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Best HR Consulting Firms in Washington, DC 2021

Human resource consulting and outsourcing is an industry with a $31 billion market,  contributing to around 10% of the total consulting industry. Although the industry has been around for over 40 years, it is only until the past decade that this has become a global trend. 

HR consulting has been very beneficial to enterprises as this makes business processes efficient and economical. Studies show that companies in the US save more than a total of 30% of manpower costs outsourcing compared to hiring regular employees. 

One of the many advantages of HR consulting is its ability to cover all areas needed in HR management. Listed below is the segmentation of the common services provided by these firms: PEO, ASO, payroll, time tracking, staffing, recruiting, insurance, services, human resource consulting and performance management.  

Not all firms are the same and each of them has different specialties. To avoid complications and drawbacks in consulting, companies must evaluate and do due diligence in their screening process. 

It is imperative for businesses to find the right fit for their needs. With this, listed below are the best HR consulting firms in Washington, DC.  

Best HR Consulting Firms in Washington, DC 2021

Office Accomplice

Office Accomplice gives their clients back more of their valuable time, so that they can focus on their true expertise. And the best part is that Office Accomplice work around them.

Office Accomplice is a firm that offers human resource consulting and outsourcing services with a focus on the accounting aspect of human resources. They offer hourly or per project services whether virtual or on-site. Their aim is to streamline administrative tasks in small businesses to improve their efficiency and increase their profitability. 

The services they offer are inventory management, invoice preparation and processing, financial reports for tax purposes, bills payment and general accounting services. 

They also provide human resource services including reference checks, onboarding processes, training programs, screening administration, job ad creation and monitoring, as well as the employee handbook and manual creation. 

Office accomplice caters to small businesses from different business sectors within and outside the state of Washington.  

UpRize Now

UpRizeNow is a bridge between the skilled professionals and the companies needing them. It eradicates all middlemen and connects people with people for the purpose of recruitment directly.

UpRize Now is an internet-based outsourcing company that offers a human cloud marketplace. They pool professionals in their digital platform to provide clients with easy access to a talent-rich environment of job seekers. UpRize is backed by 20 years of experience in technology and contractor work. 

Their platform offers services to both contractors and businesses by registering for the platform. Once their specific profiles are created, the system will automatically allocate prospects for both companies and contractors. Timekeeping and payment can be done through the platform as well and there is no need for paperwork since service level agreements are included in the system.  


PoliHire works with multiple state and local governments to lead the recruitment of top executives. These positions range from technical (Chief Information Officers/Chief Technology Officers, transportation, financial, education, homeland security, etc.) to senior policy advisors.

PoliHire is an executive search firm with national and global coverage. Their aim is to find the right leader for their clients through their unique screening system. For them, filling out critical positions in the company is a challenge that should not be taken lightly. 

PoliHire’s tool for a thorough and professional search for the next executive is called the AccuMatch Search Process. This is the system they use in screening their prospects. They also pool pre-screened executives for those companies that are in sudden need of senior prospects.  

Their most notable clients are Durham County Government, DC Retirement Board and Birmingham Water Works.  

Vantage Human Resource Services, Inc.

Vantage Human Resource Services, Inc. establishes an atmosphere of trust and empowerment by providing professional development opportunities for their entire staff, which sets an example for their clients, partners, and competitors to follow.

Vantage was established in 1975 and is composed of independent consultants that provide organization and employee development services to the public sector. They provide human resource management and training solutions as well as consultation and outsourced staffing. 

They also provide compliance through deep knowledge in state and federal laws. They were founded and based in Virginia but have business offices around the country including Arlington and Washington, DC. 

Their clientele consists of over 50 government agencies and bureaus. Vantage also provides active coaching to more than 350,000 federal employees nationwide.  

WorkPlace HR

WorkPlace HR provides premium human resources consulting services with an emphasis on affirmative action compliance, audit response, investigations and discrimination charges, training and diversity.

Workplace HR is a firm based out of Washington that offers human resource consulting and outsourcing solutions. They aim to promote a healthy culture in companies through developing the workforce and their competencies, manage human resource metrics and sustain the results. 

They are partnered with Fortney and Scot, a law firm in Washington that acts as the firm’s legal counsel on the programs and materials they offer. This way, they can ensure that their services are fully compliant with the law. 

The firm’s core service includes strategic management and organization development, training, total compensation strategy, HR workforce and regulatory compliance, talent tracking and HR systems development as well as public affairs advocacy.   

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