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Best Mobile App Development Companies in Philadelphia, PA 2021

Gone are the days when companies had to cold-call customers or send them SMS messages that were often ignored. Today’s businesses are taking advantage of the huge potential that smartphones offer through the use of mobile apps. Such apps have become a necessity for both businesses and consumers alike because of the possibility of ready interaction they can offer at any time of day.

Mobile apps offer instant access both online and offline to consumers in a seamless way so that transactions can be done quickly and efficiently. This allows for businesses to engage with their patrons by way of quick consumption of content and offer customization based on user preferences. This high-level data personalization is a superb way to keep customers and build revenue.

A mobile app is also versatile and offers many advantages because of the multimedia feature of today’s smartphone. A business can reach out through text, pictures, videos, voice assistants, live chats, phone calls and in various other formats just through a single app. This versatility that apps offer businesses the potential of keeping their customers engaged and cater to their varied interests.

Philadelphia, the home of the Phillies, has around 160 mobile app developers that companies can choose to help them with their requirements and here are some of the best in the business.

Best Mobile App Development Companies in Philadelphia, PA 2021


Xtreem Solution is a world-famous mobile application development company offering iOS and Android app development and web design and development.

Xtreemsolution started in 2008 and has three offices spread across the United States and India. The firm has a 92.5% retention rate of its clients and builds web and mobile solutions with the use of advanced technologies for a clientele that includes startups, small businesses and enterprises. 

The company has teams with expertise in the latest technology trends such as artificial intelligence, IoT, big data, augmented reality and virtual reality. The company creates engaging and interactive applications that are prototyped and tested, targeting mobile users across various platforms. It has crafted mobile solutions for various business domains and has uploaded applications on the App Store and Play Store as well. The agency has expertise in React Native development services for mobile apps with startups and enterprises.

With over a decade's experience, the company’s clients span a range of industries, including social networking, travel, fashion, education, real estate, healthcare, events, advertising and publishing. The company has built a lifestyle app on groundbreaking technologies that offer lifelike experience to users and has also worked on a taxi app project for a startup that offers taxi services similar to Uber in Ireland and the United States.

Xtreemsolution is a Google premier partner and a Microsoft gold partner, which has been reviewed by reputed publications such as TechCrunch and BusinessInsider.


Based in Philadelphia, Caveni Digital Solutions is an agency specializing in mobile app development, web design and SEO. Their designers make every website offer a unique experience.

Caveni was created in 2016 as an organization specializing in online and digital technologies that prides itself on technical and creative challenges. Its years of experience allows the firm to carry out original projects in diverse fields. With engineers who take part in creative, maintainable, and scalable projects, the company aims to help clients build their brand and reputation.

The company has an award-winning team to fit the needs of its clientele and they carefully research elements from previous successful projects to build on each of them. With a diverse skill set that includes API development, web development and ecommerce integration, the firm positions itself as a premier app developer. Besides app building, it also offers search engine optimization services to help brands stand out in the online world.

Recently, the firm build a mobile application for the food delivery startup FIDO, who were expanding their service offerings to a larger audience and wanted advanced functionality to scale on their app. Caveni created a new style of branding for their company and set up their website and web application to seamlessly integrate with their mobile app. The company also created a new branding and design style for business service startup Vipyr and designed a modern and distinguished look for their app.

Since its inception, Caveni has completed over 177 projects for 128 clients. It has written millions of lines of codes in the process.


Iperdesign is an award winning digital branding agency dedicated to unifying smart technology and beautiful design since 2000 in Rome and Philadelphia.

Iperdesign has been working with brands and helping them connect with consumers since 2000 from its offices in Rome, Italy and Philadelphia in the U.S., with engineers who craft digital strategies with smart technology and design. Its expertise spans mobile development, eCommerce, database design and even augmented reality. 

The company’s process involves customizing innovative technology and tools to fit and improve each client’s brand and their consumers’ digital experience. Its projects use some of the latest tools such as Titanium, Magneto and Drupal that help clients reach existing and new customers or optimize enterprise technology. 

In 2014, the company built Renal Chart, a health care app that helps doctors diagnose patients at risk for kidney issues using an advanced algorithm. Iperdesign designed and engineered Renal Chart to be a health care tool with easy usability, for both doctors and patients. The firm engineered the app so doctors can seamlessly input patient values and, through a clever infographic chart, identify renal risk levels, and then begin care based on the prognosis.

The app was awarded as the best healthcare app in that year at the AboutPharma Digital Awards, which is one of the most recognized and coveted prizes in the health care enterprise.

Iperdesign has also collaborated with Worldwide Wildlife Fund (WWF) in Italy to create a mobile app for participants to countdown to the worldwide Earth Hour celebration. The app also includes sustainability tests and a list of WWF events in Italy. The WWF Earth Hour app lets users share their Earth Hour plans and celebrations instantaneously with fellow participants from across the globe.

Planet Web Solution

Planet Web Solution is a full-service ecommerce development company with 15+ years of experience.

Established in 2002, Planet Web Solutions is a web and mobile application development company. Their expertise lies in utilizing web communication as a tool to counter-meet the modern technology aspects of various businesses such as start-ups and SME’s. It has offices in India and the United Kingdom besides Philadelphia.

Over the years, the company has been a top web solution provider and has rendered systemized operations to its clients. It caters to a wide range of exclusive and contemporary technology facilities such as web development, Android and iOS app Development, wearable app development, the internet of things, web designing, custom software product development, content management systems and ecommerce development.

The company recently built an upgraded app for Skull Shaver, a personal product brand, who wanted to expand its range of customers by building an online marketplace, The firm initially used Magento web development platform to build a sales-driven ecommerce platform for Skull Shaver. Its strategy design and implementation helped Skull Shaver to be globally recognized and become a market leader in the electric shaver market of the UK, United States, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, India and Australia.

Dev Technosys

Dev Technosys aims to boost their client's enterprise through their customized web development solutions, unleashing multi-fold optimal results.

Dev Technosys, established in 2010, is an ISO 9001:2008 certified web and mobile app development company that has worked with the latest technologies. It has used contemporary languages such as PHP and JavaScript to complete over 1550 projects in fields such as iOS and Android app development, the internet of things and wearables.

The company has a team of 120+ experts across the globe with experience in various domains. It has expertise that meets the business and technical requirements of companies of various sizes and stages of growth. The firm’s developers also work with emerging technologies such as blockchain, augmented reality and virtual reality. It also offers game development and cloud services, besides its core mobile app development service to help businesses integrate their applications on various platforms.

The firm has a host of marquee clients such as the footwear giant Nike, healthcare companies Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson and consumer electronics maker Whirlpool. It works with clients in the real estate, education, event management and travel sectors as well. One of its recent projects was building SomProduct, an e-commerce app, where users can find a variety of furniture styles with free delivery. It has also built Konga, an online marketplace for electronics and fashion.

Dev Technosys has received many awards in its nine years in the industry, such as the Top Mobile App Development Companies 2019-20 by TopDevelopers and CrowdReviews.

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