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Best Financial Consulting Firms in San Antonio, TX 2021

Financial assets are the core of any business which is why it is vital to safeguard them in the best way possible. This can be achieved with the help of professional financial consulting firms.

These companies assist businesses in managing finances that relate to current tangible and intangible assets, investments and forecasted market strategies, all of which leads to higher revenues. 

Aside from the improved profitability businesses get, financial consultation also helps in solving corporate issues such as mismanaged investments and inefficient processes with the help of accurate accounting and market analysis, all while avoiding tax complications. 

According to a study, the financial consulting industry is expanding 10% to 30% annually. Many analysts expect this to further increase as more companies require the need for an independent finance department that will solely focus on corporate financial matters. 

To achieve all these benefits, business owners can invest in a financial consulting agency. 

Here are a few of the best financial consulting firms in San Antonio, Texas.  

Best Financial Consulting Firms in San Antonio, TX 2021

Larsen Financial Management

Larsen Financial Management is a San Antonio and Austin wealth management company that focuses on active risk management and customized financial planning.

Larsen Financial Management is a professional financial advisory company that focuses on providing customized investment and wealth management solutions that help companies and professionals secure their assets for the long-term. 

The firm employs certified tax professionals and expert accountants that provide financial strategy solutions that boost business revenue and speed up ROI. The main services they offer are payroll processing, bookkeeping and tax preparation. They also optimize cash flows and provide clear advisory help to clients. 

Larsen’s clients mostly come from the finance, medical and professional services industries. They also cater to individuals requiring sound financial advice.  

Torres Financial

Torres Financial's products include investment and retirements accounts, retirement and financial planning, as well as insurance plans. They are an independent financial advisor with a client-centered, not product-driven focus.

Torres Financial Services is a financial advisory firm that specializes in helping businesses and individuals achieve their financial goals through a professional and systematic monetary and asset management process. 

They employ a team of certified accountants, taxation experts and professional bookkeepers to ensure all financial assets and market trends are well-taken care of. Their main services revolve around tax preparation, financial accounting, bookkeeping, insurance and financial planning. 

These solutions are administered by a highly-trained team that approaches the process in a systematic manner to reduce costs. Torres Financial has been awarded the Five Star Professional Wealth Manager award for seven straight years, from 2012 to 2018. They are also certified by FINRA.  


UBS Financial Advisor can help prepare in financial life for today, tomorrow and generations to come. Their customers can stay focused on what matters most, no matter what the markets are doing.

UBS is a multinational financial corporation that operates in more than 50 countries. They specialize in providing wealth management solutions of top-tier corporations and VIP individuals in and around the country. 

The firm integrates their financial management services with high-technology processes to ensure utmost security and precision in dealing with sensitive accounts. 

Delivering insightful and professional asset advice are a few of their biggest strengths. Banking, financial planning, stock investment, CIO research and corporate financial solutions are some of their most popular services.  

PAX Financial Group

PAX Financial Group gives full-service advice from non-commissioned fiduciary advisors who are passionate about investing in their customers life.

PAX Financial Group is a pioneering financial consulting firm in the San Antonio area that specializes in professional financial advisory solutions for local and national companies. Their main goal is to help their clients achieve financial success with the help of accurate accounting, proper tax management and financial security methods. 

The services they provide are financial assessment, investment management and corporate insurance. They offer this by creating an all-inclusive pricing to ensure cost-efficiency. 

Their clients are mostly startups and SMEs belonging to the retail, finance and business services sectors. PAX Financial Group is included in the 2013 and 2017 Inc. Magazine’s Fastest Growing Private Companies.  


Merrill is a financial advisory, wealth management and investment banking firm backed by U.S. banking giant Bank of America

Merrill offers financial advisory services backed by the U.S. financial giant and Fortune 500 company Bank of America. Its main function besides investment banking is to advise clients on the best investments, backed by quality research and a vast experience of the markets. 

The firm caters to business clients, governments, institution and non-profits besides individuals and small businesses offering them advice on financial goals and on specific products such as insurance and taxation. It aims to provide the best investment solutions that add to clients' wealth. 

The firm was bought out by Bank of America during the financial crisis of 2008 and has since operated together offering various investment banking and wealth management for clients.

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