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Best PR Companies in Houston, TX 2021

Public relations is a vital aspect of every business as this is where marketability and profitability depends. 

According to a report, 86% of consumers snub TV and radio ads. Business owners should leverage on this by looking to the internet and social media for their marketing campaigns. Another study also states that 93% of online buying processes start with online search, which makes online PR crucial to any business’ success. 

This means that businesses should invest heavily on a professional PR campaign to utilize the high number of potential customers online without having to create hyper-promotional marketing tactics.

Businesses should also hire a public relations agency to boost conversion rates. 

Here are the best PR companies in Houston.  

Best PR Companies in Houston, TX 2021

Third Coast Events

Third Coast Events creates engaging marketing that delivers impact by optimizing each campaign to meet brand needs.

Third Coast Events is a public relations company specializing in customized online marketing services that uses the latest advertising strategies to improve business marketability and profitability. 

The agency’s goal is to speed up their client’s ROI while improving brand awareness to the target market. The company considers traditional advertising ineffective, which is why they use social media, SEO, and other digital marketing services to improve efficiency. 

The services they offer are marketing strategy and event marketing and planning. They do this by analyzing the client’s current market status and assessing the immediate and long-term needs to ensure sustainability.  

New Story Media

New Story Media works to create content that guides their audience through sales process.

New Story Media is a Houston-based marketing agency that focuses on digital marketing. They are best known for creating compelling narratives around their client’s brands which have proven to improve customer connection and retention. 

This ensures clients fast ROI and long-term customer retention. Developing powerful marketing campaigns aimed at improving conversion and market expansion is the agency’s main goal. The services they offer are digital strategy, video production, and web design and development. 

Most of their clients  are B2Bs, startups, SMEs, political campaigns, and non-profit organizations.  

The PR Boutique

The PR Boutique is a full-service public relations firm with multiple offices servicing central and southeast Texas. This PR Agency is for media relations and social media management.

The PR Boutique is one of the most reputable public relations agencies in Texas due to their holistic digital marketing services. Improving awareness through brand refreshment is their main strength. 

They offer a wide variety of affordable marketing campaign services using their years of proven experience and success with startups, SMEs, and large enterprises. 

The agency offers event marketing, social media management, web design, web development, and market outreach services. This enables them to approach their client’s needs and wants in the fastest and most holistic way possible. 

The firm has a strong connection with influential broadcast companies, journalists, and community influencers. Their clients mostly come from the financial, retail, and entertainment sectors. However, they are slowly expanding their services for non-profit organizations and events.  

The Black Sheep Agency

The Black Sheep Agency is a cause-driven marketing, brand strategy and design agency based in Houston Texas.

The Black Sheep Agency is a creatives and public relations firm focusing on helping companies and organizations improve market engagement. 

The firm was founded in 2009, and since then has served countless companies mostly coming from the financial and tech industries. They approach digital marketing in a creative, entertaining, and informative way, which is vital to improve customer to client relationship. 

This creates a cost-efficient and highly-sustainable PR campaign that’s directed towards their client’s intended demographic. 

Their key clients are Michelle Obama, Downtown Houstin, and Baker Ripley. The Black Sheep Agency won Glassdoor’s Best Place to Work award.  

Satori Marketing

Satori Marketing is a PR company that enhance client's brand identity and stimulate their business.

Satori Marketing is a public relations agency best known for combining marketing creativity with results-driven digital advertising techniques. 

The firm specializes in helping startups and SMEs effectively compete with bigger brands through aggressive, yet highly-relatable and humanized PR campaigns. Developing clever and psychologically-tested campaigns are some of their strongpoints. 

They approach modern PR in a holistic way, which is why they serve an array of public relations services such as social media marketing web design and development, branding, and print and digital advertising. The agency’s usual clients are IT, financial, and business service companies.  

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