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Best Financial Consulting Firms in San Jose, CA 2021

Considering today's highly volatile and competitive economic and financial environment, businesses of all sizes are required to work with third-party consulting firms in order to provide their companies with professional and expert guidance when it comes to financial decisions.

From solutions and services concerning human resource, financials, taxation, operations and business processes, financial consultants have now become a staple to almost every business. In fact, the number of companies that are working closely with financial consulting firms have risen over the past five years. 

According to a report, the industry revenue is increasing by 1.7% annually, and that figure is forecasted to increase further in the coming years. This shows that more businesses are discovering the many benefits they can get from consulting firms. 

Not only do they provide professional guidance on financial matters, but they also ensure overall operational success of any business as well as help in marketing the products to a greater demographic. 

With the rise of so many financial consulting firms, deciding which one to partner with can be difficult. 

To help business owners, below is a list of the best financial consulting firms in San Diego, California.  

Best Financial Consulting Firms in San Jose, CA 2021

Investy Financial Services

Investy Financial Services is a firm that offers a variety of products and services such as 401K, IRA, SEP IRA Investment, Medicare, Insurance and Tax to help on reaching goals.

Investy Financial Services is an independent financial consulting firm that provides a wide range of personalized financial products and solutions for individuals, businesses and families from different financial backgrounds and needs.  

As a tax preparation service provider and an insurance agent, Investy Financial services offer solutions such as wealth management, asset forecasting and financial analysis which features 401K, SEP IRA and fixed interest characteristics. They also offer Medicare supplement and advantage, tax preparation and tax planning. 

Investy Financial Services provides expert financial guidance and products that help them elevate their financial status, and lead them to successful financial outcomes.  

Wellspring Consulting

Wellspring Consulting offers the analytical strength of for-profit business consulting, delivered by fellow travelers who share the commitment to creating social good.

An independent wealth management firm founded in 1996, Wellspring Consulting is a financial consulting firm that offers advice and financial planning solutions for businesses. Their team of expert CPAs and financial analysts work closely with clients in managing and developing financial plans by optimizing services and solutions that best meet the client’s financial needs. 

Wellspring Consulting’s team possesses a diverse proficiency in all areas of wealth management such as in retirement, tax, education, investment, asset protection, insurance, business and philanthropic pursuits. They also offer a full-service suite of solutions that concerns insurance and planning services.  

Wellspring Consulting has received many awards including the World Outstanding Chinese Award in 2007 and the International Dragon Award’s Platinum Award in Korea.  

Gateway Financial Advisors

Gateway Financial Advisors approach is personalized for every person, every situation and every opportunity they encounter. They care about each and every relationship and use a personalized approach to focus on growing, conserving and protecting every wealth.

Focusing on investment management and comprehensive financial planning services, Gateway Financial Advisors is a financial firm that offers services to individuals, small business owners and families. 

Gateway Financial utilizes the latest technologies and methodologies in providing referrals, recommendations, wealth management services and sound financial advice to help clients reach their financial goals. 

The services they provide are retirement planning, education planning, charitable strategies, estate and legacy planning, tax strategies, risk tolerance-based investment strategies, insurance management, business planning and business profitability modeling. 

Gateway Financial Advisors is led by a team of professional certified financial experts who have deep experience in dealing with personalized services that best cater to clients with unique needs. 

Their team is also composed of former finance executives and independent advisors who are all equipped with the most advanced planning tools to ensure that clients receive the best consulting possible.  

Whitaker Financial Services

Whitaker Financial Services is covering all personal and business needs. Their convenient website allows their customer to request insurance quotes twenty-four hours a day. Their valued customers can also service their policies at any time, day or night.

Equipped with a staff that has over 30 years of experience in providing professional insurance and financial services, Whitaker Financial Services helps businesses plan ahead using strategies. 

Whitaker Financial Services’ array of solutions includes day-to-day benefits administration, alternative funding options, flexible spending accounts, COBRA administration, identification of industry trends, employee communication strategies and employee meeting strategies. They also guide companies to achieve better company performance through proactive service, communication strategies, strategic planning and utilization of web-based technology. 

The company is compliant with both ERISA and ACA guidelines. Whitaker Financial works on a referral basis and has the capabilities and technology to design business continuation and employee benefits plans for businesses.  

Towne Advisory Services

Towne Advisory Services Corp. works with both large and small companies across a wide variety of industries. Their mission is to enable their clients to achieve outstanding results in their businesses with objective and rigorous data analysis and valuations.

Guided with the mission of providing their clients and partners with services that enable them to achieve results in their businesses, Towne Advisory Services specializes in data analysis and valuation to offer performance-based business valuation and financial consulting solutions.  

Their services include litigation support, succession planning, tax planning and compliance, acquisition and exit strategies, asset analysis, financial reporting, dispute resolution, buy-sell agreements, stock options, forensic accounting, risk assessment, operational benchmarking and business growth support services. 

Towne Advisory works with various companies and individuals mostly from the finance, tech, retail and healthcare industries. They have displayed satisfactory results for previous clients such as Vista Solar, Sapphire Ventures and EnviroCam. Their affiliations include ABV Business Valuation, CFF, CalCPA Education Foundation and AICPA.   

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