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Best HR Consulting Firms in Los Angeles, CA 2021

Businesses need to outsource their HR services in order to reduce costs, alleviate administrative and management burdens, gain access to expert employment opinion and minimize turnover risks. 

HR consulting firms solve all these challenges as they utilize an array of methods and approaches when assessing problems that hold companies back from achieving corporate success. 

From choosing the right candidates to helping with legal compliance and employment benefits, HR consulting firms allow businesses to focus more on activities that concern generating revenue and ROI. HR consulting firms also boost company productivity and help generate higher revenues due to the improved figures brought by a more highly-capable workforce. 

According to a study, the HR consulting industry in the US is growing by 1.1% annually. This figure has been constantly increasing over the past 5 years due to the improving capabilities of HR firms in solving today’s corporate issues. 

Here are some of the best HR consulting firms business owners can work within Los Angeles, California.  

Best HR Consulting Firms in Los Angeles, CA 2021


Bambee gives a dedicated HR manager who helps in craft HR policy and maintain compliance. Bambee is the first employee termination and human resource compliance solution for small business. They are a full service outsourced HR team.

Founded on the idea that businesses should have access to reliable and economic human resource services, Bambee provides solutions to small and medium-sized businesses and helps them operate like Fortune 500 companies through professional HR management. 

Bambee offers services including handling of all HR issues and operations, onboarding and termination compliance, unemployment claims management, drafting of HR policies and handbooks, staff training, review of internal documents, compensation compliance and HR coaching and consulting.  

Through Bambee’s small business-focused approach, cutting edge data technology and service automation, they are able to offer a highly-efficient and effective suite of closely-monitored services that are cost-efficient. Their clients include big companies such as MTV, MK Capital, American Financing, eBay and Trip Advisor.  


MMC HR is a Human Resources Outsourcing and Payroll Services in Los Angeles, California. Their benefits packages are designed to keep every top talent motivated and productive.

Considered as one of the pioneering and leading providers of HR consulting and outsourcing services in  Los Angeles, MMC’s approach in providing services stemmed from the goal of assuring clients of their success while preserving resources to pave way for more dedicated time in terms of revenue-generating activities.  

MMC offers support in all key aspects of human resource compliance, benefits administration, payroll processing, employment law and risk mitigation. Their other services include worker's compensation insurance, time management, tax filings, human capital management, PEO, HRO and employee performance evaluation.  

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, MMC has been in the business of offering solutions for over 15,000 employees across the US. MMC’s most notable clients include Asurint, Employers Group, HireRight, Union Bank, TransAmerica and Ultimate Software.  


Peoplescape provides highly trained experts in the people side of business, who have demonstrated a deep understanding and appreciation for a business’s strategic goals. They are committed to bringing the right people, ensuring that they thrive and making the business a success.  

A team of fast-paced, innovative and resourceful partners, Peoplescape serves small companies with a full range of HR services that organizations and businesses need. The company specializes in helping clients create a working culture free of harassment that understands values and gender dynamics. 

Peoplescape’s services include human resource management, executive search, leadership development, talent acquisition, HR advisory, diversity inclusion, HR consulting, compliance, salary benchmarking, HR leadership and compensation benchmarking. 

Peoplescape is composed of trained experts and are experienced in the business industry. This makes them qualified to help clients quickly identify the best plans and approach in making their respective businesses become sustainable and successful.  

empowerHR Consulting

empowerHR Consulting provides personalized HR Solutions for every small business needs. HR Consulting Firm serves entrepreneurs, small business owners and leaders in the greater Los Angeles area.

empowerHR Consulting is an HR consulting firm that partners with businesses and helps them grow their teams and keep their businesses compliant with labor laws. They offer the benefits of having an in-house HR team without the burden of payroll and benefits costs.  

Their services include hourly HR consulting, HR project work, on-site HR transformation, recruitment, business strategy, employee relations, labor law, human resources, organizational development, small business, policies and procedures, consulting and talent management.  

empowerHR has more than 10 years of progressive human resource experience across a variety of industries such as startups, fashion, manufacturing, retail, non-profit and technology.  


HRCS is a boutique Human Resources Staffing firm founded in 1993 and is located in Los Angeles, California servicing clients nationally. Their clientele includes an assembly of organizations, most of which are leading Fortune 1000 companies, startups, early stage and mid-market entities.

Human Resources Contract Services was established in 1993 and has since then provided human resources services to companies in and around Los Angeles. The company features a suite of solutions on a contract, contract to hire and direct-hire basis, which are made possible thanks to their team of HR professionals and recruitment experts. 

Catering to SMEs and large enterprises, HRCS provides services including recruitment, HR representatives, HR generalists, payroll administration, HRIS analysis, compensation analysis, benefits analysis and management, employee relations and HR coordination.  

HRCS manages every project with a consultative approach while employing innovative procedures and communications.   

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