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Best HR Consulting Firms in Denver, CO 2021

The average business owner spends most of their time handling HR-related paperwork. Not only does this decrease their productivity in handling other matters, but this also jeopardizes the quality of hired employees due to the lack of professional training and adequate resources. 

Managing the extensive process of inviting, hiring, training and retaining talents and manpower is not an easy task for businesses to perform. With this, companies need to invest significant resources in having the best HR services so they could focus more on revenue-generating activities.  

According to a report, 85% of surveyed job applicants say communication plays a vital part in the hiring process. And only HR consultants can provide this level of service. Furthermore, business owners believe that hiring and retaining talents inside an organization are among the challenges faced in the industry. With this, companies need to rely on an experienced partner that can help them improve their HR processes. 

Below is a list of the top-performing human resource consulting firms based in Denver, Colorado.  

Best HR Consulting Firms in Denver, CO 2021


BEA HR was founded by Brandon Auster to share his passion and talent for helping companies solve HR & compensation challenges with a wider audience.  Brandon has previously served as VP of Compensation at a Fortune 500 company and in leadership roles at a Big 4 consultancy.

BEA HR yields tailor-made HR services that enable organizations and businesses to become more successful in their respective industries. 

 Their company’s services include incentive plan analysis design, executive compensation, benchmarking, compensation structures, strategy, engagement, total rewards communications, rewards and recognition and employee communications. They also offer HR strategy and planning, HR analytics, organizational design and project management solutions across the HR, legal, IT and finance industries. 

BEA HR offers and performs services that help businesses elevate their status in the market while maintaining and improving the welfare and efficiency of their pool of human resources.  

Faces HCM

FACES HCM helps companies develop innovative Human Resource solutions. They provide expertise to their clients across various industries in Human Resources, benefits, payroll and compliance so they can focus on growing their business.

Offering services to small to mid-sized businesses in growing industries, Faces HCM helps companies optimize their human capital management, leaving the company more focused on growing their business as they handle the human resource aspect. 

The firm offers customized solutions that cater to the needs of business owners and their workforce which is made possible by a consultative approach.  

Faces HCM provides HR compliance, employee benefits, workers compensation management, risk management and payroll solutions. They also offer learning management systems, recruitment and retirement plan management services. 

As a progressive Professional Employee Organization (PEO), Faces HCM has been a sponsoring member of the National Cannabis Industry Association since 2014, a GRO Member and a member of the California Cannabis Association since 2017.   

People Element

People Element offer comprehensive talent acquisition and employee engagement strategies to improve employee retention and satisfaction. The People Element platform allows to quickly and easily understand and act on employee experience data.

People Element helps companies and organizations improve work experience and sustainability for employees to further enhance retention, engagement and productivity. Their all-in-one employee engagement and experience solution gives clients leverage on continuously improving the status of their operations and business. 

People Element provides HR services such as professional development, onboarding strategies, employee engagement, 360 multi-rater assessments, new hire solutions, engagement solutions, change management, engagement solutions, consulting, employee voice, organizational development and workforce intelligence solutions.  

Their array of clients includes big companies including the Hospital Corporation of America, Schneider, PayPal, Quest Diagnostics and Catholic Health Initiatives. In their years of expertise, People Element has received various awards including the 2016 Dream Big Award and the Rocky Mountain Performance Excellence Award.   

Goldstone Partners

Goldstone Partners offers a true partnership approach to recruiting.  They pride theirselves on always representing their clients and candidates with the utmost level of honesty and integrity.

Considered as a premier search and talent advisory firm, Goldstone Partners is focused on early-stage and high-growth companies based in Colorado. They connect their clients to the right employees and leads that can help contribute to the company’s sustainability and success. 

Goldstone Partners’ recruit-on-demand approach addresses unique company hiring needs, financial constraints and rapid growth goals of companies. Their services include sales, marketing, quality control, product development, information technology, recruitment, talent acquisition, start-ups, engineering and accounting and finance. 

Since their founding in 2007, Goldstone Partners has continued to grow in the industry by achieving awards and recognitions such as the 2019 Denver Business Journal’s Leadership Trust.  

Human Resources Plus

Human Resources Plus is a critical component of every business and is integral to an organization’s long-term success. HR directly impacts the most valuable assets to employees. Their HR experts have over 50 years of combined experience and can help with recruiting, performance management, compensation planning or a specialized project.

Since 2003, Human Resource Plus has been offering solutions and services concerning human resources related requirements and responsibilities to companies. This is made possible by their experts who have more than 35 years of combined staff experience coming from various industries.  

Human Resources Plus’ suite of services includes compensation planning, performance management and training, strategic human resource management, recruitment and selection, phone guidance, sample policies, consulting, on-boarding system, applicant tracking and employee handbook production.  

Over the years, Human Resource Plus has had the chance to partner with various companies which makes their solutions more efficient and effective. Their partner organizations include payroll companies, health insurance brokers, business consultants and accountants and bookkeepers.  


TriNet provides businesses with HR solutions including payroll, benefits, risk management and compliance all in one place. They offer attractive employee benefits packages that help to compete for top talent against companies of any size.

Founded in 1988 and with over 30 years of experience, TriNet has focused their services on small and medium-sized enterprises. They provide full human resource solutions to over 18,000 clients from local and international companies. TriNet is a certified PEO by the IRS and is accredited by ESAC standards. 

TriNet’s human resource expertise is talent retention and strategic HR. They also offer risk mitigation, benefit options through the 401k retirement plan and payroll services. Their technology platform offers cloud-based workforce analytics and time management. 

To date, TriNet caters but not limited to companies in the following business sectors such as architecture and engineering, consulting firms, financial services, life services, manufacturing, marketing and advertising, nonprofit organizations, retail and technology.  

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