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Best HR Consulting Firms in Dallas, TX 2021

A company’s management aims for consistent growth for the sake of themselves, their owners, employees and shareholders. For rapid growth and increased sales, a firm must be able to focus their attention on both its core operations and the auxiliary functions such as marketing and HR. However, with enormous growth also comes the burden of managing these auxiliary functions effectively. One way businesses can tackle that is by outsourcing. 

To outsource the HR functions, many consultancy firms have sprung up all over the United States. Their mandate is simply to provide clients with the best hiring, performance management and payroll so that the clients can focus on their core operations. With high specialization, such firms try to offer just that.

The effects of hiring the right HR consultant to a business is measurable through the cost vs. savings that shows a return of investment. Studies show that businesses can save up to 30% in costs to a business, especially with large firms that hire tens of thousands of employees.

Such firms also help businesses conduct onboarding interviews and offer performance management services through programs that are built in-house, making the job of finding the right talent easy for any business. 

Here are the top HR consulting firms in Dallas, Texas.  

Best HR Consulting Firms in Dallas, TX 2021


Insperity has been around for over 30 years and has provided human resources and business solutions that help America's best companies prosper. Their clients gain access to employee benefits management that helps ensure cost efficiencies, technology that saves time and service with a dedicated support system.

Founded in 1986, Insperity has grown to become a trusted advisor to America’s best businesses and organizations. The business performance advisors and experts in Insperity provide a wide range of human resources and business solutions that are created to help improve overall business performance and productivity.  

Their services include workforce optimization, payroll capital management, performance management and expense management. Their most sought-out solutions are retirement services, insurance services, PEO, workers’ compensation and recruiting and staffing. 

With nearly 35 years of experience in the industry, Insperity has proven to be among the premier HR outsourcing firms as they have received multiple awards and recognitions, including being voted as one of the Best Places to Work. In 2019 alone, their company yielded revenue of up to $4.3 billion.   

Hollweg Assessment Partners

Hollweg Assessment Partners helps clients select and develop talent at every level of an organization through leading-edge assessments and technology.

Hollweg Assessment Partners is an advisory firm trusted and preferred by small and large firms to develop talent through services involving high-quality training and assessments that use innovative research and state-of-the-art technology.

The firm caters to everything from customization of human resource management efforts in a client-specific way, providing feedback in a consistent and comprehensive manner that helps clients identify the candidates who fit the roles best, decrease expenses and develop a future talent pool.

It aims to provide constant and open communication with clients as a fundamental service. Hollweg only hires those individuals who will fit best in its clients' company culture. Its clients also have access to its vast suite of assessment tools and consulting mechanisms that help develop top talent.


PPR aims to enhance a business's value by offering insights relevant to business needs and a strategic vision. It also offers modern tools for continuity planning in businesses.

People Performance Resources, LLC (PPR) offers services that are always customized to clients' needs as a strategic human resources business partner. It strives to act as an extension of its clients' organizations to provide a unified vision to all the firm's employees. It also re-invests most of the money clients spend on its services in training in best practices of the field.

The firm aims to enhance a business's value by offering insights relevant to business needs and a strategic vision, practical experience and knowledge of its role to achieve a combination of services that aid clients' business requirements. Clients are given power over pricing and most of them are retained. 

The firm has built a program for consulting partnerships that helps clients with talent hiring and retention goals. It also manages expectations and key result areas upfront. The program works with clients on a project-to-project basis in case they only require certain services from the company. PPR also offers modern tools for continuity planning in businesses, which aids in planning a succession of anyone in the core team. 

Humankind HR

HumanKind HR creates solutions that are aligned with identifying business goals.  It helps companies achieve favorable HR operations in companies through the right amount of training and an investment.

HumanKind HR aligns its services to clients’ business goals by identifying them and working towards them. It keeps its services centered on people and its core business aims to attract the best talent, develop them and keep their services. It uses this approach with all of its clientele.

The firm's chief purpose is to facilitate best HR practices through leadership training and learning by discussing current trends in the business. It aims to achieve such best practices through the exchange of experiences from real life, combined with ideas from other HR experts to form strategies. Its clients also have access to tools that help them achieve the best outcomes in their HR departments.

It helps companies achieve favorable HR operations through the right amount of training and an investment in people who are experts in their respective fields. This helps the firm not only work with the best talent but also offer top-level services to clients.

The firm counts various small and large businesses across the United States among its clientele such as Spirit Realty, PLTW and Lebco Industries.


MyHRConcierge offers top quality and affordable human resources services to small to medium business (SMB) clients. It has a complete set of services that strive to meet all employee screening needs for clients.

MyHRConcierge helps entrepreneurs and employees turn all their focus towards creating value for their companies and growing revenue, while the firm focuses on managing the nuances of their human resource operations and compliance with labor laws.

The firm works with clients in helping them to address federal and state labor laws effectively and cushion any impact such laws may have on their businesses. It achieves this through its modern and regulation-compliant services, which are in line with business and budgetary expectations of clients. It specializes mainly in firms with a size of 20-500 employees.

MyHRC also has a complete set of services that strive to meet all employee screening needs for clients. Its services apply to clients regardless of the role being filled, or the industry served. It has developed personalized solutions for companies and has partnered over 4,300 alcohol and drug testing collection sites throughout the country to provide employment screening services regardless of location.

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