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Best HR Consulting Firms in Philadelphia, PA 2021

A business's strength is its human workforce, as the adage goes. Until there are robots intelligent enough to think and act like human beings, this human resource will be the primary driver of revenue, through their skills and experiences. Therefore, it is necessary for businesses to engage the right talent that best fits their needs.

Outsourcing the all-important HR operations in a business can be beneficial to them. It divides labor so that the business operations can focus on its core operations and it allows for specialization of services with the help of HR consulting firms.

HR consultants come with the added advantage for businesses of not having to spend meeting after meeting in negotiations and interviews, freeing up time and helping get a good return on investment. Studies have identified many benefits of hiring such firms, including ROIs that runs into billions of dollars by employing them.

To enjoy these benefits, companies must thoroughly understand their needs before hiring the right HR consultant. Here are some of the best firms in Philadelphia.  

Best HR Consulting Firms in Philadelphia, PA 2021

Select HR

Select Human Resources specializes in using psychological assessment for making wise hiring decisions and avoiding bad hires.

Select HR is a firm with sound expertise in assessing the potential and professional capabilities of individuals. It works with job candidates to assess their suitability for various roles through psychological assessment methods and from an understanding of human behavior to help clients with valuable information for hiring talent and managing them.

The firm caters to giving clients the ability to make the right decisions about their potential employees, such as the candidates to hire or whom to promote. It also identifies the abilities and skills a person needs to develop for an effective job performance in their current role, or to take up new positions. It also coaches employees so they can excel at whatever role they are in.

Select offers its services to businesses both small and large, providing a big HR consulting firm level of expertise at substantially lower costs. It specializes in a wide range of assessments and interview techniques to determine a candidate’s characteristics, skills and overall level of fit for a job.

Rittenhouse Benefits

Rittenhouse Benefits helps small businesses with health insurance, medical plans, and knowing if a PEO is right for their company.

Rittenhouse works with firms that need services to cut down the increasing cost of employee benefits and insurance programs for life and health. It offers creative solutions to help clients lessen the cost burden for clients by giving benefits at the highest levels of quality and service oriented to support business goals.

The firm aims to lower employer healthcare costs that constantly gobble up higher and a higher share of profits of businesses. Its clients have been able to use its professional employee management platform to cut health insurance premiums by as much as 15% and even higher sometimes. It aims to maintain medical insurance cost growth to companies at a single digit rate.

It leverages the benefits of tools and technologies available for administration to achieve desirable outcomes through efficiency, simplicity and accessibility in health insurance benefits administration. 

Employment Management Group

Employment Management Group assists clients with legal, employment relations and regulatory compliance matters. It is also equipped to help larger firms and organizations with government contract compliance.

Employment Management Group (EMG) is a firm that is dedicated to helping clients with employee relations, legal and regulatory compliance in terms of labor and employment. It aims to assist clients with getting the best quality of life irrespective of any differences in personalities.

The firm's main goal is to work with small businesses with the effectiveness of a corporate company's governance standards and make human capital management and development more effective. It builds its services in such a way as to provide small businesses with all the advantages of a HR department that offers all services specific to the role and an in-house counsel. 

It is also equipped to help larger firms and organizations with unemployment representation, investigations and government contract compliance. It offers a range of services to help clients reach their highest potential in employee relations. 


iWorkwell caters to hiring everyone in managerial and executive besides offering HR and finance operations for businesses of all sizes and stages of growth besides non-profits.

iWorkwell offers the highest quality competence in all avenues of HR consulting such as legal compliance, talent management, metrics and analytics, staffing, HR strategy, compensation and benefits. Its services aim to cut client costs in these areas through a specialized focus in areas of human resource management.

It caters to hiring everyone in managerial and executive roles besides offering HR and finance operations such as appraisals, compensation benefits awards, claims management and policies. It keeps clients up to date so they can make informed decisions about best practices in the industry. 

The firm has adopted a tested policy of using modern methods in the business to resolve personnel problems, drive consistency throughout the organizations to implement streamlined procedures, stay compliant with the latest labor laws and reduce exits of top talent.

iWorkwell caters to support human resources operations in businesses of all sizes and stages of growth besides non-profits.     

Transformative Talent Advisors

Transformative Talent Advisors have methods to help clients cut costs and to streamline human resources operations such as appraisals and hiring.

Transformative Talent Advisors is a firm with years of experience in the human resources industry and has helped increase employee retention rates among clients. Their services include compensation evaluations and compliance packages.

The firm has a modern approach to consultation activities for clients and their programs have been proven to succeed by many former clients they have worked with throughout the industries they serve. Their methods cut client costs and seek to streamline human resources operations such as appraisals and hiring.

The firm's practices comply with the required labor laws in the United States and their agents come with many years of training in their belts. This allows them to provide focused attention to clients in this specific area, while letting businesses focus on their core operations and increase revenue. It also aims its HR services towards helping clients realize lower employee benefit and insurance costs.

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