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Best HR Consulting Firms in Columbus, OH 2021

The Columbus, Ohio business landscape has a rich history in manufacturing, logistic, automotive and administrative services. And recently, there has been a rise in advanced industries such as e-commerce and retail, information technology, cybersecurity and finance.

From start-ups to company expansions, coming along these new industries are advanced management and business strategies that are proven for their efficiency. 

One of the modern-day best practices is human resource management systems. It has been proven that having a happy workforce equates to efficiency in output, which then leads to improved profitability. This is where HR consulting firms come in.  

HR consulting firms are composed of HR professionals who are well-versed in troubleshooting human resource bottlenecks in the company, improve management systems, do HR audits and ensure compliance with government laws. These are highly important, especially for growing SMEs that require a lean and flexible system in managing employees and investing in growth. 

In line with this, statistics also show that companies can save 30% to-40% in costs with the help of an HR consulting firm. This is because the company can save on taxes, unemployment insurance, worker’s compensation and disability, health insurance and leave credits.  

Through HR consultation and outsourcing, companies can benefit from the improved employment process and better corporate productivity. 

Listed below are the best HR consulting firms in Columbus, Ohio.   

Best HR Consulting Firms in Columbus, OH 2021

Trindy Talent

Trindy Talent is a small but mighty team of uniquely qualified professionals that are relationship and value-driven. Their team is spread out throughout the United States and this enables them to provide their clients the best individual attention.

Trindy Talent is an HR consulting firm that focuses on start-ups and small enterprises. Specializing in all industries, they have also assisted companies from the ground up. Trindy Talent’s services include HR consulting which ranges from part-time to full time, HR projects, customized handbooks, job descriptions creation, headhunting and recruitment process outsourcing services. 

These are made possible thanks to their expert team of professional accountants and finance experts. They also utilize the latest technologies and equipment to ensure the utmost accuracy in providing HR solutions. 

Trindy Talent’s most notable clients are Oliver Law Office, Harlequin Bookkeeping and Ben Dahl Marketing Operations.  

Resourcing Edge

Resourcing Edge is an industry leader in human capital management solutions. They have decades of experience managing the burden of employee administration so that their clients can focus on growing their business.

Founded in 2003, Resourcing Edge has been a leading name in outsourcing by focusing on helping clients control costs by reducing risks, managing employee benefits and payroll. They are certified by the IRS as a PEO and is accredited by ESAC, NAPEO and SOCA. 

Their PEO services include payroll management, risk management, HR management, compensation and benefits, time and attendance services and technology. They cater to all business sizes from the automotive, construction, manufacturing, financial, legal and real estate. They also cater to the oil and gas industry, retail and technology. 

Resourcing Edge has worked with Chase Bank, Optum Bank, Assurity, UnitedHealthcare, MetLife, MassMutal and AmegyBank.  


Screenpointe is committed to providing their client-partners with the tools, knowledge and expertise necessary in order to make timely, informed hiring decisions. Their client partners benefit from reduced administrative time, quick and easy client onboarding to the career center system, and easy-to-read "graded" investigative reports.

Screenpointe is an HR consulting firm that provides screening solutions for companies. Their team is composed of human resource professionals, seasoned paralegals, court research specialists and investigators who are supported by their national network of court record researchers. 

They are accredited by the Columbus Bar Association, Human Resource Association of Central Ohio, PBSA, SHRM and WBENC. 

Screenpointe provides employee screening, tenant screening and volunteer screening for clients. As a human resource consultant, they make sure that companies hire the best employees with a clean background. 

The company provides industry-specific screening packages and customized solutions at local, national and international levels.  

VIVO Growth Partners

VIVO Growth Partners help fast-growing businesses to develop their most important assets and their people. They work with fast-growing companies whose leadership teams are focused on developing the right talent to help the company grow.

Founded by Molly Eyerman, Vivo Growth Partners started out in public accounting and corporate finance and later expanded its services to strategic human resource consulting and talent management. They cater to fast-growing companies with a special focus on small and medium enterprises. 

They provide full human resource solutions to partners from customized employee handbooks to the full-cycle recruitment processes. They focus on the strategy and development of employees from all levels by combining them with talent acquisition. 

The company has worked with iQventures, Southeastern Equipment, Vision Communities and The Zimmerman Companies.  


Findley help organizations succeed through a thriving workforce. They deliver expertise, experience, and innovative solutions to make the complex world of retirement, benefits, human capital, and M&A simpler for their clients.

Findley has over 50 years of experience in the industry of human resource consulting with over 250 associates located in Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, Toledo, Louisville, Nashville and Pittsburg. 

Their services include aligning HR compensation and benefits with the company’s objectives, designing and managing retirement and health care plans to maximize impact at an efficient cost, creating rewards and compensations strategies, implementing pay performance and ensuring the company’s compliance to laws mandated by the government.  

Findley caters to companies from the health care, manufacturing, professional services, retail, finance, nonprofits and government sectors with over 2,000 clients around the country across all 50 states.  

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