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Best HR Consulting Firms in New York, NY 2021

Companies, especially start-ups, are sprung out of ideas and are usually manned by the founding members commonly composed of friends, partners, or family members. But, as the company grows, the need for someone whose focus is to look into manpower and delegation rises. This is where HR consultancy comes in. 

HR consulting is one of the most cost-efficient and revenue-generating corporate strategies that every business should implement. In fact, a study states that companies can save 30% of their budget with the help of an HR consulting firm. 

HR consultancies are also experts in legal compliance, specifically regarding the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and US Occupational Safety and Health Administration guidelines, as well as state rules and regulations. 

As employers, one must know the abilities of their prospective firms to avoid drawbacks and to maximize their company’s return on investment. 

With this, here are the top HR consulting firms in New York, New York.  

Best HR Consulting Firms in New York, NY 2021


MBL Benefits Consulting has been providing cost-effective, convenient and personalized benefits to clients for over 20 years. Every client is their top priority.

MBL Benefits Consulting is backed with 20 years of human resource consultancy experience and has helped boost client retention rates. On average, their clients have stayed with the firm for over 10 years. 

This organization is composed of benefits consultants and proactive professional client service representatives. They cater to over 1,000 clients who require professional support on designing and implementing services for employee benefits.  

The company’s primary focus is benefits consulting, which they provide by offering healthcare benefits, voluntary benefits, benefits consulting and technology, retirement and executive planning, property and casualty and wellness management solutions. MBL Benefits Consulting works with clients from different business sectors consisting mainly of consumer retail brands like Rebecca Minkoff, Flycleaners, OTC Markets and MoneyLion.  

Astron Solutions

Astron Solutions offers HR consulting services & a web-based talent management system to simplify Human Resources Management for small & mid-sized organizations.

Founded in 1999, Astron Solutions is a human resource consulting and talent management firm. They have over 19 years of experience helping small and mid-sized organizations manage their HR departments. 

They have modernized their clients’ consultation activities through their FLARE program, which is a web-based talent management system. This streamlines key processes in human resources like performance appraisals, salary increases and total rewards statements.  

Astron Solutions consultation service includes evaluating their client’s compensation system and practices, creating incentive programs that motivate employees, developing sales commission programs for sales-based businesses, streamline executive compensation, advance performance management systems and career programs to increase employee retention and develop future leaders. 

Among their clients are medical firms in New York such as White Planes Hospital, Village Care and Mid America Clinical Laboratories. They also cater to financial institutions like Mascoma Savings Bank.  

JER HR Group

JER HR Group helps non-profit and for-profit companies with compensation plans, senior management and team training, assessment and learning programs. candidate searches, HR infrastructure, HR policies and HR hiring technology.

Working in over 25 states and handling an average of more than 150 unique projects each year, JER HR Group caters to the HR and employment departments of companies. Founded in 1991 by James E. Rocco, they started out as a compensation and benefit-focused company that later partnered with the HR Group in 2016. 

JER HR Group’s services focus on recruitment and HR law compliance. They have recruiters specializing in the following fields like human resource, sales and marketing, research and development, IT, financial services, engineering, consumer product transportation and manufacturing.  The group has worked with the UNICEF US Fund and Whitney Museum of American Art.  

Kona HR

Kona HR Consulting is a leading HR Consulting firm based in the Tri-state area. They specialize in providing customized HR solutions to firms of all sizes.

Founded in 2004, Kona HR Consulting provides practical solutions with financial focus to organizations of all sizes. They are a licensed consulting group that specializes in employee benefits, property and casualty insurance. 

Services offered by Kona HR include compensation services, benefits, payroll systems, HR management systems, business insurance and outsourcing services. Their services also include the use of Maxwell Health’s technology in their HR process. This online solution enables employees to enroll in and manage their own benefits and allows the company to go paperless, which then saves on costs.

Kona HR Consulting has worked with clients from local and foreign firms such as the Community Band and Multi-strategy Hedge Fund.  

CJC HR Services

CJC HR Services helps employers manage their employees through a flexible, comprehensive offering of services. To deliver human resource expertise and a passion for their industry through a personalized approach with their clients, allowing them to prosper while realizing their most valuable asset is their employees.

CJC started out by providing human resource consulting back in 2007. They cater mainly to small businesses by offering HR strategy development, planning, implementation and oversight. 

The firm provides their clients with an HR toolkit that allows them to tailor-fit their HR approach to their specific needs. Aside from the basic DIY toolkits, CJC’s main focus is their consulting services which offer full-cycle recruitment and candidate sourcing. This gives employees access to training and development, benefits and human resources law compliance and pay per data reporting. 

CJC clients range from startups to SMEs from various industries such as technology, entertainment, retail, media, hospitality and manufacturing.   

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