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Best Mobile App Development Companies in Washington, DC 2021

Mobile applications are crucial to the success of any business as these shape the marketplace and overall structure of any organization. Mobile apps also make it easier for customers to acquire information about the product or services they need, thus improving conversion rates for the company and ensuring a steady influx of clients and sales. 

According to a study, the mobile app industry is a $100 billion-industry, with the figure constantly increasing as the demand gets higher. Businesses need mobile apps to promote their brands in a systematic, cost-efficient and non-invasive way to attract leads and customers and stay competitive in the industry. 

Aside from being an effective marketing tool, mobile apps can also be used to improve the company’s internal structure because of their automated nature. This reduces human error and avoids technical issues from happening.

 All these benefits can be achieved by hiring a mobile app development agency. 

Here are the top mobile app development companies in Washington, DC.  

Best Mobile App Development Companies in Washington, DC 2021

Cubix Company

Cubix helps businesses become competitive with the power of digital innovation, outstanding design and emerging technologies via building intelligent digital products.

Cubix is a mobile app and enterprise software development company that specializes in customization, creation and integration of conversion-driven enterprise solutions. The firm implements a systematic business intelligence analytics approach to their clients’ marketing demands to ensure sustainability and maximum market reach across multiple channels. 

They have served startups, SMEs, large enterprises and non-profit organizations. Their most sought-out services are app and software development alongside their machine learning, artificial intelligence and SaaS services. 

As a testament to their success, the demand for their virtual reality and augmented reality services are also increasing due to the growing need of companies for a more high-tech marketing approach. The company has worked with numerous big name brands such as Walmart, Canon, Suzuki, Sony, Rayban, Paypal and White Castle.  

Clearly Innovative

Clearly Innovative is a web and mobile development tech education firm with a focus on javascript based technologies. They create highly integrated solutions that empower their clients to be effective, innovative industry leaders.

Clearly Innovative is a Washington DC-based app development company that focuses on developing mobile apps and software solutions for companies wanting to improve organizational structure and operational productivity. 


They produce advanced and integrated mobile applications, web modules and custom content management systems aimed at supporting website infrastructure. 


Founded in 2009, Clearly Innovative stays true to their branding of delivering innovative digital solutions geared towards increasing business profitability through superior user experience. DC Health Link, NAACP Image Awards, Moonlighting and Queens Library are among their biggest clients.  


MassLight develops and manages complex enterprise mobile and web applications for clients in the defense, commercial and non-profit industries. Their multifaceted team of software experts provides a mix of skillsets, ensuring the most thoughtful and cutting-edge solutions available.

MassLight is a pioneering app and software development company in Washington DC. The agency has more than 18 years of experience in creating full-stack digital solutions and project management systems for companies and non-profit organizations. 

MassLight was among the first app development companies to create first-gen iOS apps when the iOS App Store first launched. They use a variety of programming platforms such as Kotlin, Java, Objective C, Swift and React Native. 

These enable them to develop innovative and functional apps for people needing user-friendly productivity and communication tools. Mobile app development, web design and custom software development are a few of their expertise.  

The Simpalm

The Simpalm become a leading driver in mobile application and responsive web development providing design and development innovations for every mobile application platform, including iPhone, Android and Windows, as well as web platforms.

A web development company founded in 2009, Simpalm has created over 300 web and mobile solutions for enterprises, startups, non-profit organizations and large-scale enterprises. 

The mobile app development agency has a team of professional UI and UX designers, web programmers and app developers who are knowledgeable in creating various digital solutions using the latest tech and emerging technologies such as AI and VR. 

The firm offers an array of web and mobile app development services using top-tier platforms such as SaaS, Azure, AWS and PHP. Viva Creative, Winematch Connect, NAPAC, Pepsi, Delta Airlines, My College Connect and the National Institute of Health are some of their most distinguished clients.  

The AgileEngine

AgileEngine is a software development company located in Washington, DC. They rank among the best in the U.S., Argentina and Ukraine.

AgileEngine was established in 2010 with the goal of providing mobile app and software development services to the local business community. The app development company has served many Fortune 500 companies with their developed business solutions aimed at expanding market share. 

The firm has an in-house team of professional programmers, web designers, app developers and digital marketing analysts to ensure all their services are geared towards maximum conversion. 

AgileEngine offers a complete range of digital app services such as UX and UI design, app design, onsite consulting, dedicated remote system designs and custom software development. Majority of their clients belong to the financial, tech, transportation and media sectors. Their apps are even featured as some of the top apps in Play Store, Facebook and Webby Awards.  

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