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Best PR Companies in Indianapolis, IN 2021

Businesses need to secure market competitiveness to capture market share and long-term profitability and sustainability. A proven and effective way to achieve this is through a PR campaign. 

A report states that 80% of businessmen agree that public relations help companies and organizations build brand awareness towards their target market, thereby improving sales and speeding up market acquisition. 

Another report states that 60% of entrepreneurs want to have their own PR campaign as this can help their business compete with rivals. Rightfully so, market data suggests the service from this fast growing sector tailored to promote the identity and interests of their clients's  is utilized heavily worldwide. The industry continues to enjoy a successful upward trend and is expected to net almost $20 billion in the year 2020.

For companies who want their presence felt and voices heard locally and globally, here are some of the top PR companies in Indianapolis.  

Best PR Companies in Indianapolis, IN 2021

Bohlsen Group

Bohlsen Group is a PR Company that have over 11 services offered. Their intrepid street level approach make them as one of the best PR company in Indianapolis.

Bohlsen Group has been serving the PR needs of companies and organizations for more than a decade since its founding in 2009. The firm specializes in data-informed advertising strategies tailor-made to their client’s brand appeal and audience. 

They analyze their client’s market and use it to pattern their PR services. Their most sought-out PR services are content marketing, crisis communications, media buying, grassroots marketing and social media management. 

Startups and organizations are their most common clients for their graphic design and online media services. Bohlsen Group has worked with Dunkin’ Donuts, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Row Waterways and Care Source.  

Coles Marketing

Coles Marketing is a full-service marketing agency, delivering client solutions based on six pillars of results-driven performance. They have the Google Partner certification badge that shows that they have demonstrated AdWords skill and expertise in their agency.

Coles Marketing is a full-service digital marketing firm focusing on in-depth public relations and brand development. 

The company does this by integrating modern marketing communications such as social media and SEO with traditional PR advertising strategies to ensure maximum conversion to various markets regardless of age. 

They have been serving the PR and marketing needs of companies and organizations around the Indianapolis-area for over 30 years. The firm also offers web design and development, marketing strategy and graphic design services. 

They have worked with large enterprises and startups such as Nestle, 3M, Huntington, Glick, Southern Indiana Surgery, HyFlex and Motion Group.  


TrendyMinds create meaningful digital experiences to their clients. They built a deep bench of expert specialists that their customers will be getting the best of the best no matter what service they need.

TrendyMinds is a public relations agency founded in 1995 that specializes in maintaining profitable and sustainable relationships between companies and their clients. The firm develops digital marketing campaigns aimed at boosting market appeal through an engaging PR program that connects brands to multiple markets simultaneously. 

The firm is made of professional content creators, marketing analysts, and PR experts who use the latest technologies to create loud and clear messages that promote their clients’ brands. 

Their main services offered are web design and development, branding, and digital advertising. They have worked with Indiana University, Anthem Lilly, Health Salesforce and the City of Indianapolis.  

Herd Strategies

Herd Strategies is a PR Company that provide their clients with strategies that will increase visibility and engage new audiences. They also got the Best Advertising Agencies in Indianapolis 2019 award.

An integrated marketing firm that has a special knack for public relations and digital advertising, Herd Strategies helped numerous startups and SMEs attain ROI fast and boost market awareness in a cost-efficient and sustainable way. 

The firm develops robust integrated communication strategies for SMEs, non-profit organizations, healthcare, finance and government sectors as well. 

Their most popular services offered are branding, public relations and media planning and buying. Herd Strategies won the 2019 Expertise Best Advertising Agencies in Indianapolis award.  

CMG Worldwide

CMG Worldwide is a transformative brand that brings their client's idea, campaign or project into life.

CMG Worldwide is a marketing and PR firm that specializes in boosting brand awareness and market domination by combining aggressive digital advertising with a transparent public relations campaign. 

This gives businesses a closer connection to their target market. CMG has worked with the biggest showbiz celebrities and icons such as Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry and Neil Armstrong. They are very passionate in immortalizing the lives of people who challenged the status quo and pushed past barriers. As proof of their advocacy in worldwide diversity, they paid tribute to the first ever African-American baseball player Jackie Robinson along with Spike Lee.

They have also worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies like Apple, ESPN, Levi's, Mont Blanc, Roots of Fight Le Creuset and Mercedes-Benz.  

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