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Best PR Companies in Philadelphia, PA 2021

Implementing a good PR campaign is essential for businesses that want to expand their reach. In order to execute this, companies need to efficiently use available resources to focus on capturing their target audiences. Doing this will convert expenses to better ROI as well as sustaining long-term profitability.

PR gives businesses a strategic advantage as it builds lasting and mutually-beneficial relationships between the company and customers. Building an excellent rapport is a vital step in doing business as it bridges firms and clients to build a long-term partnership.

According to a study by Nielson, hiring a professional PR agency is 90% more effective than traditional advertising as it doesn’t “sell” the brand, compared to ads. Instead, PR provides a transparent look into the company without over-hyping. 

For companies looking to achieve these goals, here are the best PR companies in Philadelphia that businesses can turn to to maximize sales and improve brand recognition.  

Best PR Companies in Philadelphia, PA 2021


Sagefrog is a top ranked B2B marketing agency with specialties in healthcare, technology, industrial and business services. They dedicated to accelerating their clients’ success through brand building and integrated B2B marketing.

Sagefrog is one of the best B2B marketing agencies in the Philadelphia area after helping SMEs, startups and large-scale enterprises speed up ROI and expand market demographics. 

They specialize in brand building through an extensive PR campaign featuring transparent and highly-specialized modern digital marketing services. They are best known for their fast turn-around and output-based PR services. 

The services they offer are web design, branding, content marketing, and digital strategy. Sagefrog’s clients mostly come from the IT, business services, financial and healthcare sectors.  

Philly PR Girl

Phillu PR Girl is a public relation company that was launch in 2002. They have an extensive background in PR, social media and event planning.

Philly Girl is a full-service public relations agency founded in 2010, that has a strong passion for branding, market expansion, and improving client-customer relationships. 

They specialize in event planning, marketing, social media management and promotions, which they implement through a highly-organized client situation and market analysis. 

The company believes that maintaining and continuously expanding a beneficial network is crucial to any company’s success, which is why they leverage on their huge database of journalists and digital marketing companies for their PR campaign’s maximum effectiveness. 

Their key clients are Pennsylvania Conference for Women, Live Nation and Jason Thompson Foundation.  

The Neff

Neff is a Philadelphia based award-winning advertising agency providing branding, public relations, social, videography, media buying & more all in-house.

Neff is a public relations agency that uses integrated strategies to effectively create an interesting narrative on their clients’ brand. They aim to help businesses speed up brand expansion while maintaining current clientele. 

Their usual clients come from the real estate, B2B, and hospitality sectors who want better market recognition. Neff offers a wide variety of PR services such as web development, digital marketing, social media management, photography, and videography. 

Their key clients are Arden Credit Union, DNB First, Philadelphia Distilling, Rittenhouse Psychiatric Associates and Omnia Group Architects. They are a decorated PR company as well as they won four gold and silver awards at the American Advertising Awards.  

Slice Communications

Slice Communication is an industry-leading marketing and PR firm in Philadelphia. The agency offers top-notch PR, social media & email marketing services.

Slice Communications is one of the most reputable PR agencies in Philadelphia thanks to their expertise in digital marketing, specifically with public relations. 

The company’s main asset is their strong marketing and IT background which lets them create performance-driven digital marketing campaigns aimed at improving ROI and customer retention. 

The firm was founded in 2008, and since then has grown their clientele spanning from the tech, financial, healthcare and business services sectors. 

Among their strongest assets are their wide network and strong relationships with influential editors, reporters and news companies that will ensure their client's voice will be heard across multiple high-converting channels. 

The public relations services they offer are social media marketing, email marketing and content development.  

Paige Wolf

Paige Wolf is a public relation company that offers good communication services to their clients. They are the first and only certified B Corporation public relations firm in Philadelphia area.

Paige Wolf Media is a one-stop-shop for any business’ PR needs. They are a public relations and digital marketing company founded in 2002 that aims to help businesses improve branding and acquire leads in a fast and efficient way. 

This is made possible thanks to their highly-organized step-by-step situational analysis process where they gauge on their client’s demographic and brand appeal. Paige Wolf is the only public relations company in Philadelphia that has a B Corporation certification. 

They are able to do this with the help of their diverse team of marketers, IT staff and creatives personnel who ensure their PR services are relevant, informative and high-converting. The firm offers public relations, social media marketing and advertising services.  

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