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Best HR Consulting Firms in San Diego, CA 2021

The workforce is the core of any business as it is what operates the entire system and ensures that all revenue streams are well-maintained. Hence, it is necessary to hire an HR consulting firm to manage all of the employment and HR fields to ensure the utmost success in the company. 

Research reveals that 83% of business owners believe that attracting and retaining employees is among the top challenges for organizations. However, this can be solved with the help of HR professionals. 

Not only do they take a great load of work and responsibility off of the company’s shoulders, but an HR firm also offers important objectivity to the table which further elevates businesses to a higher standard by focusing more on improving revenue-generating activities. 

With the great number of human resource consulting firms out there on the market, choosing one to partner with might come difficult. 

To help you, here are the top HR consulting firms in San Diego, CA.  

Best HR Consulting Firms in San Diego, CA 2021


Since 1991, trustHR continued to provide its clients with a highly qualitative work product that's always conducted in an ethical, intelligent and timely manner. They welcome the opportunity to discuss their clients' issue(s) and to respectfully deny or accept their business.

Founded in 1991, trustHR has been providing comprehensive pre-employment background screening solutions and services to clients and partners. Through combined experience, unparalleled customer service and advanced technology, trustHR is able to yield effective, efficient and economic-centered services. 

trustHR’ solutions include employment screening, HR consulting, workplace investigations, employment background checks, recruiting, interviewing, human resource management, HR solutions, hiring process and HR compliance. 

With trust HR’s combination of years of experience, in-depth knowledge of U.S. employment laws and advanced graduate-level education, they are able to yield both solutions and consultation services that meet higher levels of professional engagement, extensiveness and pragmatic real-world application.  

San Diego Employers Association

San Diego Employers Association is a leading Human Resources organization that provides HR support to large and small businesses in San Diego, California.

The San Diego Employers Association has been the only non-profit human resources assistance organization serving San Diego since 1914. SDEA answers to clients’ employee-related queries through HR hotline, provides literacy through certificate programs, HR roundtables and professional development courses.  

SDEA’s suite of services includes leadership training, human resources consulting, HRCI credits, harassment prevention training, custom training, PHR/SPHR certification preparatory programs, management essentials programs and custom on-site training. 

San Diego Employers Association’s most notable clients are MediExcel Health Plan, San Diego Business Journal, San Diego Workforce Partnership, SCRHA, and Ups. They are also accredited by the BBB.  

SDHR Consulting

San Diego Human Resource Consulting is a San Diego based HR company that has been doing “good” business for decades. They have an exceptional team with a diverse skill set and extensive experience that provides their clients with a one-stop-shop for HR consulting services and recruiting services.

Also known as San Diego Human Resource Consulting, SDHR operates as a one-stop-shop human resource service provider for companies. Through their culture of empowering and helping clients with their HR needs whilst valuing their own team, SDHR is able to offer an effective, efficient and holistic HR-focused approach.  

The company’s services include HR audits, performance management, employee onboarding, handbooks and IIPPS, claims and investigations, HR online support, compensation, recruiting and staffing and managing employee relations issues. 

Their clients include businesses from the public works, technology, aerospace, advertising, energy and biotech sectors. In 2018, SDHR Consulting was voted by the San Diego Business Journal as one of the Best Places to Work. They are also a Women-Owned certified business by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council.   

Koza Consulting Group

Koza Consulting Group specializes in a comprehensive suite of services designed to meet all of their clients' needs. They understand that running a business can feel overwhelming. Especially when their clients bear the burden of staying compliant with the ever-changing employment laws.

Koza Consulting Group is an advisory firm that provides clients with innovative and uniquely-designed HR solutions for client companies and organizations which aims to further improve their profitability and performance. Their company specializes in HR, payroll, benefits, bookkeeping and IT solutions.  

They offer a wide array of services including recruitment, onboarding documentation, training & development of best practices, performance management systems, timekeeping systems, benefits implementation and COBRA documentation. 

Koza Consulting Group tackles their clients’ most crucial personnel and organizational challenges, further making the entire business process more efficient to handle. Their company offers solutions to various industries including human capital management, IT strategy, financial management and talent management.   

Accelerated HR

Accelerated HR is an HR consulting and advising firm focused on providing professional, tailored and scalable human resources solutions to a broad spectrum of industries.

As a human resource consulting and advising firm, Accelerated HR focuses on offering tailor-made, professional and scalable human resources solutions to various industries. Spanning from one-time HR consulting services to working closely on an on-going basis, their company offers services to help organizations minimize risks and maximize productivity. 

Accelerated HR’s services include HR consulting, legal compliance, health insurance benefits alignment, retirement benefits rollout, employee handbooks, personnel file audits, I-9 compliance and performance management. They also offer compensation, employee relations, HR coaching, culture development, and engagement and recognition management solutions.  

Their clients are mostly from the marketing, technology, hospitality and manufacturing industries. Accelerated HR possesses is included in the Best Places to Work list.   

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