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Best HR Consulting Firms in Charlotte, NC 2021

A company’s life force is its employees. Without them, the company and the business as a whole will cease to function. Thus, it is vital to hire the best-fit employees to ensure the utmost efficiency and productivity within the company. 

There are a number of ways to do this, but the best method is by hiring an HR consulting firm. They help recruit the right employees who are a perfect match and fit the specific job description. 

HR consultants can also help improve employee retention, which in turn reduces turnover cost for the company and helps save money. They do this by also preserving workplace integrity by solving employee disputes and workspace issues. 

Aside from those, working with an HR consultation agency also provides better employee satisfaction because there is a dedicated department that is solely focused on ensuring their welfare. 

In line with this, a study states that the HR consulting industry is generating $31 billion annually, with the figure continuously increasing as more businesses are discovering the many benefits they can get from HR consultation. Hence, it is wise for business owners to seek professional help from HR consulting agencies. 

Below are some of the best HR consulting firms in Charlotte, North Carolina.  

Best HR Consulting Firms in Charlotte, NC 2021


PEO Focus is an assembly of professionals who have worked in the PEO, Employee Benefits, Payroll, Risk, HR and Compliance and Legal Fields who recognized a need in the market place.

PEO Focus is an HR PEO consulting firm that provides professional support to companies requiring PEO search and partnering solutions. They cover the entire PEO searching process which includes research, transitioning, extracting and negotiating steps. 

The company features an exclusive PEO process where suppliers are compared directly with each other using their input-based system. This reduces costs and speeds up processing time. The services they offer are HR management and payroll processing, which are done through collaboration with national and regional PEOs. 

PEO Focus’ clients are mostly startups and SMEs, mostly coming from local businesses, retail firms and food companies.  

Optomi Services

Optomi Services have a unique methodology that combines advanced technologies with consultative interactions to find the best fit for every project. They are a team of innovative thinkers, industry disruptors and refreshingly enterprising strategists influencing a more purpose-driven world.

Optomi Services is an HR consulting firm that uses the latest advanced technologies in providing quality HR management solutions to companies. They position themselves as a consultative partner that specializes in helping business improve productivity by having a well defined employee and recruitment management system. 

They do this by incorporating AI, network design, mobile technology, cloud and app development into their offerings to ensure a holistic approach. 

The firm’s main services are business analysis, information security, lead generation and analytics development, most of which are catered to tech and finance companies. They also have served numerous non-profit organizations.  


Pair PEO is a free service that sifts through the mountains of marketing fluff in order to bring transparency to complex pricing models in the PEO industry. They make it easy for every business to partner with the best PEO for every workforce.

PairPEO is an HR consultation service provider that focuses on improving HR transparency and employee retention by ensuring that their clients work with the right partners. The company has over 10 years of experience in PEO which enables them to collaborate with their vast network. 

They filter through their many influential connections in various industries to determine the best fit for their clients’ needs and budget. The agency focuses on reducing evaluation time to make HR management processes faster and more efficient, which also helps reduce costs. 

They follow a systematic process consisting of data collection, introductory calls analysis and preliminary pricing. PairPEO serves mostly retail, corporate and business services companies.  

Ryan C Group

Ryan C Group offers services such as face-to-face meetings, in-depth interviews, continuous contact and on-site recruitment services. They are committed to perfect-fit placements for their clients and candidates and they help candidates explore their skills and strengths and listen to the path they want for their career.

Ryan C Group is an HR consultation service provider based in Charlotte that focuses on developing complex business analysis models which helps clients find perfect fit leads and employees. They have a customized recruitment process which covers all employment levels. 

Delivering end-to-end projects is assured to be cost-efficient because of the lower tendency of employee turnover. This boosts productivity in the long run as their clients’ workforce can easily sift through their respective tasks without disruption or interference. 

They provide face-to-face meetings, constant contact and on-site recruitment, face-to-face meetings and engagement services for their direct hire, contract and recruiting solutions. The company employs a team of IT experts, business analysts and marketers who have a combined experience of over 20 years in the tech and business landscapes.  

Parron Diversified

Parron Diversified aims to alleviate a bit of the stress and hurdles of running and maintaining a business in these unprecedented times. Their values are honesty, commitment, service to others, dependability and accountability.

With over 20 years of experience in professional HR management and administrative support, Parron Diversified is recognized as one of the best HR consulting firms in and around Charlotte. They partner mostly with entrepreneurs and small business owners who require professional aid on managing employee benefits and welfare. 

Aside from providing HR support, the firm also strategizes with their clients to boost revenues and expand a more profitable network in their respective industries. They do this by aligning their solutions to the goals of their clients. 

Parron Diversified’s services are human resource management, bookkeeping and administrative services. They also manage, provide and coordinate HR services to other companies and non-profit organizations to ensure accurate and well managed accounting records.  

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