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Best PR Companies in Chicago, IL 2021

Public relations is one of the oldest, yet most effective marketing strategies. 

According to a study, 60% of consumers do intensive company research before buying a product. Another report also states that consumers average 12 Google searches before deciding to buy a brand. 

This means that PR is crucial to businesses wanting to maintain and increase sales and conversion rates in the long-run. This can be achieved by hiring a PR agency that will assess the needs of the business and demands of their clients, with the goal of improving branding without implementing aggressive marketing tactics that can drive leads away. PR creates trust between the company and customers.

Here are some of the top PR companies in Chicago that businesses can turn to:  

Best PR Companies in Chicago, IL 2021

Sherman CM

Sherman Cm is a Public Relations and Marketing Firm. They are one of the best PR firms in Chicago. They bring curiosity and critical thinking to help their clients solve the biggest marketing and PR challenges.

Sherman is a Chicago-based public relations company that boasts their multiple-industry expertise and innovative digital marketing strategies. They approach advertising in a modern and minimalist way as this lowers costs while driving profitability higher. 

The company is made up of a team of marketers, graphic artists, and business consultants whose main goal is to help businesses succeed through an all-out marketing campaign. 

The PR company offers strategic planning, media relations, public affairs, corporate communications, social media marketing, and website development services. Their clients mostly come from the tech, healthcare, and real estate industries.  

Walker Sands

Walker Sands is an award-winning B2B tech integrated marketing agency that executes comprehensive marketing strategies to drive results.

A full-service B2B digital marketing firm, Walker Sands managed to capture numerous Chicago-based businesses through their highly-coordinated PR-focused advertising campaigns. 

They combine creativity with information-driven content to increase their clients’ engagement rate and improve conversion. The company is best known for developing customized marketing strategies aimed at speeding up ROI and market domination. 

The PR firm’s most sought-out services are PPC, search engine optimization, and web design and development. They cater mostly to advertising, and financial services businesses such as CloudCraze, MEDNAX, Hyperwallet, CompTIA, Magnetic, and AIT.  


Interdependence is a PR Company composed of a hardworking team, talented PR and media relations. They deliver beyond expectation services that made them a trusted PR company in Chicago.

A tech-focused PR firm, Interdependence positions itself as a full-service public relations agency aimed at boosting profitability and expanding market reach. This makes them an all-out marketing firm specializing in high-tech advertising methods combined with traditional marketing strategies. 

Their combination of PR and digital marketing campaigns boosted their clients’ conversion rates up to 400%. They do this by implementing a performance-driven advertising approach which taps onto the consumers’ psychology through their creative and thought-provoking marketing content. 

This is made possible thanks to their jack-of-all-trades team who are experts in digital marketing, PR, SEO, and social media management. Interdependence’s most notable clients are Coin IRA, Song Cast, MI College of Contemporary Music, BQE, and NHT Global.  

Chicago Digital

Chicago Digital is a marketing agency that propels businesses forward with result driven websites & online strategies.

Chicago Digital is a go-to PR firm for businesses wanting a modern and highly-effective approach to their marketing needs. 

Founded in 2009, the full-service PR firm delivers conversion-driven advertising campaigns aimed at sustainability, cost-efficiency, and profit increase. They do this by integrating PR with SEO, social media management, and web design. 

Web development and digital strategy are their most sought-out services, which the firm implements through a highly-customized approach based on their clients’ demographics, branding, and market positioning. 

Chicago Digital’s clients mostly come from the healthcare, business services, and consumer products sectors, with BIAA, Young Chicago Authors, CMM Magazine, and Sunset Pools and Spas being the most notable ones.  

Heron Agency

Heron Agency is a Chicago Public Relations firm specializing in full service public relations, marketing and social media campaigns nationwide.

Heron Agency is a public relations firm that specializes in developing results-driven digital marketing campaigns aimed at speeding ROI and customer acquisition of businesses. 

Their marketing campaign is comprehensive and holistic as it combines public relations with social media, digital strategies, content creation, and strategic promotions and alliances. 

Each Heron account is managed by a team of seasoned professionals with the experience and relationships that deliver results. They have the bandwidth to deliver unprecedented exposure for clients, considering themselves an extension of their client's team, providing boots on ground where needed, and overall operational recommendations on making noise for clients' businesses. 

The firm’s main markets are startups and SMEs, with the most notable ones being Chicago Boat, Paper Source, Orangetheory Fitness, and Jet’s Pizza. 

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