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Best HR Consulting Firms in Jacksonville, FL 2021

To a company, their most valuable assets are the men and women who day in and day out work towards making the products, operating the systems, running teams and offering the services that make businesses tick and generate higher revenues. Therefore, it is of prime importance that companies hire the right people who would make their businesses better and fit into their culture. 

A HR consulting firm fills this important gap for companies by offering services that concentrate solely on employee management, while businesses can focus on other aspects of their operations. 

Such consultants also work with businesses to make sure they keep the right employees and pay benefits appropriate to their skills and experience. This is a vital function for a business to prosper since even a handful of the right talent can make all the difference to operations.

In fact, many studies show how the most common reasons for employees to leave firms is a lack of recognition. A Forbes article showed this number was over 50%, making it essential for businesses to have the right system to provide the support and recognition employees need to perform at their best. HR consulting firms offer these services for companies.

Here are some of the best HR consulting firms in Jacksonville, Florida.

Best HR Consulting Firms in Jacksonville, FL 2021


NGA Human Resources has over 50 years of experience in providing HR consulting, global payroll and outsourcing services and HR application management

NGA works with clients who want their existing human resources or payroll technologies updated to the state-of-the-art types available today from their legacy systems. It also offers services to those who are looking for ways to improve employee engagement and integrate payroll with human resources operations.

The firm caters to services in multi-country payroll across various markets and moving HR operations to the cloud by using technology. It uses over 50 years of experience in payroll implementation to remove the stress of providing workers’ pay accurately and on time. Its services are tailored to business needs and can even adjust to business moving into fresh markets by offering payroll services that meet local needs.

NGA also handles admin tasks besides HR such as time and talent management and benefits outsourcing. These services offer the benefit of external expertise for such administrative tasks. Clients’ HR teams can use their technology services to make operations more efficient and businesses also enjoy cost savings through an optimized HR process.

Newland Associates

Newland Associates helps organizations decode best HR practices to achieve business results through expertise in talent acquisition.

Newland Associates is a nationwide executive search and recruiting services firm that helps clients find the talent to lead their businesses and organizations to the level desired and beyond. Its HR consulting practice offers organizations with the right advice necessary to reach business results.

The firm specializes in training employees, incubating growth and aligning talent with clients' business strategies to optimize success in businesses. It is a Predictive Index Certified Partner and can help clients achieve the full potential by giving their managers the vital data needed for success.

Newland helps businesses reach talent optimization through services in workforce analytics, assessments, HR advisory, talent development, executive search, compliance and outplacement. The firm has over 30 years of experience and has worked with organizations worldwide in executive recruitment, talent management and consulting.

Conceptual HR Solutions

Conceptual HR Solutions offers outsourced services such as payroll, human resources and recruitment services for small businesses.

Conceptual HR Solutions creates a personalized approach to the HR consulting business within the corporate business structure. Its vision is to partner with upcoming and established small business owners in an arduous and heavily regulated human resources management space and ensure clients can grow their business to full capabilities.

The firm works with business owners, allowing them to only focus on making businesses succeed by helping them tackle the overwhelming and constantly changing federal and state laws that may potentially affect the business. It helps set up HR departments from scratch and ensures they contain all the information owners need to know. It also helps those who need to implement processes to ensure growing businesses stay compliant with state and federal regulations and laws.

Small businesses that do not have as many employees to justify a dedicated HR department can also avail services from the company such as employee manuals and on-boarding processes. The firm helps tackle employee issues as they arise by helping companies through the process and ensure businesses stay in compliance with laws.


PlummerHR provides in-depth insights into all of their employee strengths and areas for growth. Its clients have exclusive access to a certified HR professional and gain their insights and advice at any time.

PlummerHR partners businesses offering services for companies and their personnel management departments. Clients can have exclusive access to a certified HR professional and gain their insights and advice at any time. It also offers support and HR coaching and helps create internal HR policies to run a business. 

It caters to progressive discipline, onboarding and termination. Its clients have in-depth insights into all their employee strengths and areas for growth from the firm to help them enhance group dynamics and increase hiring success. It offers assessments that are globally recognized and research that provide frameworks for people management and success. 

The firm also provides professional research on various subjects through employee engagement surveys and short pulse surveys. It plans team development sessions, meetings and conflict interventions among groups. Plummer offers focus groups-based research and plans action items based on survey results.

MG Greene & Associates

MG Greene & Associates partners clients to develop HR strategies that support business goals and has many solutions that analyze and test the HR systems already in place.

MG Greene & Associates works towards building an integrated strategy for human resources management that aids the vision, growth and mission of companies. It achieves this by implementing customized solutions that strengthen the effectiveness of organizations and their executive management teams besides improving performance.

The firm partners with clients to develop HR strategies that support business visions by helping implement their plans through processes that comprehensively support them in reaching the goals they have set to achieve.

The firm has many solutions that analyze and evaluate the HR systems already in place such as performance management, employee development, succession planning and recruiting. It also assists clients in change management initiatives and integration after a merger or acquisition.

MG offers services at an individual level that help increase the effectiveness in leadership, manage systems and reinforce personal growth goals. 

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