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Best Moblie Application Development Companies in Dallas, TX 2021

Mobile apps can help businesses expand their reach and increase brand loyalty with audiences in a quick time through lower marketing costs. As businesses engage more and more with their customers directly, advertising and marketing spends can be reduced to a great extent. Businesses can also engage customers themselves as brand ambassadors since apps allow them to share messages on social media that help increase the visibility of brands.

Not only customers, but mobile apps can also enhance the ease of interaction of businesses with employees, and vendors, too, through the sharing of ideas, technologies and resources. It can also aid in making orders, assisting in replies to customer queries, collect data on customer behavioral trends and offer training about products and services. Studies show apps can increase productivity by a good margin too.

Apps can also aid with content and help businesses create, change and spread their unique ideas in various formats. The apps also allow for SEO marketing and app stores on both the iOS and Android platforms allow for SEO-based ranking of mobile apps. This changes their nature dramatically as businesses can now optimize apps to ensure their advertising content reaches additional users that may be missed on websites or other advertising modes.

Dallas is home to over 70 mobile app developers, giving businesses a wide range of choices. Here are some of the top agencies in the market today.

Best Moblie Application Development Companies in Dallas, TX 2021


IoVista is a top digital agency in Dallas, TX that offers digital marketing, ecommerce and website development services.

Since 2004, ioVista has worked with businesses in helping them achieve higher sales by optimizing their searches and aiding in marketing, which has brought their clients higher rankings in Google searches. It has also worked with eCommerce solutions and digital marketing strategies and has worked with emerging technologies. 

The company offers services based on the internet of things applications, which is a major business driver that builds a path of connectivity while connecting a business’ resources. It has a team of experts who use the latest technology from machine learning, artificial intelligence and IoT to create mobile apps enhance business operations both technically and visually. Its mobile app development also takes into account the changing landscape of technology into the development life cycle.

One of the company’s recent projects was to migrate customer and order information from two legacy websites for eyewear company Eye Care Universe. The goal was to migrate data from both legacy websites to the new site while maintaining some features and discounts that loyal customers had grown to love. Another related goal was to keep the SEO value that had was acquired through the years. The company’s efforts in this transformation project helped its client gain more customers and also allow patrons to expand their purchases on various products. Customers were not only retained, but the number of returning customers improved. 

ioVista is a full-service agency that has also partnered with multiple platforms like Google, Magento, Shopify, Bigcommerce, Yahoo Small Business, Bing and others.


Copper Mobile is an enterprise mobile application design and development company providing custom app solutions for iPhone, iPad, Android and iOS.

Copper Mobile is an enterprise mobile app development firm that works with businesses in meeting challenges with state-of-the-art mobile solutions. The firm specializes in turnkey engagements and has developed its own problem-solving method for meeting delivery standards.

The company offers six distinct, yet integrated services that span the entire mobile solution development cycle. From business strategy to ongoing support, it offers various services necessary to build apps for businesses. The company has a team of design gurus, to ensure solutions in user experience design and building user interfaces as well. It also offers deployment help to ensure its products and solutions get the right adoption with ongoing support to help clients continually improve their existing solutions.

Recently, the agency worked with Verizon, one of the largest corporations on the planet, to help them assess key performance indicators for each business unit. Copper performed a deep discovery phase to understand the client’s business needs and any potential obstacles to development. This streamlined the process, eliminated inefficiencies and reduced time to market. It also ensured that the client received an app that made the most business sense for their specific needs.

The firm’s other marquee clients include Coca-Cola, Visa, Barclays and Cisco. It has been recognized as a top developer by various reviewer publications.

Eighty Three Creative

Eighty Three Creative is an award-winning Dallas marketing agency delivering cutting-edge marketing solutions and customer service that exceed expectations.

Eighty Three Creative is a full-service marketing agency offering everything from brand creative and production to result-generated digital experiences. It is an award-winning agency in downtown Dallas, whose clients include Jack Black, Lincoln Property Company, Hitachi, Fruit of the Earth and Mercanti Fiorentini.

The company’s app development service focuses on taking advantage of the fact that in the U.S., the average person spends over two hours on their mobile phone daily, with much of this time being spent on apps. The firm aims to use mobile applications to help businesses build brand recognition, increase customer engagement and improve brand loyalty. It offers proper planning, development and marketing for products so they can become a staple in consumers’ daily routines.

Besides app development, the company also offers development for ecommerce and other websites and website maintenance as well.

One of its recent projects was to provide strategy and app development services to Bullion, a restaurant owned by Michelin Star-awarded Chef Bruno Davaillon. It has also provided design services to a real estate project 400 Record and strategy and production services for personal products brand Fruit of the Earth. 

The company also has a video production and photography unit to work with its other services so it can market its products developed for clients.

My Master App

My Master App is a top Dallas-based mobile app development firm that has a great track record in creating highly functional apps for iOS and Android.

My Master App is a mobile app company and high-tech development firm dedicated to working with non-profits. It helps design, develop, market and advertise mobile apps for such organizations like on both Android and iOS mobile app platforms to better connect with donors and contributors and have greater access to the world for greater impact.

The company grounds its services around the non-profit organizations’ need for contributions to keep organizations going. The company not only offers services to develop mobile apps, but it also helps maintain existing apps and offers marketing services to get more app downloads. It also has strategy services for organizations to turn new subscribers into excited patrons of non-profits.

It has partnered with corporations to provide grants that any non-profit can apply for whether they are established or in the start-up phase. The company offers up to $250,000 in grants.

However, the firm has strict criteria for engaging with organizations they work with: a non-profit that wises to partner with My Master App must have a professional business or organization website with substantial information and also own the website. It must have non-profit status whether it is a 501(C)3 or a 501(C)6 Trade Organization. It must also have little to no commercial activity on websites, and limited advertisements displayed. Finally, organizations wishing to partner cannot be government entities, education Institutes, medical facilities, or hospitals.

Unique Software Development

Unique Software Development is a Dallas-based software development Company specializing in Machine Learning, Data Science, Mobile and Web Applications applications.

Unique Software Development is a full-service agency that works with entrepreneurs, community leaders, visionaries and executives. The company works towards shaping businesses’ vision into viable products that are based on data-driven decisions, design and technology. The company specializes in mobile apps, web applications, ecommerce and machine learning and data science applications and its clients include Fortune 500s, startups and non-profits.

The company has also built augmented reality, the internet of things and 3D Printing solutions besides its core services. In native app development, the firm uses Cocoa C, Java and Swift, while it also offers hybrid application development using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript using Ionic, Xamarin, Unity or PhoneGap. It also has a user interface team that executes a unique appearance and design for apps, before passing it on to the development team to bring it all together.

The company has worked with many startups in various capacities, whether it is app building, maintenance or development. It recently built the user experience design and app for property rental firm ShedCard and worked on machine learning solutions to help with connecting dispatchers and carriers to move billions in freight for Hub Group.

Unique Software Development has built its own Augmented Reality Sandbox to spruce up its office and interact with our local STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) school programs.

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