accountants, professional bookkeepers and market analysts.  

AML Right Source

AML RightSource is the leading firm solely focused on Anti-Money Laundering (AML)/ Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) and financial crime compliance solutions.

AML RightSource is an AML and financial crimes compliance solutions firm that focuses on solving financial issues brought by breaches, anomalies and internal corporate mismanagement. 

They employ a team of highly-trained BSA and AML professionals who help banks and non-banking financial institutions keep up with regular compliance tasks. The main services they offer are transaction monitoring, alert backlog management, fraud solutions, financial crimes advisory and enhances due diligence reviews. 

They have over 1,000 analysts who specialize in various financial subject matters. AML Right Source has received multiple awards over the years, two of the most notable ones are making it to the 2016 WeatherHead 100 and 2019 Inc 5000 list.  

Hatton Consulting

Hatton Consulting act as a fiduciary to their customer, putting their interests ahead of their own, and their charge on a fee-only basis, eschewing commissions and third-party sales to remain free of conflicts of interest.

Founded in 1999, Hatton Consulting is a one-stop shop for companies seeking private wealth management and investment consultancy services. They focus on creating profitable relationships with clients using their accurate and diverse experience in financial management. 

The firm approaches asset monitoring by creating a systematic road map that analyzes current operations and patterning it to more efficient bookkeeping and tax compliance methodologies. 

The main services they offer are retirement planning, investment management, income tax planning, estate planning, insurance and social security. Meanwhile, Hatton Consulting’s usual clientele are business owners, retirees and widows.  

The Foresight Companies

The Foresight Companies is a funeral home consulting firm specializing in funeral home and cemetery valuations, merger and acquisitions, accounting and human resource management.

The Foresight Companies is a leading financial consulting firm for cemeteries and funerals that develops strategies which help these businesses attain higher revenue and a regular income stream. 

With more than 30 years of experience in the funeral and cemetery industry, the firm has developed fruitful relationships with reputable leaders in the sector. This gives them an advantage over other regular consultancy firms, using their specialized financial consultation niche. 

The services they offer are strategic business analysis, business financing, funeral service accounting, market research, accounts receivable management, human resource management and expert witness solutions.  

Edward Jones

Edward Jones has consistently been ranked among the best companies to work for by FORTUNE magazine, and their employees tend to stay with them for years. They attribute a great deal of their success to their principles and personal, long-term approach to investing.

Serving nearly seven million investors across the country, Edward Jones is considered as a leader in the financial services industry due to their personalized approach to business management. Founded in 1922, Edward Jones has since expanded and has developed a comprehensive suite of investment products and services that clients need for financial success.  

Edward Jones’ convenient financial services include wealth management and strategies, retirement planning, education planning, stocks, bonds and mutual funds portfolio management, cash management solutions, insurance and cash and credit solutions.  

With decades of experience, Edward Jones has received multiple recognitions including being ranked among the best companies to work for by Fortune Magazine. Their company also has impressive employee retention, proving them to be among the most nurturing companies.  

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