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Best HR Consulting Firms in Indianapolis, IN 2021

Human resource consulting and outsourcing has been the trend in recent years. Although this industry has been around for over 30 years, it is only over the last decade that it has become a global industry trend.

This industry is fueled by the rapid growth of industrialization and the increasing demand for talented, qualified and trained employees to manage human resources and do administrative tasks of an enterprise. 

In order for businesses to cope with their rapid growth and improve operational efficiency, they seek the assistance of human resource consulting firms which guarantees them access to experienced and professional employees to aid in specific tasks. 

HR consulting may seem expensive, but based on statistics, companies that outsource saves around 20% to 30% in manpower costs compared to those who hire full-time employees. 

Given that these employees are professionals and have years of experience in their field, it is ensured that companies will get the professional and efficient assistance that they desire.   

With this, listed below are the best HR consulting firms in Indianapolis, Indiana.   

Best HR Consulting Firms in Indianapolis, IN 2021

Invigorate HR

InvigorateHR provides clients with forward-thinking people and human resource strategies to increase business effectiveness. They believe each client is unique and therefore, their services are tailored specifically to integrate with their business.

Invigorate is a human resource consulting firm that focuses on troubleshooting operational human resource bottlenecks in companies. They provide business with the right strategies in HR management to increase efficiency and profitability. 

They outsource the right professionals to assist the business especially for small to medium-size enterprises that lack the manpower of basic human resource functions. This way, they can reduce corporate costs by boosting their clients’ productivity and overall system engagement due to the highly specialized workforce. 

Their services are segmented into HR essentials, talent acquisition, talent management and development, performance management and compensation. Invigorate has branches in Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Kokomo, Richmond and Terra Haute.  


Axiom Human Resource Solutions brings customized solutions to make business happen more efficiently and effectively. They make payroll efficient and easy with their integrated time-keeping, payroll and human resource information systems.

Axiom is a company composed of human capital management professionals who specialize in solutions for benefits, payroll, timekeeping and risk management. Co-founded by Andrew Zelt, their advocacy is to help companies focus on directing business growth and opportunity by taking away the burden of managing human resources. 

Their company’s services involve full human resource management solutions including payroll services, time and attendance systems and HR services. 

The firm does full-cycle recruitment which includes prospect screening, pooling, background checks and onboarding services. They specialize in PEO services, namely benefits that focus on employee compensation, insurance, health care and retirement packages. Axiom caters mostly to government agencies and non-profit organizations around Indianapolis.  

Workplace Remedies

WorkPlace Remedies is a human centric HR firm that helps small businesses build ground-up HR departments, and provides high quality, ideal HR Business Partners who coaches through the management & facilitation of solutions for the people.

Founded by Brittany McCollum, Workplace Remedies is an HR consulting firm that helps start-ups and small businesses build their human resource departments from the ground up. They provide high quality and ideal HR business partners that coaches through the management team and assists in facilitating the implementation of solutions for the employees in the organization. 

The services offered by Workplace Remedies include staffing, employee engagement, development, turnover and retention, organizational structure, objective realignment and anticipated expansion. 

Their areas of expertise are employee contribution, transformational change, organizational infrastructure and strategic planning. They provide litigation advice and compliance with government laws.  

Their services are focused on start-ups from different business sectors. They also offer membership online for access to their exclusive online material.  


Quantum Human Resources, LLC is a full service consulting, training and outsourcing organization. Their people enjoy partnering with companies to help them become more successful.

Quantum is a full service consulting, training and outsourcing firm based out of Indianapolis. They aim to mitigate operational risks and innovate ways to grow company profits through proper human resource management.  

The HR services they offer include culture development and employee growth, compliance to human resource standards, employee engagement and compensation. They also perform audits, provide a comprehensive analysis of existing HR functions and implement systems to improve efficiency.  

Quantum caters to all business sizes from different sectors together with Human Capital Concepts. However, most of their clients come from the retail, business services, tech and finance sectors.  

Cyberguard Solutions

Cyberguard Solutions LLC offers complete consulting services focusing on providing personal and specialized Cybersecurity services to meet each client’s specific needs. With a keen focus on excellency, they are committed to streamlining business operations in a rapidly transforming technological world.

CyberGuard Solutions is a consulting firm that offers staffing services which includes training and development with a special focus on information technology related services. Their staffing services include contractual, contract to hire, permanent employment, offshore services as well as part-time or full-time contractors. 

They also provide training and development for company IT professionals through various network engineering systems via Cisco Technologies, Security Information and Event Management Tools (SIEMT), cybersecurity, database and web technologies. 

They offer services to all sectors but with a focus on technology (IT), insurance, banking, e-commerce, telecommunications and healthcare.  

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