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Best Financial Consulting Firms in San Francisco, CA 2021

Businesses need to ensure that all financial assets and resources are fully utilized and are maintained in the best possible way. This can be achieved with the help of financial consulting firms.

Not only do they provide professional advice and guidance to companies, but they also ensure that businesses won’t go bankrupt and the chances of achieving success through higher revenues and proper management of assets are more likely. 

According to a study, the financial consultation industry increases at a rate of 5% every year and is expected to reach a value of $300 billion. This means that more businesses are starting to discover the many benefits they can get from working with a financial consulting firm. 

These companies are composed of certified public accountants, finance experts and marketing analysts who have gained advanced education, skills and experience in managing wealth and putting all corporate assets in the best places. This helps businesses achieve greater revenue and reduce expenses which helps further expand the business. 

It is then vital for companies to work with a financial consulting agency to achieve all these benefits and ensure corporate success in the long-term. 

Below are a few of the best financial consulting firms in San Francisco, California.  

Best Financial Consulting Firms in San Francisco, CA 2021

Global Key Advisors

Global Key Advisors is a global asset manager committed to innovation underpinned by extensive research in the approaches they pursue. Their approach is differentiated by a focus on identifying and refining overlooked data sources offering insight for statistically driven strategies.

Global Key Advisors is a financial consulting firm that specializes in extensive market research that is designed to help clients improve financial status through proper utilization of resources. The goal of the firm is to lower the operational costs of companies without compromising performance and output quality. 

They approach their services by identifying key factors that affect revenue streams and translating them over to statistical insights that will help create strategies. 

The services they offer are core portfolio development, investment management and financial planning. These are usually offered to startups and SMEs from the tech, finance and retail industries.  

Mercer Advisors

Mercer Advisors helps their customers with all aspects of their financial life. Their team of CPAs, CFP® professionals and lawyers come together to support relationship manager, helping to navigate the ups and downs of the market, changing tax laws, early retirement, college bills, and so much more.

Mercer Advisors is considered as one of the best wealth management firms in San Francisco that helps companies improve financial status through customized financial management, market strategization, proactive tax preparation, estate consultation and family and corporate trustee services. 

They approach all these with the help of their experienced team of accountants, marketing analysts and professional bookkeepers. Aside from those, the firm also helps their clients navigate through financial challenges by tackling issues connected with changed tax laws, early retirement, college bills and personal bills. 

Mercer Advisors is a distinguished financial consulting company after receiving numerous awards such as the 2019 Barron's Top RIA, 2020 Private Asset Management and 2019 Industry awards.  


BakerAvenue's goal is to create an impact by supporting their customers and the community they share. They do so by delivering intelligent wealth management strategies while fostering initiatives that catalyze positive societal change.

BakerAvenue is a financial consulting firm which has been serving companies of all sizes since 2004. They are positioned as a wealth management agency that specializes in financial planning and proper taxation to improve corporate operational expenses and help individual families and foundations ensure wealth security. 

The company has their own investment strategies that they customize for every client they work with. Their aim is to reduce costs and get rid of unnecessary expenses through proper financial planning and wealth utilization. 

Their most sought out services are tax management, retirement settlement, philanthropic management, multi-generational plans and asset management. BakerAvenue is a signatory of the US Green Building Council and Principle for Responsible Investment.  

ClearPath Capital

ClearPath Capital is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of innovators and entrepreneurs.ClearPath Capital helps secure, preserve and grow the wealth of the tech pioneers.

A full service financial consulting firm, ClearPath has been helping companies in and around San Francisco achieve financial independence by providing wealth planning solutions with the help of their certified public accountants who have access to the latest effective financial planning strategies. 

The company provides deep financial analysis filled with statistical data and forecasted graphics to help businesses devise the right plan of action. The firm’s clients are mostly retail and finance companies as well as non-profit organizations. 

ClearPath Capital has been featured in NASDAQ, Reuters, Wall Street Journal, Barron's, Market Watch  


Prudential offers Life Insurance, Annuities, Mutual Funds, Group Insurance, Retirement Services, Investment Management and other financial services to help solve today's financial challenges.

Prudential is a global financial company that specializes in delivering financial solutions that are designed to maximize their clients’ financial stability and achieve higher revenue figures. The firm is composed of over 1,000 employees who are well-versed in advanced financial management, market forecasting and operational wealth management. 

The firm uses the latest technologies in managing statistical figures and helping forecast trends to create success-geared strategies and plans concerning the usage of wealth. They provide a wide assortment of services related to wealth management such as financial education, structured settlements and life insurance. 

However, their most popular services are financial accounting, retirement plans and tax preparation and consultations. Prudential’s clientele are a mix of startups, large enterprises, families and individual clients.  

Land Home Financial Services

Land Home Financial Services has been helping people achieve their homeownership dream since 1988. They believe in the importance of personal relationships, especially when it comes to home and financial security.

Land Home Financial Services is a leading direct lender and financial consulting firm that provides professional financial advice and lending solutions to businesses and individual clients. The firm is licensed across all 50 states and employs CPAs and marketing analysts who provide clients with financial growth, stability and sustainability.

Since 1988, Land Home Financial has been providing automatic VA lending and FHA manufactured home loans. 

The firm is also an Equal Housing Opportunity Lender and is licensed by the CA Department of Business Oversight, NYS Department of Financial Services and the Better Business Bureau. Land Home Financial Services is a recipient of the Platinum Level of Mortgage Industry Cybersecurity Certification.  

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