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Best Financial Consulting Firms in Washington, DC 2021

Securing corporate wealth and ensuring all assets are taken care of are crucial to the success of any company, organization or personal welfare.

In line with this, the financial consulting industry has employed more than 1.7 million employees in the U.S. alone. Analysts expect this number to rise further due to the ever-growing need of companies to work with professional financial advisers. 

Financial consulting firms greatly contribute to a business’s success because of their expert and highly objective insights geared towards achieving financial objectives and goals. Not only do they help executives devise sound strategies to maximize revenues, but they also support campaigns that secure wealth through profitable investments. This way, businesses and organizations can avoid bankruptcy and unnecessary expenses. 

To experience all these benefits and achieve financial bliss, it is wise for business owners and individual clients to hire a financial consulting agency. 

Below are some of the most reputable financial consulting firms in Washington, DC.  

Best Financial Consulting Firms in Washington, DC 2021

Farr, Miller & Washington Investment Counsel

Farr, Miller & Washington Investment Counsel was founded in 1996 and is a 100% employee-owned investment management firm headquartered in Washington, DC.

Founded in 1996, Farr, Miller & Washington Investment Counsel is an employee-owned investment management firm based in Washington that serves clients with appropriate and necessary investment strategies to help them achieve financial freedoms. 

Their clients include high-net-worth individual investors and huge corporations, foundations, pension plans and endowments.  

The company develops investment policy statements that help manage wealth efficiency and secure funds for expansion campaigns. They also have investment products such as large-cap growth equity, fixed income, small/mid-cap core equity and ETF’s. 

Farr, Miller & Washington has received recognition from The Financial Times for being one of the Top Financial Advisers in the country. This proves the company’s expertise in asset management, asset growth, compliance record, online accessibility and credentials.  

The Cypress Group

The Cypress Group is a strategic advisory and advocacy firm that counsels clients on public policy risk and opportunity, designs strategic plans around those risks and opportunities, and assists in executing on those plans.

The Cypress Group is a strategic advisory and advocacy firm that counsels clients on public policy risks and opportunities. They specialize in designing strategic plans based on the current risks and opportunities while providing clients with the necessary assistance in executing those strategies and plans. 

Drawing from diverse expertise in business, law, and government, The Cypress Group is able to provide sound and well-informed strategies to its wide clientele, composed mainly of finance, retail, tech, food and healthcare companies. 

The company supports institutional investors, corporate managers, and trade associations using actionable insights into public policy issues. They do this by offering financial services, capital markets, housing finance, tax planning and management and energy and special situations solutions. 

Their most notable clients include Prudential, New York Life, MetLife and CNA.  

Mews Company

Mews Company compiles Digests of macroeconomic information tailored for specific needs. Custom Macroeconomic Digests have a one-page, concise format.

Established in 1987, Mews Company compiles digests of macroeconomic data that are tailored for unique and specific needs. They specialize in tracking multiple macroeconomic sources for updates and revisions, and makes them viable for researchers, academics, financial officers, executives, business managers, policy-makers and investors.  

The company serves a diverse clientele by obtaining specific and reliable economic data needed to best understand their agencies and businesses. This enables them to improve communication channels with clients. 

Mews Company also identifies their clients’ requisite data sources and designs a personalized macroeconomic worksheet to suit their immediate needs. Their company also offers consultation, research, portfolio analysis and strategic planning services. 

Mews Company is led by professionals with a Ph.D. in international economics, M.B.A in management, M.P.A in government, Bachelor's degree in Mathematics and background in law. These educational attainments enable them to serve sophisticated and well-researched results to their clients.  

Steward Partners Global Advisory

Steward Partners Global Advisory is a leading independent private financial services firm, with professionals focused on client service and delivering multifaceted financial solutions to those they work with and their families.

Steward Partners Global Advisory is a full-service, employee-owned financial consulting firm that delivers full-wealth management solutions. They cater mainly to families, institutions and multi-generational investors. 

Since 2013, Steward Partners Global Advisory has been offering services such as wealth management, institutional consulting, asset management, international and business advisory, lending strategies, insurance planning, professional asset management, brokerage account funds and other cash and investment solutions.  

They also provide boutique concierge services, exceptional client experience and customized financial solutions. The firm operates with more than 15 active branches across the country.  

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