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Best HR Consulting Firms in Houston, TX 2021

Houston has experienced a growth in the number of start-ups over the past years. These startups range from small to midsize enterprises that specialize in technology, pharmaceuticals, retail, health and financial services. One thing these companies have in common is the outsourcing of their human resource needs to consultants.

Consulting seems expensive but recent studies show that it is more financially sound to outsource a company’s departmental needs. This is supported by a study that states that companies save 30% of costs when hiring an HR consulting firm. 

Businesses can save on taxes, unemployment insurance, worker’s compensation and disability, health insurance and leave credits with the help of a professional HR agency.  

It is imperative that employers partner with the right consulting firm to avoid conflicts in employment interest and other HR operational concerns. 

Houston has a vast pool of human resource firms for consultation needs. Here are some of the best HR consulting firms in Houston, Texas.  

Best HR Consulting Firms in Houston, TX 2021

Crowder HR

Crowder HR Consulting Firm, LLC is a leading human resource professional with extensive senior-level experience in ownership, corporate, entrepreneurial and consulting roles. They offer over 28+ years that spans start-ups and established organizations throughout.

Founded in 2010, Crowder HR has a decade of consulting experience and caters to over 100 clients around the country. They have extensive hands-on experience in leading human resource initiatives while catering to small, medium and large size companies. They also have HR professionals catering to all aspects of HR services.  

The firm focuses on manpower pooling and full-cycle hiring. They provide solutions to several types of employment relationships mainly contract to hire arrangement, long term and short term project-based arrangements and direct placement. 

For their consultation services, they do personnel file development and review, construction, job description development, internal employee relation, coaching and consultation, drug screens, policies and procedures, background check and onboarding processes.  

Crowder HR’s clientele involves industry partners in customer service, management, sales, help desks, call center, security, construction health care, hospitality and accounting.  

Achilles Group

The Achilles Group provides world-class Human Resources Consulting and Human Resources Auditing Firm for small and mid-sized businesses in Houston, Texas. They take a professionally human approach by placing people at the center of everything that they do.

Achilles Group was founded in 2002 and is composed of human resource generalists. They are a human resources outsourcing firm that provides clients multi-level human resource needs which they refer to as Fractional HR. 

This refers to the group structural approach and its proactive response to initiate solutions across all areas of service such as people’s performance, recruiting effectiveness, human resource risk mitigation and strategy alignment. Many analysts consider this as a cost-effective approach to most HR solutions. 

Achilles Group has worked with Southern Petroleum Laboratories and 2H. They also cater to healthcare services like Global Health Care Alliance.  

Smarter HR Solutions

Smarter HR Solutions is a business’ way to work smarter -- not harder. They offer all-encompassing HR services designed to help small to medium-sized businesses find the solutions they need to exceed.

Having over 60 years of combined experience in the industry, Smarter HR Solutions leads the way in HR training and employee development solutions. They provide clients with degreed, certified, experienced and professional human resources support while assisting clients in their HR consulting and payroll processes. 

Smarter HR Solutions focuses their resources on providing effective services in HR consulting, staffing and training and job applicant services. They also assist clients from the military with transition services to civilian employment. 

A few of their most notable clients include David Allen Capital, Incorporated, TSheets, Access Perks and Gusto Gourmet.  

HRT Consultants

HRT Consultants develop a recruiting program and execute a plan to help find the best employees for every company. They can provide services to support OFCCP audits, benefit program cost/benefit analysis, employee relations and HR information systems projects.

HRT Consultants is headed by Pamela Brown, a human resource professional with over 20 years of experience serving a vast clientele in Houston. The firm specializes in improving HR systems to maximize business profitability and boost employee productivity and efficiency. 

The firm’s services includes human resource transformation which restructures a company’s recruitment program, performance evaluations and compensation program. They also implement the latest human resource systems and upgrade services. Furthermore, the company also helps identify critical business processes that are key to their clients’ success through process documentation, redesign and system improvement. 

HRT Consultants caters to various engineering, publishing, energy, technology, construction, telecoms, retail, transportation and healthcare industries.  

G&A Partners

G&A Partners is a PEO is a full-service HR solution providing HR outsourcing, payroll and benefits for 10-250+ employee companies. G&A’s flexible, scalable HR solutions can work for a wide variety of companies, across all industries.

Providing proven technology and solutions in the areas of employee benefits, payroll administration, workplace safety, and human resources, G&A Partners eases the burden of extensive administrative roles, leaving clients with more time to focus on revenue-generating activities for their organizations.  

G&A Partners’ services include HR audits and investigations, employee discipline support, performance management, insurance claims administration and candidate sourcing. They also offer re-hire job assessments, applicant tracking, payroll processing and OSHA assistance.  With more than 20 years of experience, they have been proven to successfully increase market share, profitability and productivity. They do this by yielding tailor-made and scalable service offerings that help companies meet current needs, if not surpass them.  

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