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Best PR Companies in Dallas, TX 2021

The public image of any business became a very important asset to leverage on in this very connected world. Brands must learn to protect their identity and how the public views them. It was found that 63% of companies value public image as part of their business strategy. A scandal or any other negative association can easily drag a brand down.

A solid public relations (PR) strategy is the perfect tool to reach intended audiences and maintain a relationship. A great PR campaign is one that is capable of telling relatable stories, creating memorable events and partnerships that can easily be associated with the brand. It is also through this campaign that a brand can establish the message it wanted to communicate with its target audience.

With the growing use of the Internet, public relation is a no-brainer for any brand. It was revealed that 247% of millennials are most likely to be influenced by blogs or social networking sites. Given that, public relations is the right answer to address any issues or to cement the identity of any brand.

Here are some of the best public relations companies in Dallas.

Best PR Companies in Dallas, TX 2021

Real News Public Relations

Real News Public Relations is a public relations firm staffed exclusively by former journalists. It is a top PR Marketing and Consulting Agency in the Dallas area.

A lasting impression is what it’s all about for Real News Public Relations. This PR and full-service marketing firm started in 2008 with a team of media veterans intending to deliver results. The agency stands out against its peers by approaching public relations like journalism. This approach translates to delivering the right content needed by the brand in a language that can be easily understood by its target audience. 

In its approach to public relations, the company follows its tried-and-tested tactic. It specializes in launching brands, establishing it as an influencer and thought leader and one that dishes out only cool promotions and publicity stunts.

Real News offers services like media outreach, crisis communications, video production and brand marketing among others. 

This Dallas-based PR firm was behind the public relations campaign for leading financial planner Neil Jesani. The company launched an initiative where Jesani’s qualifications, works and clients were highlighted to show his credibility in helping people better deal with their finances.

SPM Communications

SPM Communications is a PR Firm promoting and protecting brands through media and influencer relations, crisis management and social media marketing.

SPM Communications is another well recognized public relations firm serving Texas and surrounding states. Ranked the sixth largest independent PR firm in the state, the company is known for its No-Jerks policy. It means that only talented and knowledgeable individuals handle each client that comes through the doors of SPM Communications.

Various award-giving bodies have recognized its works on public relations and digital marketing. The firm was recognized as a 2019 Bulldog Award Gold awardee. It won additional awards from bodies like the Pegasus Awards, PRNews’ Top Women in PR Awards and Clarion Awards.

SPM worked together with hummus brand Lantana after its name change and brand relaunch. The public relations company launched a subscription box program for influencers and select media outlets to preview new products and try new recipes. The campaign also tapped the PR firm’s connection with local registered dietitians for local market coverage and made the product part of the National Nutrition Month.

The company is also behind the public relations strategy of brands like Smoothie King, Gold’s Gym, Leslie’s Pool Supplies, Services & Repair and Boulder Organic!. 

Idea Grove

Idea Grove is a technology PR and marketing agency specializing in B2B tech PR, web design, content, and inbound marketing services.

Organic marketing is the main ingredient that formed Idea Grove and its roster of clients. Founded in 2005, founder Scott Baradell created a buzz for the PR firm by launching a blog. Through this medium, the company displayed its fun side as well as its expertise in public relations. Soon enough, Baradell saw clients coming to him for their PR and digital marketing needs. 

Idea Grove caters to all kinds of industries. It has collaborated with businesses engaged in hyper-converged infrastructure, enterprise software, 3D printing, and VOIP. Netbase, Shop Savvy and Rise Smart are some of its clients.

Easily the most known work of Idea Grove is with logistics business Worldwide Express (WWE). Idea Grove was asked to centralize the WWE brand and messaging. WWE founder David Kiger wanted to make its corporate message more aligned with the business to be attractive to mergers and acquisitions. In the end, this PR company was able to help Kiger sell the company in 2013. What led to the success was posting a series of blog posts, launching an email marketing campaign and redesigning the WWE website.  

Aside from public relations, the company also offers services like content creation, social media marketing and website design.

TrizCom Public Relations

TrizCom Public Relations is a full-service, data and results-driven public relations firm. It develops truly innovative, strategic communications that help meet its partner's objectives.

TrizCom is for businesses looking to work with an award-winning public relations company. It was recognized by industry associations and leaders like UpCity and the Public Relations Society of America.

The awards keep on coming because TrizCom knows how PR is properly done. The company knows that collaboration is the best way to do things. Its team is equipped with talent, knowledge and experience in helping brands make a connection and produce stories that can keep long-term relationships. 

TrizCom was behind the media relations campaign of commercial real estate advisory firm 1st Service Solutions. The project centered on educating the public on the looming crisis of maturing Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities (CMBS). Additionally, the campaign highlighted the differences between the services offered by 1st Service Solutions and banks.

Jo Trizila founded the company in 2008. It has since been offering a wide range of public relations services to all kinds of clients. The company offers media relations, content creation, social media strategy and publicity representation among others.

Black Diamond PR & Sport Management

Black Diamond PR & Sport Management specializes in full-scale representation of Pro & Semi-Pro Athletes Worldwide by providing quality PR services.

Black Diamond is known among industry insiders as the go-to in sports marketing, sport public relations, and management. It is an award-winning company capable of launching public relations and marketing campaigns that promote brand loyalty, easily convert audiences and create buzz.

The company operates around its mission of providing the most ethical, powerful and dignified services to its clients. It can deliver such by maintaining transparency, being loyal and fair and continuously updating its team’s knowledge in the field of public relations.

The PR and sport management company was behind the PR campaigns of small business Pink Elephant Boutique, athlete Mohamed Sanu, entertainment company Pegasus Motion Pictures and the television program “The Doctors.”

Black Diamond’s contribution to the industry has received accolades from its peers. It was voted as the number one Most Glamorous Business in 2012, was among the Leaders in Innovative Business in 2013 and received the Marketing Director of the Year award in 2017.

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