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Best PR Companies in Fort Worth, TX 2021

Word of mouth continues to play an important role in the reputation building and growth of businesses and organizations. Public relations campaigns provide significant help to individuals, brands, and nonprofits looking to expand their visibility and allow more people to be aware of what they do and offer.

Consumers nowadays are no longer buying products and services because they need it. Many studies are discovering that brands and organizations need to tell their story for consumers or their target audience to establish a link to them. According to studies, brand consistency can result in a 20% boost in revenue. Another study found that 54% of individuals still trust press releases as their main source of information regarding a brand or organization.

Given those numbers, businesses and organizations are better off when collaborating with professionals in the field of PR. The following are some of the best PR companies in Fort Worth, Texas.

Best PR Companies in Fort Worth, TX 2021

Balcom Agency

Balcom Agency is a firm that works with clients to help them come up with print ads, quality video content and solid web analytics.

Balcom Agency is an all-in-one company that caters to the public relations and digital marketing needs of individuals, businesses, and nonprofits. It opened in 1993 and has since been offering social media marketing, advertising, public relations and web design and development services to its clients. 

Christian organization Union Gospel Mission of Tarrant County tapped the company when it wanted to increase the public awareness of the nonprofit and the work it is doing for the community. Balcom Agency came up with a campaign that will be rolled out before, during and after the organization’s fundraising event. It also made and distributed a “Story Behind the Book” tour booklet inspired by the book “Same Kind of Different As Me,” and printable quote posters, which could be purchased as an additional fundraiser.

Aspens Senior Living, Mrs. Baird’s Bread, Ball Park Buns & Rolls and Petroleum Club of Fort Worth are some of Balcom Agency’s other clients.

Murnahan Public Relations

Murnahan Public Relations provides public relations and marketing services to clients locally and nationally.

Murnahan Public Relations utilizes the combination of its experience and data gathering as their means to conquer PR challenges. This Fort Worth-based boutique public relations firm specializes in media relations, media training, crisis communications, crisis response, issue management and content development among others. 

The company was behind the community outreach campaign launched by the Medical Alliance Center when it was building a new hospital in Northern Texas. The challenge presented to Murnahan Public Relations was to emphasize to the local community the benefits of having a nearby health facility that caters to their medical needs. It focused on highlighting the proximity of the hospital on top of the world-class facilities it offers. By the end of the campaign, the Northern Texas hospital was serving 250,000 residents and has delivered 500 babies during its first year.

Murnahan Public Relations also worked with the Global Food Safety Initiative when it staged the 16th annual Global Food Safety Conference in Houston, Texas, and the drive of Epic Helicopters to expand its presence in the state and grow business opportunities.

Paige Hendricks Public Relations

Paige Hendricks Public Relations guides executives toward effective strategic communications with solutions that support market success and align audience perceptions with leadership objectives.

Paige Hendricks Public Relations started in 1978 for businesses and organizations looking for a professional to manage sensitive issues, refine positioning, and interact with media contacts. Hendricks opened her practice after years of working as a journalist, advertising designer and sales professional at daily and weekly newspapers in New York and Alabama. The company is known for crafting public relations solutions around the business goals of its clients.

The company offers a wide range of services including advertising strategies, creative internal communications, issue and crisis management, professional transition services and sales incentive programs.

Paige Hendricks Public Relations was behind the advertising and awareness expansion efforts of nonprofit Tarrant Area Food Bank, which saw the PR company coming up with a comprehensive PR and marketing plan, advertising campaigns and internal and external strategies to highlight the group’s work on addressing hunger issues and food resources. The PR company is also behind the public relations campaigns of insurance underwriter GAINSCO Inc., nonprofit Angela Stanford Foundation and accounting and brokerage services provider Reitman Consulting Group.

J.O. Agency

J.O. Agency is a firm composed of professionals who are passionate about marketing, branding, advertising, and public relations and they put their minds together to make things happen.

J.O. has continuously been delivering smart, successful PR solutions to its clients for the past 20 years. Jennifer Henderson started the PR firm in 1998. It was initially a boutique graphic design company before growing to what it is today. 

But how does this Fort Worth-based public relations company do it? It all starts with understanding the big picture. J.O. turns to behavioral and psychographic target insights to come up with the best solution to any kind of communication challenge. To come up with a unique and innovative answer, the company observes what it calls “The Mojo Formula.” It starts by asking the question “why” to discover the purpose of the campaign. Then, it syncs the implementation by releasing the right content at the right time to the right audience. Finally, it measures its performance to ensure that the project met client’s expectations.

The company worked with Texas Wesleyan University with its rebranding efforts. J.O. focused on improving the brand icon to depict the institution as a top-tier university. After the brand redesign and its inclusion in all publicity materials, J.O. also created the tagline “Smaller. Smarter.” This tagline emphasizes the greater opportunities for learning with Texas Wesleyan due to its smaller class size. Lastly, the PR company also reworked the look of the athletic department’s logo to create cohesiveness.

Aside from Texas Wesleyan University, J.O. is also behind the campaign of Fort Worth Transportation Authority’s 20-Year Master Plan, the unique campaign of Worthington National Bank, and the return of the longhorn auction to Fort Worth hosted by Hudson Valentine Auctions. 

Holland Collective

Holland Collective is a full-service communications agency specializing in Public Relations and Marketing.

Modern tools are a must in addressing modern issues faced by brands and organizations related to public relations. That’s how Holland Collective approaches every communication issue that comes through its doors. This PR and creative communications agency is always focused on delivering campaigns that only breaks the ceiling and offers benefits to its clients. 

It has been generous in the past through its Collective Consciousness program where one organization has the opportunity to receive branding awareness services from Holland Collective’s professional team.

The firm’s ultimate goal is to put their clients and build them up so they become an authority in their industry.

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