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Best PR Companies in Columbus, OH 2021

Public relations (PR) firms, as their name suggests, endeavor to help businesses reach out to their stakeholders. Modern PR has adapted to the fast-changing world of public opinion on Twitter and news at the click of a button. Agencies are becoming more interconnected, combining their traditional PR expertise with modern technology to meet their clients’ objectives.

The industry grew at an average rate of 30% over a five-year period to 2017, according to research from USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, which added that many professionals felt this number would increase with the growing importance of PR to businesses. 

Today’s PR agencies also integrate marketing within their purview, though this is in a nascent stage of development. A study by Cision revealed about 19% of PR executives were also likely to drive marketing campaigns for their clients. 

The role of PR has widened to incorporate digital storytelling over the last decade. A whopping 88% of PR professionals say digital storytelling would be the next big trend in their careers.

For businesses inclined to ride this trend, here are the top PR firms from Columbus, Ohio for businesses in that region to consider.

Best PR Companies in Columbus, OH 2021

Inspire PR Group

Inspire PR Group has worked with a diverse range of clientele -- from food to healthcare sectors, they have the right amount of experience to help their clients grow.

Inspire PR is a full-service firm led by Hinda Mitchell. It operates at the national level with offices in Ohio and North Carolina and specializes in various business sectors. It has been around for over two decades and uses a strategy that combines PR and marketing in its various offerings to clients.

The company has experience in sectors ranging from food to farming, healthcare to banking, tourism to the environment, and non-profits. Its clients include the American Dairy Association, Michael Foods Inc, Logan County Health District and various other U.S. corporations, trade agencies and government bodies.

Inspire offers services such as advertising, corporate communications, graphic design and video production besides traditional services such as media relations, event planning and crisis management.

The agency is active on social media and has an annual grant of $10,000 to provide services to non-profits that help in community development under its “Inspiring Good” program.

Frazier Heiby

Founded in 1983, Frazier Heiby has been in the business long enough to know the secrets on how to ensure their client's brand is heard locally and globally.

Frazier Heiby was founded in 1983 by Sandy Clary as a firm specializing in event promotion, community relations and media relations. Over the years, it has added corporate communications and issue management to its repertoire.

The company uses a data-driven approach to provide insights that meet its clients’ goals. It has a six-step strategy that allows it to tailor its approach to their requirements.

FH’s clients include gas pipeline operator Columbia Pipeline Group (now owned by TC Energy), regional healthcare system OhioHealth, community care provider Friendship Village of Dublin and revenue cycle management company KeyBridge.

The company has bagged many awards over its four decades in the industry. The most recent of them being the 2018 PRSA Award of Excellence, Central Ohio Chapter and the 2019 PRSA PRism Award, Central Ohio Chapter.

Lee Esposito Associates

Columbus, Ohio-based Lee Esposito Associates provides public relations campaigns including food and beverage PR, digital PR and social media marketing

Lee Esposito has grown from a traditional agency to one that caters to the needs of the modern age. It began 20 years ago specializing in writing press releases, by-lined articles, and op-ed columns together with outreach programs to connect its clients with influencers and journalists.

Today, the company has entered content marketing, social media content, and search engine optimization (SEO) to align its PR campaigns with modern expectations. It operates under two branches: the public relations branch interacts mainly with the media, while its social media branch focuses on content creation and influencer marketing.

The agency specializes in public relations for the business-to-business (B2B), food and beverage and ecommerce sectors.

Lee Esposito has created Instagram hashtags that photographers have used worldwide. Time magazine named its Content Curator Robert Tobin as one of the top 50 photographers in 2015.

Belle Communication

Belle Communication is a digital PR agency in Columbus, Ohio specializing in food and restaurant public relations, influencer marketing and social media.

Belle Communication is best known as a “woman-owned, millennial-powered” PR agency. Founded by Kate Finley in 2013, the agency’s mission is to go against the burnout many of its peers in the industry have faced over the years through their more lighthearted approach.

The company has worked with over 70 clients in its seven years in the business, including big brands such as Nestle and Le Meridien. They are responsible for having re-introduced the iconic 80s beverage brand Jolt Cola through a nationwide campaign in 2017. 

Belle Communications offers services such as media relations, strategic planning, and brand partnerships. It also handles crisis management by facilitating communication both on social media and traditional outlets. It has a media network of over 50,000 news organizations and interacts with over 1,700 influencers.

The agency has won many accolades for its work, including being named in Inc magazine’s Best Places To Work in 2019.

Fahlgren Mortine

Fahlgren Mortine is an award-winning, integrated marketing and communications agency committed to helping brands reach their full potential.

Fahlgren Mortine is a full-service PR agency that integrates marketing and communications to cater to clients on various media platforms. It has been around for over half a century and has offices across the United States.

The company has three key areas of focus: engagement, planning, and creative, which it further divides into specific fields of expertise ranging from advertising to design, corporate communications to content marketing, events to social media management and investor to media relations.

With decades of experience, the agency has clients from sectors such as education, technology, tourism, and healthcare. Some of its key clients include Cardinal Health, Kent State University and McDonald’s co-ops in Ohio and the Carolinas.

Fahlgren Mortine has won over 30 PRSA Silver and Bronze awards over the years besides two national awards from the American Advertising Federation.

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